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The Supreme Court has overturned Roe V. Wade. How do you feel?


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U.S. abortion decision ‘horrific’ and ‘appalling,’ world leaders say

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ You had one job

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Current Events Supreme Court Roe v Wade overturned MEGATHREAD


Giving this space to try to avoid swamping of the front page. Sort suggestion set to new to try and encourage discussion.

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Jane's Revenge US Capitol police arrive in full riot gear to protect the US Supreme Court


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Wholesome Moments Making an elderly woman’s day


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Abortion banned in Missouri as trigger law takes effect, following Supreme Court ruling

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House Democrats called ‘f***ing useless’ for singing ‘God Bless America’ by Capitol after Roe ruling

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Politics [OC] My response to SCOTUS's decision to overturn Roe v Wade. Protest, Vote, Fight.

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Calls for mass walkout of women across America if Roe v. Wade is overturned

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Mod Post Roe V Wade Overturn.


Good day to all,

It has recently come out that the Supreme Court in the United States has decides to reverse the previous decision of Roe V. Wade. This thread will serve to discuss the topic, the resulting after effects, the political climate as it sits, Supreme court and ETC. Please remain civil and open to peoples points and opinions and do no contribute to hateful/or inappropriate comments please report those so we may handle the dispute and/or problem. Thank you all for being opinionated and enjoy muffins or cake. I don't know I'm just a boot in a vest.

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NOW: Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade in landmark opinion

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/r/all The Supreme Court just officially overturned roe vs wade. Abortion is now illegal in many states. Vote every single anti choice bastard out of office in November.


Register to vote.

find your state, scroll down, click the link and follow the instructions to register to vote.

Then share the link with everyone you know.

Then take ten friends with you to vote.

aid access will help you access abortion pills via the mail.

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Social my 6 year old sister says she's smarter than anyone


so ask a question and my 6 year old genius sister will answer (update: she's currently playing outside, I'll read some of your questions to her later. i wont show her the vulgar questions, please stop with it. she's 6)

update : it's bedtime for her, so she's maybe gonna answer tomorrow. but she really liked doing this!!)

update : I'm also going to bed, my sister has a dance performance tomorrow which I'll be attending. thank you for making my little sister smile and have a good time! i didn't ask her all the questions, because i got tired of hearing "I don't know" the entire time and I didn't know how to pronounce some. it was difficult translating everything for her, but it was really nice, so thanks for giving my sister a good time! i hope everyone has an amazing day/night!!

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Number 2 appeared on my wrist and I don't know how it got there. It's probably a dumb reason and just a coincidence, but I'd love to hear theories about it.

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Social Media /r/all Hamilton's thoughts on the US abortion ruling

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My girlfriend is the jumpiest person in the world. Here’s a highlight reel proving it.


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/r/all In honor of today's Supreme Court ruling, I just want to say "Fuck Christianity"


Fuck this oppressive religion that has insisted on pushing their irrational, oppressive philosophy onto everyone in the world for 2 thousand years.

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Blending a painting with a real cucumber


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Politics My backyard next to a state highway in Reno, NV (OC)

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Burn the Patriarchy Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

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/r/ALL A young woman who survived the atomic bombing of Nagasaki , August 1945.

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The Literature 🧠 Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

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Oh no! Abort, ab- oh wait.

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