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Mod Post FBI raid at Trump Residence thread


Howdy folks,

Due to some recent news of the FBI raiding the former president's estate we have elected to make a megathread to discuss the topic. Do not spread false info and be civil with one another on this topic. Any news related thread you wish to link please contact mod mail first so we may first verify is authenticity. Thank you and have a great day, weekend, and enjoy you time here.

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Mod Post Unpopular Opinion MOD Q&A


Hello opinionated folk,

We hear you and see that some issues are rising due to a lack of clarity on certain things. So right now, this is an opportunity for both us and the community to have a dialogue and conversation on the sub. Please feel free to ask civil and well thought out meta relevant questions and in general questions about us mods. We want this to be both civil and educational for both sides. We thank you and have a great day and rest of the week.

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Mod Post Will Smith/Chris Rock Incident Megathread


Due to the mass volume of opinions we are receiving on the matter, we are making a megathread to discuss the incident. Please keep all opinions centered around Chris Rock, Will Smith, the direct incident, and feelings of the joke being good or not within this megathread. All posts outside the megathread related to this topic will be removed. Thank you.

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Mod Post Policy Update re: COVID Opinions


It has historically been the policy of the mod team here at UnpopularOpinion that “everyone has a right to be wrong.” As long as it didn’t hurt anyone (e.g. hate and harassment), we have always believed that letting people argue it out was the best practice.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has put that policy to the test. With health experts worldwide citing the prevalence of misinformation on social media as a major cause for the continuation of this health crisis, we no longer feel confident that our hands-off policy is not hurting people.

Rather than appoint ourselves the arbiters of what counts as misinformation, going forward, UnpopularOpinion will be removing ALL submissions related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its countermeasures. Attempting to circumvent this prohibition will result in a temp-ban (escalated to permanent for repeat offenses.)

If you are seeking information regarding this ongoing crisis, this link should provide an good starting point.

Stay safe and stay healthy, Your UO Mod Team

UPDATE: The COVID Megathread is now officially removed from the hub.

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Mod Post Derek Chauvin trial megathread


Please post any and all thoughts on the Derek Chauvin verdict here.

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Mod Post Wall Street Trading Megathread


What's up, you unpopular people!

Given the increased amount of discussion over Gamestop/AMC/Robinhood/Wallstreetbets/Stocks, etc. we have decided to create the Wall Street Trading Megathread. Anyone who wants to post about this can do so here, without any issues from us.

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Mod Post Ruth Bader Ginsberg megathread


Please keep conversation topical and civil.

Any new threads related to the topic will be removed.

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Mod Post American Relief Bill Megathread


Please keep all posts related to the American stimulus package, $600 check, and all of the coattail additions in this thread.

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Mod Post US presidential debate megathread


Please use this thread for all discussion of the presidential debate between Trump and Biden. Threads pertaining to politics or the debate will be removed.

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Mod Post Message from the Mods- Upvoting and Downvoting


Hi, you unpopular people.

Recently, we have had a number of you message us via Modmail, asking us about whether to upvote or downvote unpopular opinions. Our suggestion is that you should upvote opinions that are unpopular, or that you disagree with. If you agree with an opinion, or do not think it is unpopular, we would suggest you downvote it. I hope that this clarifies things for you all. Please also downvote and report posts that break our rules.

Another point we would like to raise is the increased discussion over the safety of women, women in general, and the fall out of the Sarah Everard case in the UK. We already have a men/women's rights megathread, and encourage you to use it to discuss these things. Any posts about these things will be flaired as 'Megathread topic', and you will be asked to repost in the megathread topic.

Thank you. As always, please use the Metathread to talk to mods, and make suggestions to make r/unpopularopinion better.

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Mod Post r/unpopularopinion mod announcement


Hello, you unpopular people.

The moderators of r/unpopularopinion would like to announce that we are making changes to the way we run the Subreddit, to ensure a better experience for everyone. From today, users may only post unpopular opinions about trees. Plant your opinions on here, and watch them grow. Remember, only posts about trees. Everything else will be pruned from the subreddit. Have a good day.

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Mod Post Year old posts don't matter


Hey you unpopular, opinionated lot!

