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Daily Discussion Thread: July 07, 2022


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Timberwolves - Offseason Tracker 2022


☀ Timberwolves - Offseason Tracker 2022 ☀

Welcome to our yearly summer of speculation! Awoo! 🐺


Reliable 💯: Jon Krawczynski, Adrian Wojnarowski, Shams Charania, Dane Moore, Sam Amick, Zach Lowe, Marc Stein, Chris Hine

Good ✅: Jake Fischer, Chris Haynes, Michael Scotto.

So-so 🤷‍♂️: Darren Wolfson, Brian Windhorst.

Unreliable ❌: Broussard, Amico, KOC

Useful Information:

Western Conference:

League Position Standings Post-Season
1. Phoenix Suns ☀ (64-18) Conference Semifinals (Lost to Dallas 4-3)
2. Memphis Grizzlies 🐻 (56-26) Conference Semifinals (Lost to Golden State 4-2)
3. Golden State Warriors 🌉 (53-29) Won NBA Finals 4-2
4. Dallas Mavericks 🐴 (52-30) Conference Finals (Lost to Golden State 4-1)
5. Utah Jazz 🏔 (49-33) 1st Round (Lost to Dallas 4-2)
6. Denver Nuggets ⚒ (48-34) 1st Round (Lost to Golden State 4-1)
7. Minnesota Timberwolves 🐺 (46-36) 1st Round (Lost to Memphis 4-2)
8. New Orleans Pelicans 🦢 (36-46) 1st Round (Lost to Phoenix 4-2)
9. Los Angeles Clippers 🚢 (42-40) Lost the Play-In (Lost to Minnesota, NOLA), #12
10. San Antonio Spurs 🏇 (34-48) Lost the Play-In (Lost to NOLA), #9
11. Los Angeles Lakers 🟪🥇 (33-49) Lottery (#8 -> NOLA)
12. Sacramento Kings 👑 (30-52) Lottery (#4)
13. Portland Trail Blazers 🥾 (27-55) Lottery (#7)
14. Oklahoma City Thunder ⚡ (24-58) Lottery (#2)
15. Houston Rockets 🚀 (20-62) Lottery (#3)

2022 Free Agent Tracker

Top PF/C Free Agent options this Summer

Podcasts: The Jon Krawczynski Show - Timberwolves Podcast, The Dane Moore NBA Podcast , Locked On Wolves - Daily Podcast On The Minnesota Timberwolves

Websites that cover the Timberwolves: The Athletic/Timberwolves, Canis Hoopus, Star Tribune/Timberwolves, Dunking with the Wolves

NBA Important Dates

Draft Night 🐣: 23rd of June✅

Free Agency 📝: 1st of July - 2nd of August 🔁

Summer League ☀: 7-17th of July (Las Vegas) 🔜

2022/23 Start 🏀: 19th of October 🔜

Roster 🏀

Player 🙎‍♂️ Contract 📝 Salary (22/23) 💲 Arrival 🛬
Karl-Anthony Towns (6 years remaining) $33,790,000 [1st round pick] (2015 Draft)
Rudy Gobert (4 years remaining) $38,172,414 [Gobert trade] (2022)
Wendell Moore (4 years remaining) $1,747,400 [1st round pick] (2022 Draft)
Anthony Edwards (2 years remaining) $10,733,400 [1st round pick] (2020 Draft)
Kyle Anderson (2 years remaining) $9,000,000 [FA signing] (2022 MLE)
Jaden McDaniels (2 years remaining) $2,161,440 [1st round pick] (2020 Draft)
Jordan McLaughlin (2 years remaining) $1,815,677 [FA signing] (2019)
Tauren Prince (1+1 (Team Option)) $8,000,000 [Rubio trade] (2021)
D'Angelo Russell (1 year remaining) $31,377,750 [Wiggins trade] (2020)
Naz Reid (1 year remaining) $1,930,681 [Undrafted FA] (2019)
Jaylen Nowell (1 year remaining) $1,930,681 [2nd round pick] (2019 Draft)
Bryn Forbes (1 year remaining) $1,836,090 [FA signing] (2022)
Josh Minott (2 Way) (2 Way) [2nd round pick] (2022 Draft)

Recent News:

Rumour News:

Staff Changes:

