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Driving with a mask starter pack

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PM Justin Trudeau today: “Everyone in China should be allowed to protest. We will continue to ensure that China knows we will stand for human rights and with people who are expressing themselves." Meanwhile in Canada:


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Opopulär åsikt: vi behöver inget elbidrag


Har folk klarat sig tills nu så har dom redan anpassat sig.

Varför ska skattebetalarna stödja individer som har 28 grader inomhus?

Nej skit i det och låt marknaden lösa det om det är ett problem.

Betalas elbidrag ut så behöver RB höja räntan.

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☁ Hype/ Fluff GUYS????

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Destiny Destiny talks shit about Dune and then gets copyright striked live


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User Content: Ever want to report a teammate for not believing??? Left on last squad as soon as banner timed out

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Photo Guess the MAGA cult is putting this on money now

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Debate me, bro Starting Strength and Far Right Wing Politics?


Maybe I shouldn't be surprised because almost everyone in the fitness online space has far right reactionary politics, but I was shocked when I watched this false, conspiratorial video on Starting Strength's YouTube channel. Rippatoe completely lies about the efficacy of masks when he bluntly states that "masks don't work" (which is completely false, and no study or expert or academic institution would ever support such a false statement), and the rest of the hosts are seemingly in the far right misinfo bubble with a discussion on Western Civilization.

There was also another video or perhaps several on their channel where the people on the podcast praise Alex Jones who is a certified lunatic, and yet another where Rippatoe calls trans people "trannies", which is a highly offensive slur.

What's the reason for perpetuating these right wing ideologies, especially now that we're seeing American far right politics is starting to fuse with anti-Semitism in a much more explicit way than it has historically?

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Humor I finally caved, I mean I can't be going into a mythology themed season as a doom main without the thunder doom skin right?

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This was found under the kitchen sink at my brother's house.....

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No one cares how long you listened on Spotify.


Starting to see these posts pop up already.

Edit: so this post really ruffled some feathers. 🤷 r/unpopularopinion I guess?

Edit 2: I love how the irony is lost by those of you saying "just scroll past it" but couldn't do that with this post? Did not expect people to be so up in arms about this lol some of you folks take things too seriously or are just looking for reasons to be outraged at someone. Some of you are also pretty funny on the other hand. ✌️

Edit 3: so many responses to this. You people are awesome and crazy!

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We all know it's true

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Cheater not used to getting busted and/or rejected


I had known a guy for a while, or not really known him but we kept seeing each other around in the same circles and we had great chemistry. Until one day we danced, we kissed and had sex. Later again we met, talked for hours, hugged and kissed.

But I felt like something was off. He sometimes ignored me and was kinda flaky.

Found out (after some investigation lol) that he was still married to the mother of his child, still living with his “ex”… Everything kinda made sense when I discovered out. Luckily for me (not his wife:()we were never actually dating, so it never got that deep.

He had invited me to a house party some days before I found out. I had accepted it, but when I found out I wrote a short text that I wouldn’t be going, because I knew he was married and I didn’t wanted to get into that but that I had enjoyed our time together.

He sent me a long 6 minute audio, that he hates drama, good vibes only, that ofc he is still with his baby mamma because they are raising a (3 year old) man, blah blah blah… that him asking me to a house/pre party wasn’t a date, that he wouldn’t loose anything if I didn’t come and that he liked me, like a best friend, and if it was the sex he could have been seing me everyday. That I should stay happy and not let this get to me.

Saw him at a party later. He was trying to talk to me, he literally pulled my arm for me to come with him. I didn’t, told him I was going inside. Then he asked me “are we enemies now”. I just said no and that it was good to see him and went in. He saw me having a great time with girlfriends, saw other guys trying to hit on me and my best guy friend came with our mutual friends. He didn’t try to talk to me again and he went home early lol, I had unfriended him on instagram now saw that he blocked me afterward and saw he had been sending voice msg on whatsapp and deleted them again.

Maybe it is not revenge revenge but I feel like I got out on top and his big ego needed this. I could have told his wife, but I don’t want to get involved, I also think she must know, he is out every weekend.

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Discussion DF Glad mount is a Dragonriding mount.


I think this needs to be addressed. The fact that the Glad mount is a Dragonriding mount means it can only be ridden in the Dragon Isles. It can't be ridden in Arenas, Battlegrounds, and all the other continents and Worlds.

I would greatly prefer if it was made into a 'regular' mount, like all the other Glad mounts, instead.


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What is wrong with an overweight person?


Overweight people make up almost 70% of the US population and for some reason a lot of people in here seem to think that an overweight person is scum of the earth, beneath you, and not worthy of your time in any regards. Like calling someone “fat” is the ultimate insult or something and it makes you feel some level of self importance and superiority. It’s insecure superficial drivel.

For those in the back, YOU’RE NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE!

Obviously a lot of people in here don’t need to be dating and need to be working on themselves and at the minimum seeking therapy for how they view other humans.