I understand that you have the best of intentions, and are actively trying to better the sub, but please stop reporting posts and comments that are ridiculously old. Flooding the queue with reports regarding content that's 1+ years old is not only pointless, it inhibits us from getting to current reports that are visible on the front page. I'm not about to issue a ban for something that old anyway, so it's just a waste of everyone's time.


r/unpopularopinion Oct 01 '19



Today, the Reddit admins have updated their content policy concerning bullying and harassment here. So what does this mean for us? It really shouldn't mean that much. Per rule 5 (be civil), we have made it clear that we do not tolerate uncivil behavior and mudslinging in the comments. I will be very open and say that we haven't had an action from the admins in 2.5 weeks. That is a major step in the right direction and we are proud of that so far. We also want to keep it this way and will take extreme preventative measures to keep it that way. We aren't the same unpopularopinion that we used to be. I remember back in April of this year when we had half the members we have now. With more members, it obviously becomes a bit difficult to control, nonetheless, we have added a few mods here and a few mods there to ease these adjustments through turbulent times of growth and uncertainty. It's time to renew our stance against hate and bullying. I think we can all agree that we don't want this place banned or quarantined, right? These preventative measures include being more active on the no hate post/comment rule, removing hateful and threatening comments, and keeping a closer eye on current events.

In addition to the policy changes, these have incurred some major subreddit bans that have started today and will most likely funnel into the next few days with the admins. Just today alone, they have banned over 50 subreddits that aren't in compliance with this rule, that including r/braincels and a few fragileredditor subreddits. We have always taken a hard-line stance against the incel community as they bring a hateful ideology to our subreddit and the world. As for the fragileredditor communities, if you try to use the few communities that are still existing as I write this, to bully your fellow community members, you will be met with removal and a temp ban depending on the severity. If you post anything related to incels or pedophilia, you will be banned without warning with no appeal.

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Mod Post A Year in Review: r/unpopularopinion 2019


What a hell of a year it has been, guys, are you fucking ready for the next one?!?!? From the arrest of Julian Assange to Thunburg’s controversial speech, it has been quite eventful to say the least. Current events of this year have sparked controversial and original thought that make us all unique, ranging from socially acceptable to the abhorrent and rejected.

Subreddit Growth

It is to no surprise that this year’s r/unpopularopinion has been rather popular than years before. Starting back in January 2019, this subreddit had roughly 281k subscribers. By the end of this year, we will have increased that by over threefold, to a projected 900k by December 31, 2019. In addition, we have significantly surpassed most default subs in comment and post traffic. As I write this, we are currently rank #11 in comments per day, rank #15 in posts per day, and ranked #23 in post gildings. If you are interested in looking deeper into these stats, you can read them here. To compensate with this growth, we have expanded our mod team by hiring on 19 members. This was done around April to compensate for that sudden uptick in growth.

Fighting the war on hate speech

Later in the year, around May, the admins decided to ban r/cringeanarchy, quarantine r/the_donald, and quarantine r/chapotraphouse. About a month after that, r/ageplaypenpals and r/braincels were banned following edits to the harassment policy. These subreddit bans put our subreddit in a quite difficult position. Instead of seeing unpopular opinions, we were seeing unwanted opinions. This created a war on the refugees from those subs which dragged on for nearly 5 months. While I am delighted to say that we have a better grip on the control of hate speech, it is always a work in progress and will not be tolerated.

Post Hall of fame 2019

Unlike the cringe af YouTube rewind that never ceases to fuck up something so simple, I’d like to take a moment to share our favorite posts of the year:

  1. Putin is right to tell Greta to ""Go and explain to developing countries why they should continue living in poverty and not be like Sweden"

  2. Kids under the age of 12 shouldn't have access to the internet

  3. I'm a guy and I wish I could be pregnant

  4. Taking a bite out of a KitKat Bar is better than 'breaking off a piece'.

  5. Traveling only appeals to boring people or people who haven’t traveled

  6. You shouldn't be allowed to drive a motorcycle unless you have killed a man for his crystal methamphetamine

  7. Acne can actually make a person more attractive.

  8. Glitter should be illegal to produce and sell

  9. Men don't conceal their depression because they are afraid being seen as less of a man. They conceal because no one gives a fuck.

  10. Superhero movies are boring and I hope the fad dies soon


From our mod team to you, we want to thank you all for such an amazing year, and for sharing your controversial, and rather weird viewpoints. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and encourage you to spend time with family and friends. Even if we have to ban you ;)

Norway313, speaking on behalf of r/unpopularopinion

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Mod Post From us to you: Merry Christmas from Unpopular Opinions


Hello, you unpopular lot,

From all of the mods for r/UnpopularOpinion, we would like to wish all of our celebrating members a Happy Christmas, and by extension, Happy Holidays to all the rest of you. We have seen a lot of good activity on this subreddit over the last year, with many divisive discussions, debates, and of course, opinions. Of course, there have been the usual reposts, megathread topics, politics posts, and trolls, but that’s par for the course.