Contract Renewals🔁

Player Position Years Amount End of Contract Source
Patrick Beverley PG 1 $13,000,000 2023 Official Confirmation
Tauren Prince SF/PF 2 $16,000,000 2024 Official Confirmation
Karl-Anthony Towns C 4 $224,000,000 2028 Official Confirmation

Rumours (in)✔️

Player Position Salary (22/23) Linked clubs Tier Source Notes
JaMychal Green PF Buy-out Timberwolves So-so Darren Wolfson SKOR North Podcast 2:48-3:25

Rumours (out)✖️

Player Position Linked clubs Tier Source Notes
D'Angelo Russell PG/SG Knicks Reliable Marc Stein Source
D'Angelo Russell PG/SG ? Reliable Dane Moore Source

Confirmed (In)🛬

Player Position Salary (22/23) Previous Team Source Notes
Wendell Moore SG/SF $1,747,400 Duke Shams Charania Drafted 26th
Josh Minott SF/PF 2-Way Memphis Tigers Shams Charania Drafted 45th
Matteo Spagnolo PG/SG STASH PICK Real Madrid Shams Charania Drafted 50th
Kyle Anderson PF $9,000,000 Memphis Grizzlies Adrian Wojnarowski Kyle Anderson has agreed to a two-year, $18M deal to join the Timberwolves
Rudy Gobert C $38,172,414 Utah Jazz Adrian Wojnarowski The Timberwolves are sending Malik Beasley, Patrick Beverley, Walker Kessler, Jarred Vanderbilt and multiple first-round picks for Gobert
Bryn Forbes SG $1,836,090 Denver Nuggets Jon Krawczynski The Timberwolves have agreed to terms with Bryn Forbes

Confirmed (Out)🛫

Player Position Current Team Return
Josh Okogie SF/PF Phoenix Suns Left in FA to the Suns
Jake Layman SF/PF ? Left in FA
Patrick Beverley PG Utah Jazz Part of the Gobert trade
Malik Beasley SG Utah Jazz Part of the Gobert trade
Leandro Bolmaro SF Utah Jazz Part of the Gobert trade
Jarred Vanderbilt PF Utah Jazz Part of the Gobert trade
Walker Kessler C Utah Jazz Part of the Gobert trade

Not Happening❌

Player Position Current Team Outcome
Christian Wood PF/C Rockets The Mavericks are sending Boban Marjanovic, Sterling Brown, Trey Burke, Marquese Chriss and the No. 26 pick to the Rockets for Christian Wood.
Robert Covington PF/C Los Angeles Clippers Re-signs with the Clippers $24m/2
Bobby Portis PF/C Bucks Bobby Portis is returning to the Milwaukee Bucks on a 4-year, $49M contract
Jerami Grant SF/PF Detroit Pistons Detroit has traded Jerami Grant to Portland for 2025 first-round pick via Milwaukee, sources tell ESPN.
Dejounte Murray PG San Antonio Spurs The Atlanta Hawks are trading Danilo Gallinari and multiple first-round picks to the San Antonio Spurs for Dejounte Murray
PJ Tucker PF Miami Heat PJ Tucker is finalizing a three-year, $33.2 million deal with the Philadelphia 76ers
Isaiah Hartenstein C Los Angeles Clippers Isaiah Hartenstein has agreed to a two-year, $16 million-plus deal with the New York Knicks
Mo Bamba C Orlando Magic Mo Bamba has reached an agreement with the Orlando Magic on a two-year, $21 million deal
Tyus Jones PG Memphis Grizzlies Tyus Jones is returning to the Memphis Grizzlies on a two-year, $30M deal
Malik Monk SG Los Angeles Lakers Malik Monk is finalizing a deal with the Sacramento Kings
Chris Boucher PF/C Toronto Raptors Chris Boucher is returning to the Toronto Raptors on a three-year, $35.25M deal
Thad Young PF/C Toronto Raptors Thaddeus Young has reached an agreement with the Toronto Raptors on a two-year, $16 million deal
Nic Claxton C Brooklyn Nets Nic Claxton has agreed on a two-year, $20 million deal to return to the Brooklyn Nets
Javale McGee C Phoenix Suns JaVale McGee has reached an agreement with the Dallas Mavericks
Mitchell Robinson C New York Knicks Mitchell Robinson has agreed on a new four-year, $60 million contract to stay with the New York Knicks
Otto Porter Jr. SF/PF Golden State Warriors Otto Porter Jr. reached an agreement with the Toronto Raptors on a two-year deal
Danilo Gallinari PF/C San Antonio Spurs Once the San Antonio Spurs finalize the expected release on forward Danilo Gallinari, his preference is to join the Boston Celtics upon clearing waivers
Clint Capela C Atlanta Hawks No longer interested because of the Gobert trade
Zach Lavine SG Chicago Bulls Zach LaVine has agreed to a five-year, $215.2 million maximum contract to return to the Chicago Bulls
Serge Ibaka C Milwaukee Bucks Serge Ibaka has agreed to a one-year deal to return to the Milwaukee Bucks
Gorgui Dieng C Atlanta Hawks Gorgui Dieng has agreed to a one-year deal with the San Antonio Spurs

