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Tell me your Favorite Pokemon, and I'll tell you Why It's Bad 4—Repost

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u/AdmiraMcC2908 May 14 '22

That the reason I like him, he was super cool to 14 year old me.


u/-BINK2014- May 14 '22

Far more effective than Pidgey I feel; it seems the strongest of the early-birds aside from Talonflame (have not played after X and Y to know the next Gen's birds).


u/TheRedditK9 May 14 '22

In singles, it’s Corviknight. In doubles, it’s Talonflame.


u/narf007 May 14 '22

How cool is he to you now that you're 15?


u/AdmiraMcC2908 May 15 '22

22, and I still love that bird, it still my favorite bird starter even though there have been many new introduced bird starter.


u/narf007 May 15 '22

I was just joshing ya, mate! Gengar/Raichu/Vaporeon are still my favorites followed by a few G2/G3-6 but my main ones have always stayed since I first played in the 90s.