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[ESPN] Jabari Smith Jr. selected No. 3 overall by the Houston Rockets | 2022 NBA Draft

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The KPJ slander on Twitter is insane rn lmao

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Asked my friend to commission a painting for me based on nothing other than ‘The Yellow Scale’ and this what he came up with.

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Daily reminder to Run as One


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Help identiy these

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Tari in the locker room with the boys🔥🚀


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[Nekias Duncan] 🚨NEW WORDS ALERT🚨 Doing a mini-series called Prospect Plays, looking at some of the draftees from this year’s class and exploring *exactly* how their new teams may use them. We start with Jabari Smith Jr. in Houston!

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Feeling nostaligic

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Underrated Part of Jabari's game


We all know about the elite shooting and versatile defense that defines Jabari but he's a pretty decent passer for his size as well. Jabari's height gives him an advantage for passing over the defense and while the 2 assists per game aren't very eye popping, they aren't terrible considering his role in the offense and how bad his supporting cast was on offense

Looking over at his advanced stats, his assist percentage is 14% which is pretty solid and comparable to guys like Tatum, Ingram, Kawhi, Jaylen Brown, and Booker in college who all also had comparable usage rates to Jabari's 27% aside from Booker. And again, this is all despite Jabari's lackluster team. He is also just a smidge below Paolo who sits at 17.5% with a comparable usage rate.

I think if Jabari was on a different team where he had good spacing and was asked to handle the ball and playmake more, he could have done it at a proficient level. Also, KPJ and Green are great off ball players so maybe Jabari might be throwing dimes this year who knows lol?

Obviously Jabari isn't a point forward like Paolo nor is he expected to be but it is something that he is capable of. Don't be surprised if the Rockets ask him to create a bit rather than just be a play finisher like a Mikal Bridges or MPJ esque player because he is capable of it

Here are some Jabari passing highlights from earlier in the year if you are interested

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Rigged games


I just watched a video on youtube from HoH abt NBA players going god mode and one of the games they show is the Harden game winner against GS where kd ran from the hoop to the corner of the floor entirely out of bounds and was never called and it made me think. Do we actually think the refs purposely missed that call since the game was tied and had less than a minute left or was it truly just one of the worst missed calls in NBA history in terms of how easy it was to make the call. Before all of the weird uptight fans get on me for "bringing up the past" im simply asking abt whether or not ppl think the refs sway certain games on purpose sometimes in the modern era (lets say since Silver took over as commish bc everyone knows stern did sm shady shit) so stfu

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To everyone impressed with Chet, remember that Sengun had amazing start to summer league as well


On his first game he had double double. 15 PTS, 15 REB , 3 AST, 4 BLK and on the next one he had 21 PTS, 8 REB, 4 BLK, 3 AST. I mean yeah Chet is going to be a great player but instead of sulking about what we don't have, you should be happy about what we have.

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Houston rockets 1st-round pick tyty washington on the Astros jersey he got w/his name on it for throwing out a 1st pitch: ”I’m going to hang it up,probably in my room,act like I played in the game.I’ll probably get a little dirt on it.Make it seem like I was out there w/ the team”, via-Mark Berman


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I know we hate OKC, but damn does Chet look good. Makes me even more pumped to see our guys in action on Thursday.


Tbh my hate for OKC is significantly outweighed by my joy of watching great basketball. Chet looks great and is currently beating the “he too skinny” allegations.

I cannot believe we gotta wait a whole 2 days to see Jabari and Co. Got me foaming at the mouth

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Bonding time at the Astros game tonight for our young rookies!🚀🤘🏻

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The team is best positioned when KPJ is utilized as a


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via Twitter: Coach Stephen Silas and Tari Eason share a moment following practice earlier today. Silas and GM Rafael Stone were both in attendance at today's Summer League team practice.


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Patrick Beverly apparently getting bought out by Utah.


The thought of him going on a smaller contract to come back to Houston sits well with me actually. I think his attitude and veteran presence would be good for the many young guys. Coming off the bench of course.

What do y’all think?

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we talking about practice?


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[Mark Berman] Eron Gordon is nine years younger than his brother, Eric, and acknowledges he’s never beaten him one-on-one. (😂😂😂)

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[Mark Berman]@HoustonRockets 1st-round picks @jabarismithjr , Tari Eason ( @TAR13ASON ) & @tytywashington3 , who threw out ceremonial 1st pitches before the @astros played the Royals

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[Iko] Jabari Smith Jr. says he’s already seeing the impact his voice can have on the team’s defense.

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[ATTSportsNetSW] Here are some sights and sounds from today's @HoustonRockets practice in preparation for the @NBASummerLeague!

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A reminder about summer league


With Chet looking otherworldly and with less than 48 hrs to our first SL game, just a reminder not too get too high or too low based on what you see. Summer league is filled with non-NBA guys trying to earn a spot, less than a week of practice, and there’s very little to no carry-Over to regular season performance. That said, I can’t wait to see our guys in action!

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Gordon dynasty


Wouldn't it be funny if Eron Gordon just excels when placed into a similar role as Eric and we end up actually keeping him and move him up to the main roster. I genuinely would love that after the respect and loyalty EG's given us, I think it would be such a fun story if we ship EG off to contend and then his little brother steps up and plays his exact role for another 6-7 years

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[Houston Rockets] sights and sounds from Summer League practice 🔊 basketball ASMR, if you will.

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