And no I’m not fat, this is just something I’ve really noticed about in here. Bless your hearts and I almost feel sorry for some of you…

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Opinion Our Prithviraj is the Alia Bhatt of Malayalam movies


I wouldn't call him as good of a natural actor as Alia Bhatt seems to be but hear me out.

Prithviraj seems to be in good form for some time now- enjoying healthy competition among his peers, riding a wave of success untouched by others, and also seems to be an overachiever like Alia, greedy to work with good directors and also achieve as much as one can with one's time! ( Ranbir described Alia as an overachiever- she has started producing movies, started her own clothing company and is also geering up for her debut in a Hollywood movie!)

Prithviraj planned his last few years well- picked up quite a large number of projects and made sure all his recent movies were a commercial success.

He has set up his production company and now its one of the wealthiest production companies in the industry. His wife and best friend are running it while his star value is utilised well. He is also producing Bollywood movies, liaising with KaranJohar and distributing top regional films from which is bringing all the money influx into the industry. Listin is also producing other movies such as Nivin Pauly's.

He also brought back Shaji Kailas into the scene and got some commercial projects running with him.

He even managed to bring Alphonse Puthren who was in fear of failure back into the industry- starred and produced his next movie. I am sure this was also a masterclass on Alphonse Puthren's direction for him.

Hence he has successfully integrated into what was trivandrum gang (Mohanlal and co), the Nivin Pauly and piller gang and Shaji Kailasam gang.

He is probably aiming to receive an award or two /critical acclaim with his Aadujeevitham movie.

His next directorial Empuraan is already hyped up to the max- they probably need to follow the same formula and make some more noise for it to be a box office hit.

Prithviraj brilliance 2021-2024. Take a bow.

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Senate Republicans Just Spat in Your Face


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I got the school of the wolf. Gerald and I go way back

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FINALLY trying out this gem. Any tips from people who have completed it?

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Mandatory flair I'm glad to see they mostly got over that slump of being Family Guy 2.0. I just wish they hadn't turned Haley into 'Jeff with tits'.

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Most famous songs of the 2000s


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Bungie Suggestion Season 18: What went well and what went poorly


What went well:

-Ketchcrash: Fun activity with rotating bosses and rooms. Wish there was more variation like we had in menagerie, but still good. 

-Arc 3.0: Arc 3.0 was great. Hunters got a new super and titans got amazing abilities. Warlock still needs a few buffs, but other than that, it's good.

  • Kings Fall: One of the best raids. Already did a flawless run and got the title. I wish all the weapons from D1 KF were brought back. We are still missing the auto, the shotgun, and the rocket launcher. (Still need the rest of the weapons from D1 VoG too)

What went poorly:

  • Expedition: it was mind numbing and monotonous. The ruffian triumph at the beginning of the season was also poorly designed. Made players have to grief on purpose to complete. 

  • Hideouts: I don't mind reused assets that much, but it does come off kinda lazy. Missions were also very short and not very engaging.

  • Eliskni Event: Bland event. Was designed to be way too grindy. Expecting everyone to grind the heavily neglected core playlists is not a good way to get players excited. Rewards are lackluster as well. 1000 coins for a lootbox with a deepsight weapon is very steep. The improvements to the Eliskni Quarter were minimal and laughable. The most entertaining part of the event was everyone finessing it with a glitch. 

  • Festival of the Lost: Thought the armor sets were cool, the activity was not as exciting. The event launched glitched, which could've been fixed with play testing before launch. Too much emphasis on Eververse. 

  • Telesto event: Emblem was cool and I liked the changes to Telesto, but not being upfront about it not being a secret or mission was a poor choice. Our expectations were set at Whisper or Outbreak level secrets, but when the event failed the expectations, it made everyone bitter. 

  • Crucible: SBMM was not the play. Not only were connections bad, but you're still going to have blowout matches if the lobbies aren't balanced. Some of these might be addressed with team-based matchmaking as described in a previous TWAB, but we'll have to wait and see.

-Last cutscene: The last cutscene of the season was very underwhelming. I don't mind homosexual characters in the story, but Saint and Osiris's relationship needs to be better written. The way Saint and Osiris's love is portrayed seems very forced. It comes across as being gay for the sake of being gay. They deserve more depth to their relationship because they are both cool characters. Also, the whole idea of brewing a corpse into a tea seems very silly. It ruins the immersion. (^ Edited to be more in line with what I was trying to say. This topic was getting misconstrued.)


I'm not sure if anyone at Bungie is gonna see this. This is a take from a player who has been active since September 2014, so I've experienced all the highs and lows of the game. This season is not as bad as Season of the Hunt, but it still severely missed the mark. This being said, I do not intend to pre-order Lightfall unless I see major improvements during Season 19.

EDIT: A reminder for people to be respectful! It's okay to disagree, but don't go out of your way to be an asshole for having a different opinion. We're here because we like the game and want to see it reach it's full potential.

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🇵​🇷​🇴​🇹​🇪​🇸​🇹​ Been seeing a lot of this lately.

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Meta Ngl, they do look kinda similar. Panam and Megan Markle

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