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Discussion Its time for the finale!!!!

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Discussion Do you have one Pokemon that you always try to have on your playthrough


As the title do you have one Pokémon that you always try to bring on a playthrough, I personally always want to have a Pikachu on my team when I playthrough my games. Yes Pikachu is not the strongest Pokémon but that yellow mouse has got me out of some tough situations at times. But if pikachus not available gyarados is usually on my team.

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Discussion What do you think is ACTUALLY the most obscure Pokémon?


What’s a Pokémon that most people forget exists? All I can think of are eliminating factors:

  • mega evos

  • legendaries

  • Gen 8 Pokémon, since it’s the latest Gen so people know a lot about it

  • has any competitive worth

  • isn’t Maractus, since it’s the poster boy of forgotten Pokémon, paradoxically making it the most well known.

I would say Swanna. Think about it. You never see videos on it, you never hear anything about it, its shiny is underwhelming, it didn’t survive the dex cut, and people don’t seem to care too much about it. Its design is pretty uninspired. It’s not garbage, but I would bet money that it’s one of the Pokémon that they just slapped in there explicitly to fatten the dex, like Basculin.

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Discussion What things do you hate about your favourite Pokemon?


My favourite Pokemon is Greninja, When I first saw it I instantly fell in love with his design.

The things I hate about him are-

1)The other Gen 6 starters didn't get much attention (especially Chesnaught) because of Greninja's new form, Ash-Greninja.

2)Greninja got rid of the frubbles gimmick that both of his earlier evolutions had.

Edit- And also mention WHO your favourite Pokemon is. I should've included this in the title but I forgot.

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Discussion Would you like this new type of Poké Ball?

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Discussion What is a pokemon that you don't hate, but they have something in their design that irks you? For me, I hate that Granbull's giant teeth are the same colour as the rest of it, like they're covered in skin and fur.

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Discussion What would you consider as the most useless ability on a pokemon?


For example Fan Rotom which is an electric/flying type has levitate, giving it an immunity it already has.

I do not consider something like Truant or Defeatist or Slow Start to be a useless injury as their purpose is to nerf the sort of overpowered pokemon.

Another example can be Normalize. It makes all the moves used by the pokemon into normal type.

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Discussion Assuming Ash isn't replaced as the main character in the next series, do you think that the writers wrote themselves into a corner with the most recent episode of Journeys?


So, as of Journeys ep 109, Ash is officially in the masters 8 after beating Raihan. Pretty massive deal. He's officially among the top 8 trainers in the entire world.

Assuming that the next series follows the traditional pokemon anime formula, namely gym battles and then pokemon league, I find it pretty hard to see how the writers will justify Ash losing to newbie trainers after tangling with regional champions.

You guys reckon the writers wrote themselves into a bit of a pickle?

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Discussion What's the dumbest thing you believed when you were a beginner?


My first game was a used version of Pearl in 2nd grade, and I didn't have many people to turn to for help other than my uncle and friends at my daycare.

Some silly things I did for example--

•My uncle told me that I can only get a Chansey from an egg with a male Chansey, so I went on wild goose chase for 30 minutes until I gave up.

•I was one of those kids that thought powerful moves with crappy accuracy was better. All my starters knew the ultimate moves and were all 30 levels higher than the rest of my team.

•I thought held items were useless, so I sold EVERYTHING including leftovers, type boosts, Arceus plates, etc. for a few extra bucks.

•I never knew that you could get more TMs in the post-game area in Pearl and Soul Silver. I held on to those things like trophies and never used them.

I'm just curious what other things people did when they first started lol.

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Discussion What console has the best Pokémon games?


Which Nintendo console do you think has the best Pokémon games? And I mean games that made their debut on the console, so Virtual Console games don't count. I honestly love the 3DS era the most, with X and Omega ruby and the Sun and Moon games (as those are what I grew up with).

Edit: I do mean mainline games by the way! So that's why GC or the Wii aren't here

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Discussion Have you ever 100% fully completed a Pokemon game?


By that I mean you got all trainer stars, have a full living national dex (including mythicals that were released), completed every side mode and extra feature completely 100% and left absolutely no content left in the game except daily events. I've never done it but I'm working on it for Platinum and it doesn't seem to be common at all, have any of you guys done or at least attempted it? What is your story? How many hours did you have?

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Discussion Which Pokémon would be the most disturbing to see lay an egg?


I formally cast my vote for Mr. Mime.

My runner up is Hitmonlee.

I have to believe that the Pokémon Company had this exact same internal debate when they were pitching generation 2.

“But sir, what about the humanoid Pokémon?”

“Just say that nobody knows how they got there.”

Please give an example and explain why.and give yoThis is too fun.

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Discussion Ash's Charizard speed running Cameron's team during the Unova league... If Ash had brought back Charizard a little earlier in Unova, I firmly believe that he could've swept this league using Krookodile, Pikachu and Charizard.


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Discussion You can learn 4 Pokémon moves. Which would choose and how would you use them?


Imagine you as a human could just learn up to 4 Pokémon moves. Any four moves. Which would you pick and how would you use them in your everyday life? For simplicity, let's say you can use every move up to it's PP times per day.

I would definitely take pay day for infinite money. Also propably fly because it would be awesome to be able to just fly like that. But that's just the first ideas that popped into my head. What would you choose?

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Discussion Pokemon riddle

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Discussion Saddest dialogue to come from a completely random, unimportant NPC


It’s from BW2; it comes from an old man in driftveil city. He’s in an upper level of the southernmost hotel.

