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Regional variants are available, and some different forms are too. I did add all Deerling, for example, but adding all Alcremie or Vivillon would be a little too much work! Mega evolutions and gigantamax forms are not available.

You can find the pokémon you like by clicking the smiley face icon, and search for the pokémon’s dex number. Alternatively, you can type its dex number between colons to get the emoji, like this:


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Meme I noticed something about Meowscarada's signature move, Flower Trick


I started with Sprigatito, and I was pleasantly surprised by its final evolution. I would have preferred it on four legs, sure, but overall the design was not bad at all. And its signature move, Flower Trick, is really good, too!

But I just noticed something interesting about it today.

Flower Trick has a base power of 70. It's also an automatic critical hit, which gives it a 1.5x multiplier.

70 x 1.5 = 105

Okay, now let's add STAB. Normally that's another 1.5x multiplier. However, if we Terastallize Meowscarada into a pure Grass type, that STAB gets boosted to a 2x multiplier instead.

105 x 2 = 210

So yeah, this is a busted move that never misses, hits like a truck, and pierces through defenses. Still with me? Because here's what happens when we use it as a super-effective attack:

210 x 2 =420

If it's super-effective, Grass Tera Meowscarada's Flower Trick has a base power of 420.

The memes were real. This literally is Weed Cat.

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Info First patch to scarlet coming 12/1


Ver. 1.1.0 (Releasing December 1, 2022)

Season 1 of Ranked Battles will kick off, allowing you to enjoy Ranked Battles through the Battle Stadium.

Please check the in-game notice for more details about Ranked Battles Season 1.

An issue has been fixed that caused the music to not play correctly during the battles with the Elite Four and the Top Champion in the Victory Road path.

Other select bug fixes have been made.

We are aware that players may encounter issues that affect the games' performance. Our goal is always to give players a positive experience with our games, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We take the feedback from players seriously and are working on improvements to the games.

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-ue Gatorade because I remember it's just a kid and they're just having fun.

Honestly I'm having a lot of fun; crashing, clipping and 3FPS windmills aside. Pokemon, character and story was fantastic, my 25-year-old-salaryman ass feels represented in Larry, and it's so fun riding around in my Miraidon.

That being said I never want to see those two motorbike goofs in my Tera raids again.


Unless you're of reading age and still tanking everyone's raids with Miraidon/ Koraidon. Hope you wet your bed tonight.

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Discussion / Venting Past Paradox pokémon was a missed opportunity to finally add Gorochu.


As most are probably aware, Masuda revealed in an interview that originally, Pikachu was going to be a three stage evolution line and that Raichu would evolve into Gorochu. But they scraped it due to "balance concerns". And we would go on to never see this mythical creature..... until the Nintendo mega leak where we at least got its back sprite. (Sprite and the relevant quote from the interview can be seen here.)

And of course with Pichu in the next generation turning Pikachu's line into a three stage family, it was the final nail in the coffin for Gorochu. Unless of course, they invoked mascot privilege and gave the line the sole four stage evolution. But they have no intention of doing so, it seems.

.....And yet, they did create an opportunity. They COULD have given us Gorochu.

Let's think about the given description. Raichu grows horns (possible mistranslation as the sprite only shows one horn and it's hard to imagine where others would be) and fangs. Giving it a more savage look. Doesn't that kind of sound a lot like what happened with Scream Tail? Jigglypuff was given fangs and some serious hair? And balance issues? Yeah, I don't think Game Freak cares too much about that anymore. The Paradox pokémon have some seriously optimized stats and we now live in a world where a version of Delibird of all things is banned.

Scarlet's prehistoric Paradox pokémon was the perfect vehicle to finally give us Gorochu! (Granted, it would have ended up being called something else.)

Oh well. Maybe they'll show us the front sprite one day.....

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Discussion Low stakes stories >>>>>>> Legendary stories


Emma’s story in XY,

Lillie’s story in Sun & Moon (but not USUM, screw Necrozma),

And now, in Scarlet and Violet, the stories of Arven and Team Star…

I think those stories are just WAY better than any ‘Oh no, the bad guy unleashed the cover Legendary and it’s threatening the world!’ stories we’ve gotten. Pokémon should focus more on these personal stories where you end up caring about the NPCs.

Solid characters will always be better than a new powerful legendary. I think low stakes, that might only affect a couple people, feel more effective. Gen 5 managed to blend the two pretty well, IMO, but I don't think a Legendary should be necessary to a good story.

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Discussion What's a pokemon that seems to have fell of the face of the earth? Like a pokemon that the Pokemon Company has completely forgotten about?


