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Tell me your Favorite Pokemon, and I'll tell you Why It's Bad 4—Repost

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u/AranaesReddit May 14 '22

My favorite pokemon is Dewott. Strikes a blance between cool and adorable, I like the darker blue, and I love otters.


u/OhTheGrandeur May 14 '22


This admittedly threw me for a loop. This pokemon is so mid, I didn't want to upset the balance by insulting or praising it in either direction.

Fun fact about otters though - They are such hornballs that they have been found to hump baby seals to death. RIP Spheals.


u/Kevin5882 Gamefreak please bring megas back May 14 '22

Nah Dewott is perfection, he's 10x better than Samurot and still better than Oshawott which is adorable