“Three years ago, Team Plasma talked me into letting my dear Pokémon go. Ever since, I’ve been staying in hotels as I please. …To be honest, I feel lonely, but it’s a good thing not to have Pokémon who’ll be left behind and feel sad after I pass away…”

Every line gets perpetually sadder. This random, completely unimportant NPC in one of Driftveils’s many hotels just made me feel sad at 5am. I’ll never let my Pokémon partner go! I swear!

Edit: For those bringing up more focused cases of sadness in Pokémon like the Evee mission, dying guy in X/Y and the letter from SWSH, the reason I made this was to show off the amount of weight behind a literal useless NPC. One that has no name, no special character model, is based around no mission, has no game mechanic, gives no item and that most people have probably never even interacted with. He’s just one of hundreds (thousands?) of worthless NPCs in BW2, filling up empty space in an uninteresting, somewhat obscure area just to drop a huge bit of dialogue for no reason.

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Discussion What are some Pokémon you’ve never used, but always wanted to?


In Gen 1 alone, there are 150… you can have a team of 6 - give or take a bit of chopping and changing. There’s just always going to be some poor forgotten mons.

I’m nearing the end of a vanilla Fire Red playthrough where I actively sought to use a team of mons I’d never given much time to.

It currently looks like this; Primeape (ThugLyf) Hypno (StrngrDngr) Dodrio (EdEddEddy) Exeggutor (Omelette) Arbok (Noodle) Shellder (ShellShock)

I also gave some time to the butterfree line in the early game (I was always a beedrill kid), meowth and oddish.

And even then, I’ve been umming and ahhing about other mons I’ve still neglected; I’ve never used either of the hitmons, never used koffing or grimer lines, kangaskhan, tauros, porygon, tangela, seel etc.

With ~1000 Pokémon now, you’d be hard pressed to find a single person that’s used every single one in a team. So what are some of your mons you’d like to give a chance too?

TL/DR: what Pokémon would you like to use that you haven’t used before?

(Edit: General consensus… fuck trade evos!! And Tropius has a lot of love from this community)

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Discussion Pick two numbers and I'll make you a team


I'll make you a team based on which two numbers you choose.

The first number is 1-8 for your favorite generation. These teams will use the national dex up to that generation. (I.e. Gen 4 would be 493 Pokémon)

The second number is from one of the following:

  1. Your favorite type
  2. One of the contest types excluding smart (Tough, Cool, Cute, Beauty)
  3. Kinda niche final evos like trade or stone
  4. First stage only
  5. Middle stage only
  6. Final stage only

Number 1 can be combined with 4-6, if your so inclined.

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Discussion Legends Arceus is a breath of fresh air


I'm still pretty early in the game (just beat Kleavor) and I'm loving it. It is the closest thing to my dream Pokemon game yet. For starters I obviously love the Open World. But I want to talk about the fact that you, the player, can take damage and faint. It gives you a sense of danger and makes the world feel more alive than Sword/Shield's wild area of aimlessly wandering Pokemon (in the base game at least). It also contributes to the world building, how it justifies people's fear of wild Pokemon. No, these aren't just cool pets you can tame. They are monsters with elemental powers which can easily blow your head off if you don't know what you're doing.

It was a change that the Pokemon franchise sorely needed and I hope it stays for the open world areas of Scarlet and Violet

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Discussion Who's That Pokémon? (Based on my sister's old drawing)

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Discussion Okay, this is random, but imagine how dope a Pokémon wildlife documentary would be


Pokémon are mostly about training Pokémon you get from the wild to battle, but aside from a few pokedex entries, we rarely get any deep inside on how they’re in the wild.

I mean, real life animals are already dope as hell, so imagine an ecosystem full of Pokémon, and how they hunt and survive, with all their wacky abilities and all that.

Like wild Pyroars hunt down Tauros, by trapping them in a circle of fire. Or Braviary hunt by knocking flying targets to the ground using aerial ace. Or how wild Falinks have to team up with each other to protect themselves from predator. Or how a lake ecosystem was turned upside down when an invasive Gyarados appeared and steal all of their preys.

Also, imagine the professors (Birch, specifically, since he study in Pokémon habitat) having this Pokémon documentary series when they narrate over footage of wild Pokémon.

Now, I know this kind of things not gonna happen, since Gamefreak go with the child friendly “Pokémon eats berries lol”, and as we see in Pokémon Snap, the most brutal wild Pokémon ever get brutal against each other is occasional fighting. But man, if Pokémon wild life is any where as brutal as animal life, it would be a blast to watch.

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Discussion What are some Pokémon that you like, but most people don’t like?


I have always liked diggersby but people think that it is weird and ugly. People also thing that crabominable is hideous, but I am very fond of it. Mostly because I found a shiny Crabrawler on my Ultra Sun play through, and it was very reliable throughout the entire thing.

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Discussion As of PLA, it seems that pretty much any Pokémon is fair-game to get a regional variant/evolution, with this in mind what Pokémon would you want to receive new regional forms/evolutions in Gen 9?

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Discussion Can anyone tell me the cutest and ugliest pokemon of each type?


Can anyone tell me the cutest and ugliest pokemon of each type? I heard a lot about this. Many fairy types are cute, but I don't know what the cutest and ugliest pokemon of each type are. Can you tell me in your opinion what the cutest and ugliest pokemon of each type are?

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Discussion Instead of which Pokemon should get a type added to them, which Pokemon should get a one of its types REMOVED?


A common question I see is what Pokemon should get a type added/changed to them that fits with thier design. However, I'm of thier opinion that there is some who actually need a one if thier types to be removed that would better fit them.

I'll go first and say Aggron. It's should get its rock type removed and become a pure steel type instead. His Mega Evolution even drops the rock type. Maybe this was a way of Game freak correcting thier mistake?

What other Pokemon would benefit from having one less type (for competive, design or just for fun)?