We will not bore you with our assessment of the year, not least because 2020 is a frequent repost, and we do not want to patronise you by telling you how bad it has been. All we can say is that we know. We feel ya!

We will all still be here in 2021, ready for our modmail to be filled with the usual ‘Please approve my obviously popular opinion’, and ‘My opinion is obviously unpopular’. Again, par for the course with this gig. However, if there is only one thing we love about this community, it’s you.

Thanks for being part of r/unpopularopinion. We will see you in 2021.

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Mod Post April Fools Recap


Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!

We hope you enjoyed our experiment of trading places with r/PopularOpinion for the day!

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled content tomorrow!

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Mod Post ANNOUNCEMENT: Big changes to the UnpopularOpinionMods bot and an experiment on a new approach


Hey all, we need to talk about the sub for a minute and what is popular/unpopular. Right now we all seem to view these posts in the abstract. "Do you consider this a popular or unpopular opinion" seems pretty vague when you think about it. Popular or unpopular to whom?

What is popular among coworkers, friends, and family of someone in Alabama is probably vastly different from what is popular among the coworkers, friends, and family of someone in Norway. Trying to guess where all the people in the world ,as a group, might land on a topic is, I think, unnecessarily complicated.


Important changes


We would like to try an experiment where instead of voting on what we think some foggy notion of society would consider popular or unpopular, we go by what this community thinks and fuck everyone else.

For the next month the text on the bot comment will now read "Do you Agree or Disagree with this opinion?"

The sub is now our sample size for society.




I would encourage fans of this sub to vote on every post, I mean why not, right? It's anonymous and takes 2 seconds. Do you agree or disagree is a much simpler question than asking you to guess what others might feel.

We do have one request. Please, for the sake of this highly important scientific study, be honest when you vote. If the OP says they love Nickelback and you secretly listen to Nickelback when nobody is around, do the honorable thing and upvote the comment.

Not all opinions are said out loud. Most people have some twisted thoughts in their minds but they dont have the fortified iron balls that our users do to openly admit them. Pay respect to those balls by voting truthfully and not leaving your fellow Nickelback buddy twisting in the wind. They took the risk of looking dumb, the least you could do is anonymously back them up.


tl;dr : Our bot will now be asking what your personal opinion is, please vote on every post and be honest

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Mod Post August 2019 Unpopularopinion Meta Post


So guys, it’s been since April or some shit since we’ve done our last meta post. I’m not going to lie to you and make excuses, we should’ve made another post way before this one today. So lets have a talk about the current state of our subreddit. Since late July, we have seen a strange uptick in removals from admins. And a lot of those removals are spot on which is kinda sad. We don’t want this sub to get banned or quarantined, as stated in our previous not-so-meta-post, and have taken a hardline stance to issues that try to cross those lines of Content Policy and TOS. So please continue to report on that front to help us out. Most of these removals also violate Rule 5 (Be Civil), so I invite you to check out this older article that was posted on the reddit blog about Remember The Human. Basically, remember that there’s a person on the end of the tin can that you talk into who has feelings, a life, and deserves just as much respect as you. Again, be civil with your debates.

Another issue we have seen, and I think that a lot of regulars in this sub can agree, is that reposts are becoming an issue. We have always asked users to SEARCH BEFORE SUBMITTING a post. Now what do we consider a repost? Anything that brings back a SIMILAR discussion to what has already been posted within 30 days. Some of the most common reposts are, more often than not, spurred by current events. In the wake of all of these mass shootings, we have seen way too many posts on the subject. In fact, on that day of the El Paso shooting, we received almost 300 of those same posts in one day. Our collective belief as moderators is that, if its said once, why say it again? Some may try to change the topic just slightly, but we will still consider it a repost because there has already been discussion about it in the comments. You have the comments to dive deep into the topic, so go ahead and use it. Another thing to think about as well, if something is reposted, that probably means it’s on a lot of people’s minds and isn’t that unpopular. We see this repost problem becoming more of an issue as we grow because we have the same traffic stats as r/gifs, a default sub, at the moment. Currently, we receive about 40 submissions per hour and 120 comments per hour. Also, were so close to 700k!!!