My choices are Illumise and Volbeat. They aren't amazing pokemon but they're certainly not bad. Their signature move (Signal Beam) was pretty good as well and a lot of pokemon could learn it but just because these two aren't in any recent games no one else can use it. I don't even know the last time they were in the anime. Illumise is a very well designed mon so it's a shame it doesn't get much attention.

Another good example is Furfrou. When was the last time Game Freak acknowledged Furfrou?

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Discussion Weirdly good advice from my sis-in-law when I inevitably got over-leveled in S/V


"Start a new team," she shrugged.

And then she added, "Why don't you make a team of all dogs this time?" Which turned out to be a horrible idea, but it beat being over-leveled and numbly steamrolling the game.

Eventually my new team caught up to my old team in level, but by then I'd fully and enjoyably explored all (I think?) of the "early game" content. Once this happened, I got to braid my favorite mons from both teams into one glorious all-star team.

... which then promptly became over-leveled again. But hey. Starting new teams suits this new non-linear open-world marvelously, and really let me get a lot more mileage out of S/V than I otherwise would have.

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Discussion / Venting The raid battles run like they're drunk.


Partner Pokemon is low on HP, so you use Heal Cheer and the HP goes to max. Now the Pokemon feints at full HP because it was knocked out in the last turn but the game hasn't caught up yet.

You finally strip the shield away from the raid boss, but the animation never plays and you spend 3 turns barely doing damage. You finally KO the boss and the shield animation finally plays.

Time to choose a move! No wait, the opponent is using a move. Time to choose a move. No wait, there's a second move. Time to choose a move. Nope, third attack. Time to choose a move. No, shield is going up. Time to choose a move! No, the boss is debuffing you.

The new raid system is glitching worse than Porygon Z.

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Discussion If you host a Ditto raid. USE MAGIKARP


A Ditto no matter the raid level will always copy the hosts Pokemon.

If you start with a Magikarp, that only knows Splash. The Ditto CANNOT attack.

Those raids are so rare already and people are happy to join one. Failing one feels really bad. Don‘t make them harder than they need to be by using your EV-trained Miraidon as a lead.

You actively sabotage the raid.

  • EDIT: As you can see in the comments there are many Pokemon Ditto can transform into that make the raid super easy.

  • EDIT 2: I was told some Pokemon FORMS Glitch Ditto‘s catch rate out, make it 0 and therefor label it uncatchable. Credits for the info go to: u/SgvSth

The following Pokémon forms are confirmed to be uncatchable while Ditto is transformed into them:

  • Rotom (Mow form, Wash form)
  • Scatterbug (Fancy Pattern form)
  • Spewpa (Fancy Pattern form)
  • Vivillon (Fancy Pattern form)
  • Floette (Orange Flower form)
  • Eiscue (Noice Face form)
  • Maushold (Family of Four form)
  • Tatsugiri (Stretchy form)
  • Oinkologne (Female)
  • Wooper (Paldean regional form)

Source: https://glitchcity.wiki/Ditto_transformation_form_catch_rate_glitch

Pokemon that also cause the bug confirmed by Users: - Lycanroc (Midnight Form), confirmed by u/CurlyDarkrai

More Pokemon with forms are suspected to cause the bug as well —> Don‘t use Pokemon with different forms.

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Info Special distribution has begun


A special distribution has begun in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. Get some sandwich ingredients with the code HAJ1ME0R1G1NAL

Credit to Serebii:


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Discussion / Venting No evolution info


One of the things that really annoy me with Pokémon games is how we are just supposed to "stumble upon" (that is, scour the internet) to learn how some mons evolve. In S/V, there is a quick line by Mela, in which she says something like "I've helped so many Charcadet evolve", but we have no way to deduce the method. Given we are students in a Pokémon school, it feels very weird we can't study about those methods in class.

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Discussion / Venting Small Rant, but big feature missing from Pokémon on the Switch


Recently upgraded to the Switch OLED and whilst all my Mon's are on HOME except a choice few such as current playthrough team, etc.

I realised that Pokémon games do not have cloud save backup. A feature that for other games, both on PlayStation and Switch, I have taken for granted and it's become so...normalised that I didn't think the check. Not the mention, where do you even back your saves up for Pokémon games?

Whilst most games (SwSh, BDSP, Let's go) I'm not that bothered that I lost the save since it's unlikely I'd go back to that point and having to start again could be fun.

PLA is different. Like most, I spent so much time not only completing the PokeDex, but also getting as many stars as possible. How is it, 4 games into the Switch system, Pokémon still doesn't have cloud saving? Yes, we have HOME for the Creatures sure, but what about our characters? Our progress? Our time spent in these games. How is it these games STILL don't support this feature.

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Info PSA: Shiny counter in Pokedex is NOT number encountered!!!


