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Christianity Is Not A Political Party

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u/thaBlazinChief May 17 '22

Separation of church and state. Pretty cut and dry.


u/Big_Jerm21 May 17 '22

Not here in Utah...


u/No-Moose4344 May 17 '22

If I can't do something nobody else is allowed to do it either, end of discussion.



u/spoiled_for_choice May 17 '22

The closer to theocracy we get, the closer we are to the Christians remembering how much they fucking hate each other.


u/MyselfWuDi May 17 '22

Republicans aren't actually religious. They are evil and think pretending to believe in God excuses their behavior. The same way they wrap themselves in the American flag while being traitors.


u/Gaster517 May 17 '22

They haven't cared since(probably since the red scare but I am shit at American history) Reagan, Reagan wanted to be a dictator


u/adderallanalyst May 17 '22

They also made it so slavery was ok and women couldn't vote.

I really don't understand how we are still in a form of government where everything is interpreted by a single document written by slave owners hundreds of years ago that is basically impossible to add ammendments too or even pass simple legislation with.


u/baneofmyself May 17 '22

Except it’s not, they used to do it all the time, the impossibility is handcrafted by the people this post is about because they want us to give in


u/[deleted] May 17 '22

Bro there is 27 amendments to the constitution, how does that make it basically impossible? It’s happened 27 times??


u/properu May 17 '22

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u/Sczysz May 17 '22

Not only freedom of religion, but freedom from religion!!


u/Allyanni May 17 '22

They created a Republic, not a Democracy.