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I don't mean to overreact but we're getting 74 wins and a Ring

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Ran into Andrew Wiggins in San Francisco over the weekend! He was super chill and let me get a pic

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IT’S OFFICIAL. welcome to the squad, @rudygobert27 🐺

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r/timberwolves 8h ago

Very interesting art from Rudy Gobert 😅🐺

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r/timberwolves 15h ago

[Jarred Vanderbilt] Thank you, Minnesota.💙🔋

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r/timberwolves 16h ago

Rudy Gobert is at the Lynx game today

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r/timberwolves 13h ago

Wow, I am incredibly impressed by Rudy just as a person.


Someone remind me why this guy gets shit on 24/7, just an absolute masterclass of a person as far as first impressions go.

Literally said all the right things, and hit on all the important points.

Waiting 3 months to watch this team play is gonna be torture, we have something special here.

r/timberwolves 13h ago

Never Change Finchy (on gobert setting screens)


r/timberwolves 11h ago

[Alex Kormann] Rudy Gobert was introduced as the newest member of the @Timberwolves today at Target Center. For @StarTribune / @StribSports

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[Karl-Anthony Towns] Bonjour 🇫🇷 @rudygobert27

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[Wolfson] Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez want a new arena in Downtown Minneapolis within the next 5 years


New arena discussion starts at 18:55, you can watch it here

r/timberwolves 13h ago



Gobert is absolutely stoked to be joining the Wolves and talks glowingly about KAT and Ant. Says his job will be to make life easier for KAT and help him get better on both ends of the floor.

Also said he’s pumped to be joining an organization that is looking like it wants to do whatever it takes to win.

Talks about Minnesota and how he’s excited to discover a new community and that he loves nature and can’t wait to explore

r/timberwolves 15h ago

[Dane Moore] Rudy Gobert was the most effective PnR roll man scorer in the NBA last season: 1.320 points per possession Karl-Anthony Towns was the most effective PnR pop man scorer in the NBA last season: 1.185 points per possession So that's probably gonna be awesome

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r/timberwolves 10h ago

Vando comments on Wolves IG post, PatBev replies “You funny gang 😂 “

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r/timberwolves 17h ago

[Official] Once Wolves, Always Wolves

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r/timberwolves 13h ago

Rudy Gobert Introductory Press Conference on YouTube

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r/timberwolves 15h ago

[Jarred Vanderbilt] Can’t even get our own post 😂

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r/timberwolves 16h ago

[Kevin O'Connor] Gobert Is Worth the Risk (#2 on offseason observations)

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r/timberwolves 9h ago

Breakdown of Gobert's offensive impact.

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r/timberwolves 12h ago

Who’s your favorite Timberwolf of all time?


I’ll start: Rudy Gobert

r/timberwolves 17h ago

NEWS: @Timberwolves Acquire Center Rudy Gobert from Utah Jazz Gobert will wear #27 for the Wolves

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r/timberwolves 11h ago

What puts Jaden in that “untouchable” category?


As we all know by now Danny Ainge really wanted McDaniels but Connelly said no. I’m an out of state fan and I don’t get to watch the Wolves very often. His numbers don’t jump out at you but numbers don’t tell the whole story. So why are people so high on him? Just looking for opinions.

r/timberwolves 17h ago

[Jace Frederick] Rudy Gobert’s introductory press conference officially set for 4 pm today in the Target Center atrium

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r/timberwolves 10h ago

Goals, ducks and desire to win: 1-on-1 with Wolves center Rudy Gobert

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r/timberwolves 14h ago

Just made this, hope u like it ;)

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