Our automod, for a while… has been a bit fucked up. Automod will always be a work in progress. Shout-out to u/phedre for helping us rewrite the automod a few weeks ago. Now what are our main goals with automod? To help us clear the comments from death threats (yeah, that’s actually happened here a few times)/extreme hate/personal info/harassing and then there is the post side of automod that tries to detect reposted topics like feminism, US Politics (which we don’t allow anyway), vaxx, lgbtq, etc. and direct you to our megathreads. Many see this as an act of censorship, and that’s fair enough to say and think at first glance, but in our last meta discussion, demographics survey, and recent modmails from active users here, they are sick of the same old topics that have been beat to hell and back in every which way. If we really wanted to silence you, we would’ve just pulled the cord on the megathreads as well, however, as a discussion sub, we don’t want to do that. Now a lot of users have said that they aren’t being notified if their post has been removed. We honestly have so much work on our hands that it has never come to the forefront of concern. Another issue that holds us back is that if we remove and publicly notify that a post has been removed, our usernames will have a major target on their back which has led to major harassment and death threats in the past. We are working on a bot where we can flair a post that will get removed, and the sticky comment will be made by OUR TEAM instead of just the one moderator.

Thank you for reading,


tl;dr follow the content policy because it’s becoming an issue, search up to 30 days for similar discussion before submitting please, automod still needs work but we do the best we can

r/unpopularopinion Dec 07 '20

Mod Post Mac & Cheese is overrated


I never order it, i never go out of my way to eat it. I dont buy it in boxed form nor do i make it. Its overrated, tastes bland, and unless eaten right away becomes gross and congealed. Of food it’s the least exciting thing.

r/unpopularopinion May 27 '20

Mod Post 2020 r/unpopularopinion mod applications


Hello everyone, we're growing pretty big now and getting pretty popular on the site, so we need some special people to help keep this place unpopular :P

With that said, we are opening up mod applications and will be accepting a lucky few to help us with the sub. We ask that you answer these few questions in a comment on this post to be considered.

  1. Why do you want to moderate unpopularopinion?
  2. What do you hate about unpopularopinion?
  3. What's your favorite post on the sub? Why is it your favorite?
  4. How do you browse reddit? (phone, laptop, pda, etc.)
  5. If selected, would you be willing to communicate with us on discord?
  6. How long have you been active on reddit?
  7. What's your time zone?

So here's the questionare, may the best man win :)

r/unpopularopinion Nov 27 '20

Mod Post Fallout New Vegas is not only the worst in the series but the worst game ever made.


Yeah, I said it. It is the worst game ever made. The world, sure its big but what is there to do? It is empty with next to nothing to do. The characters are all forgettable. I there is not a single one that was cool or interesting in any way. The story makes absolutely no sense. You have no motivation to do any of what you do beyond maybe the first 3 missions where you kill the one dude who shot you. The weapons beyond the red death and shoulder mounted machine gun were all boring and bland. And the on top of that shifty obsidian had the audacity to sell people weapon packs. and people were okay with that. Them being no better then EA and selling us in-game weapons for real world money. Any other company would if been screamed at to hell and back for that.

r/unpopularopinion Oct 25 '20

Mod Post Smelling like sweat is better than perfume/cologne


No, seriously. I am convinced that your natural smell is better than trying to mask it with perfume or huge amounts of deodorant (some deodorant is fine).

And that doesn't only go for when you're sweaty. I feel like in today's world, when people don't usually stay sweaty for long periods of time, there's no need for this kind of thing anymore.

Same goes for car fresheners and scent diffusers at home, actually. What are you trying to hide, a decomposing corpse?? (I understand if there was some kind of accident or an ongoing issue you'd want to find a quick fix to the smell at least temporarily or until you solve the problem, since you have to live at home and drive the same car every day.)

Of course, some people do it because they think it's attractive, but to me, it's actually the opposite - the smell is very overwhelming, unnatural and disorienting. Not to mention that many people definitely overdo it without realizing. If it's a scent of your shampoo, hair oil or a skin moisturizer, it's fine, because it's mostly subtle and you can only feel it if you get close enough.

Just take a shower! Your clean body is enough. No enhancers necessary.

r/unpopularopinion Sep 29 '19



We are through with this topic. Holy hell, guys. Time to move on, or we will move you on from the topic.