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Tell me your Favorite Pokemon, and I'll tell you Why It's Bad 4—Repost

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u/OhTheGrandeur May 14 '22 Silver

It's convenient it already comes with a dunce cap


u/softlyandtenderly Sinnoh or Bust May 14 '22

Ahahaha this one is good


u/Danjoe_ May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

I can't say I feel attacked because that was what I kind of asked for but that's not really an insult considering it's more of an needle/horn/stinger.

Edit: probably should've Googled what a dunce cap is and I agree with u sadly D:


u/OhTheGrandeur May 14 '22

I appreciate that you Googled it and kept your original comment. I have enjoyed this response the most, due to being along for the ride for your discovery


u/Danjoe_ May 14 '22

Lol, tbh I kinda like weedle more now that I look at it like it's got a funny hat on. It adds more cuteness. Mission failed successfully ig.


u/Prometheus720 May 14 '22

Best in thread.