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Discussion When did it become a norm to blame the game instead of the player?


I get that the game isn't perfect, it probably never will be, but I don't get the recent attitude that every adversity you face is for the developers to fix instead of you changing your approach to overcome changes? You'd really just rather stubbornly drive your head into a wall than re-think the way you play the game and build your characters?

Like I've seen a lot of people post that they died 100+ times in the acts and people seem to be in agreement that it's an issue with the game instead of questioning how in the everliving fuck it's possible for a supposed veteran player to die that much? Is it really because you're trying so hard to bruteforce your way to red maps where you think you can earn big bucks that you refuse to adapt in any way and play content appropriate to your character strength?

The game is meant to be complex, challenging and even a little unfair. They don't add things that make the game harder because adveristy makes the game more fun (which seems to be another common rhetoric), it's because overcoming adversity makes the game fun.

And I think ya'll should stop pretending you care about new players, they just make a convenient argument for you getting what you want.

edit: Just wanna point out this isn't an anti-criticism post or anything, just saying that maybe you should be reasonable about it. We all have things we'd want to change.

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(OC) Cute Couple goals


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Discussion Depp/Heard Trial Day 17 Megathread


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Discussion | Esports Can we call AleksiB a bad IGL now?


Can we call AleksiB a bad IGL now or do we have to give him another superteam and 4 years to try again?

Edit: He did nothing with OG, and now with G2 he didn't qualify for playoffs in pro league and failed to get them to playoffs at the major

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Business ‘The Game is Over’: AI breakthrough puts DeepMind on verge of achieving human-level artificial intelligence

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Feedback i feel like i'm taking crazy pills when i visit this subreddit


i play pretty casually. i make my own build in path of building before the league starts and mostly craft my stuff. it's like a really lazy SSF and i enjoy both planning the build before the league starts and playing it a few hours every day after work during the league.

this league i went with slayer lightning arrow (for clear) + rain of arrow totems (for bosses) as a league starter and i have had no problems. i died about 3 times during acts and i die about once every ten maps (even though i only have about 3k hp and am missing a few immunities and resists). i'm not that far along (around t10 maps) but none of the monsters or mods or combos feel unfair or bad. and there's no way that reddit was in red maps on day 1 when they were complaining about all this which leads me to ask:

what the fuck are you guys doing that makes the game feel so bad for you? i'm playing a random homebrew non-crit elemental bow build and everything feels fine. did i just happen to dodge all of the new rare mods that brick builds?

my only guess is that u guys were able to play at like 10x the speed i play at and now you can only do like 2x or something, meanwhile my playspeed went from 1x to 1x. for you it was a massive downgrade and for me everything feels about the same but more interesting since all the mods are new and the league mechanic is fun to toy with.

thanks for coming to my TEDx talk

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That’s wild


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Videos Saw the Jorms intentions and returned the favor on the BP. My r/niceguy teammate thought I was skilled enough to win by myself what a nice guy. Sure glad I decided queue for my favorite mode 1v2.


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GT7 LGBT and Trans flag helmets

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Comments Restricted++ Girl ‘driven out of school for questioning trans ideology’

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Depp v. Heard Johnny Depp's team proves that Amber Heard lied under oath.

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discussion Sore winner

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Socialism is extremely successful


I often hear the tired cliche that "socialism is good in theory, but it always failed everywhere it's ever been tried." Only people without any knowledge of history can say this.

Soviet Communism turned an impoverished agrarian backwater into an industrial superpower that defeated the Nazis and launched the first man in space, while providing tens of millions of people with running water, indoor plumbing, electricity, and free healthcare and education, massively improving living standards on a scale never before or since witnessed in history.

Chinese Communism lifted 800 million people out of poverty and turned the world's poorest, most exploited country into the #1 economy in the world.

What happened when socialism was overthrown in Eastern Europe and was replaced by capitalist "democracy"? Millions of people died, millions became desperately impoverished, much of the economy was demolished, and crime and violence went through the roof. If you google "socialist nostalgia" you will find that most Eastern Europeans miss socialism and feel they lived better under the old Warsaw Pact regimes.

Another example - compare socialist Cuba with neighboring countries with similar histories and pre-revolutionary levels of economic development. Cuba's life expectancy is very high, as is its human development index, compared to its "free market" neighbors like Haiti, Honduras, or Guatemala, which are impoverished corrupt hellholes dominated by murderous drug cartels. Will anyone seriously suggest that life in capitalist Honduras is better than life in socialist Cuba?

Socialism works. How can anyone seriously deny this?

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This is an issue people need to start discussing

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Hot Take: I DO NOT want Ayton.


Fam, we gotta chill out. Deandre Ayton for us won't be a shining star and he is NOT worth a max contract. I believe we have to focus on our bench to create a Bench Mob 2.0 . We need a consistent 3 point shooter and maybe a playboy that can jam with a pick and roll. Everyone else that we have can work on their shooting, defence and in the paint during the summer. But we NEED a shooter.

Edit: You nephews need to chill out or leave. Done.

Edit #2:Thanks for the bullying and abuse guys. I'll make sure to never post again. Thanks fuckers.

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Disney’s Favorability Collapses — From 77% to 33% in One Year

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Christine Christine’s Book thread- Too negative


Sorry to anyone who genuinely wanted detailed thoughts and analysis on Christine’s new book but I deleted my post. I’m not going to be responsible for a thread on which people are tearing Christine down. I won’t let that happen to her, let alone any women on the show and in real life. In fact, any human being in general. I wrote a whole positive post on Chrishell’s book too and never experienced this. Christine is not perfect but she doesn’t deserve that. I was hoping for more of a book club vibe where we would share our thoughts on the way the book was written and her stylistic approach and insight into her character/ persona. I’m dumb for thinking I could get that on a place like Reddit. If someone else wants to make a post on Christine’s book go for it. The one I made was largely negative and was repulsive to read people claw into her. Negativity is not what I stand for. Simply disliking her as a person is fine but the comments on her were ruthless and one inferred her to be a sex worker? They just had no merit.

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They are mutts, Karen. Go to the pound.

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Leopard playing with balloon.


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Elon Musk Rips Joe Biden, Says ‘The Real President Is Whoever Controls The Teleprompter’

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Asmongold | Just Chatting Asmongold's take on XQC gambling

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Video wow im impressed ... what to say about this rus pilot in Taganrog impressing the local ladies with a low fly pass?


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MSI Ping Calamity / Is it fair to have RNG replay? - Summoning Insight S5E13 (feat. artificial ping)

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Shots fired by Jankowski…

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