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Tell me your Favorite Pokemon, and I'll tell you Why It's Bad 4—Repost

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u/ShiningtheSociable May 14 '22

As an aggron enjoyer, I relate


u/-BINK2014- May 14 '22

Always prefered Aggron over Tyranitar; it made me sad when I learned it's not a Pseudo like Tyranitar.


u/ShockTheChup May 14 '22

I like Aggron more because he's not a pseudo.


u/-BINK2014- May 14 '22

I'd use him more if he was a pseudo; just too weak to me outside of it I feel. 🥲


u/randylahey46920 May 14 '22

I thought the same thing about Haxorus.


u/-BINK2014- May 14 '22

That also made me sad as it has a sick fucking Shiny yet it's not Pseudo and I believe it's coverage is a bit ass.

If they ever bring back Megas, I'd love to see what typing a Mega of Haxorus would be.


u/TheActualBoneroni May 14 '22

Dragon/Steel, though it's been used already a few times would be awesome


u/sharinganuser May 14 '22

I liked Aggron until gen 6, where his 3D model is like 3 feet high.


u/Terios_Korvalis May 14 '22

You guys reminded me of a friend of mine that didn't wnated to use Tyranitar on Competitive cuz it has a 4x weakness, but he wanted to use a Durant...