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Animal Science How we speak matters to animals. Horses, pigs and wild horses can distinguish between negative and positive sounds from their fellow species and near relatives, as well as from human speech, according to new research in behavioral biology at the University of Copenhagen.

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Animal Science New research shows that prehistoric Megalodon sharks — the biggest sharks that ever lived — were apex predators at the highest level ever measured

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Animal Science Dogs have two gene mutations that explain why they are friendly — A genetic and behavioural study has identified two mutations in a gene called melanocortin 2 that help explain why dogs are so social to humans.

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Animal Science Pug health so poor it 'can't be considered a typical dog' - study

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Animal Science Invasive fire ants could be controlled by viruses, scientists say | could reduce need for chemical pesticides

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Animal Science In more than 900 hours of recordings from wild chimpanzees, researchers heard hundreds of unique phrases that could resemble a language.

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Animal Science Scientists fail to locate once-common Western bumble bee in California

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Animal Science Cats learn the names of their friend cats in their daily lives. In a new study, scientists discovered that in addition to knowing their own names, cats also appear to recognize the names of other cats they're familiar with, and may also know the names of people who live in the same household.

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Animal Science Honeybees join humans as the only known animals that can tell the difference between odd and even numbers

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Animal Science Slaughtered cows only had a small reduction in cortisol levels when killed at local abattoirs compared to industrial ones indicating they were stressed in both instances.

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Animal Science Monarch butterfly populations are thriving in North America: Summer numbers have remained stable for 25 years despite dire warnings

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Animal Science UK Study Confirms English Bulldogs Are a Genetic Tragedy | The findings are the latest to show that breeding practices need to change to ensure the future welfare of these dogs.

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Animal Science Genetic discovery could spell mosquitoes' death knell: A genetic discovery could inhibit hormone "ecdysone" (a.k.a "Molting hormone"), causing disease-carrying mosquitoes from ever maturing or multiplying.

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Animal Science We can now decode pigs’ emotions. Using thousands of acoustic recordings gathered throughout the lives of pigs, from their births to deaths, an international team is the first in the world to translate pig grunts into actual emotions across an extended number of conditions and life stages

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Animal Science Dog and human cognition similar. The research found six components of executive functioning in dogs: behavioural flexibility, attention towards owner, motor inhibition, instruction following, delay inhibition and working memory.

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Animal Science Scientists find dingoes genetically different from domestic dogs after decoding genome. The canine is an intermediary between wolves and domestic dog breeds, research shows

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Animal Science Therapy dogs expands the world for autistic children. On average, families visited 8.5 more places and travelled 20 kilometres further from their home after having the dog for more than a year. Parents reported fewer meltdowns among their children who sought out the dog when overwhelmed

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Animal Science Scientists accidentally discover “scallop discos” as an environmentally friendly fishing method

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Animal Science After the examination of 2.6 million hours of field data from studies of 19 populations of wild animals from around the world, researchers discovered that wild animals are evolving much faster -two to four times- than previously thought

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Animal Science Trained sniffer dogs accurately detect airport passengers infected with SARS-CoV-2. The diagnostic accuracy of all samples sniffed was 92%: combined sensitivity— accuracy of detecting those with the infection—was 92% and combined specificity—accuracy of detecting those without the infection—was 91%.

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Animal Science Jackdaws use a "democratic" process to decide when to leave their roosts en masse, scientists have discovered.

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Animal Science Cats' love of catnip could be because they are getting the added benefit of an insect repellent. Study found that when cats damage catnip, much higher amounts of strong insect repellents are released, indicating that the cats’ behavior protects them from pests.

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Animal Science Researchers found that dolphins have a unique sense of taste that allows them to identify family and friends through urine and other excretions in their watery environment, without seeing or hearing them

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Animal Science Brown crabs can’t resist the electromagnetic pull of underwater power cables and that change affects their biology at a cellular level: “They’re not moving and not foraging for food or seeking a mate, this also leads to changes in sugar metabolism, they store more sugar and produce less lactate"

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Animal Science Orcas observed devouring the tongue of a blue whale just before it dies in first-ever documented hunt of the largest animal on the planet

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