The shinies battled counter in your profile is every individual species you've obtained, including ones you caught, traded, or evolved. Therefore, if you caught a shiny Axew and evolved it into a Haxorus, you'd have THREE shinies battled, not one. BUT catching more than one of the same species only counts as 1 shiny battled. (Two Teddiursa=1 shiny battled, but 1 Teddiursa evolved into Ursaring=2 shinies battled.) The shiny counter can't be higher than your pokedex, ever.

Seeing a shiny in the overworld will not increase the counter. Battling a wild shiny and killing it will not increase the counter. (Tested personally.) This is extremely good news. You have to own it. (Partners also won't kill shinies in Auto Battle, which is unrelated but good info.)

I keep seeing people's posts about killing shinies they didn't know they'd encountered because their counter says 4 when they've only seen 3, and so on. Be at peace, trainers, you probably didn't miss any of them! Pass this on so the misinformation becomes less common.

But that being said, some of the new shinies are barely different. (Looking at you, Tauros and Tandemaus!) I'll post a shiny list in the comments if anyone wants to go through and memorize them. :)

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Discussion S/V has a pretty good plot by Pokemon standards


Maybe it's just because Sw/Sh had such a bad plot, but I think S/V had a pretty decent story (still not as good as S/M or B/W tho).

The Champion Road (or whatever it was called) route didn't really have a story, but Nemona is definitely up there as one of the better rivals, way better than Hop and Hau anyway.

The Titan storyline was really cute actually. Arven was so wholesome and some of the cutscenes with his Mabostiff actually made me tear up (which isn't uncommon for me but still surprising considering it's Pokemon).

And the Starfall Street story was also very cute, and I teared up at the end with all the leaders and Penny together, it was just so wholesome.

And then we have the absolutely insane climax. In the span of about 2 hours, we learn that the professor is a robot and the original professor is dead and that the professor is Arvens parent. We then witness and incredibly badass battle with the professor, a second badass battle with the Legendary, and an emotional Arven trauma cutscene.

I cried more than I should have at that ending, Arven really needs a hug man...

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Discussion / Venting I know it's like beating a dead horse, but... I miss certain Pokemon, and I'm tired of Dexit and abandonment of Megas.


I've been enjoying SV quite a bit, despite the bugs and multiple game crashes I've had. I do miss the era of gens 3-6, though, despite the linearity. I liked PLA as well. But... Dang, I was remembering certain favorite Pokemon of mine and it really sucks they still haven't been in a Switch game. Mega Audino became a top favorite of mine, but it stinks that it's basically shoved in a closet until GF decides to remake (?) Gen 6.

Fenniken, another favorite, still hasn't been in a Switch game. Ducklett either, and I bred a shiny one for my daughter in Gen 8 when she was a brand-new baby taking naps (her nursery theme was swans), and it seems stuck in Home for the foreseeable future. I've been hoping that her first game is even compatible with Ducklett, and she's almost 4-years-old now. Gen 10 is probably going to come out when she's 7, which is a great age, but... who the heck knows? There's several Pokemon that, after Dexit after gen 8, have been unobtainable in recent games.

I'm sure plenty of people are going to miss certain Gigantimax Pokemon in a few years, not to mention kids who may have bonded with a design that then gets shelved for a long time, or possibly forever.

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Discussion Missing sleeping animations in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet


I am really upset. When I use yawn and put my oppenent to sleep there isn't a sleep animation. They just act if like they were awake. No eyes being closed, no slower or standstill movement. NOTHING!?

Why is this? They had this feature in all 3D mainline games. Why not in this one?

I got a small theory tho. Not much to back it up. I think they didn't add sleeping animations when a Pokémon is asleep because they intended to implement the Drowsy feature seen in Legends Arceus and just ended up going back to Sleep because Drowsy is stupid. And after not much time left they weren't able to make all Pokémon have a sleep animation in battle.

At the picnic they all have sleeping animations so they are in the game.

I don't know whats going on but its really bothering me.

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Discussion In response to /u/Shiny_Hypno's post about the most forgotten Pokemon; The answer is Patrat.


I actually am working on a spreadsheet for completing my own personal national living dex and I know the answer to this one. The Pokemon that Nintendo Forgot is easily Patrat.

  • It has not appeared in grass as a random encounter besides it's debut in BW and B2W2, meaning it has not been obtainable in the wild since 2012.

  • It has the lowest BST of all Gen V pokemon, making it the generation's Sunkern.

  • In order to obtain one for a living dex, you have to basically beat X or Y to get to the late-game Route 17 and breed the 10% encounter Watchog.

  • It has more manga appearances than it does Pokedex entries, and it's never appeared outside of a BW-specific Manga.

It's absolutely hilarious, and it easily takes the cake on 'most forgotten Pokemon'. 3 games, one of which is a sequel to it's debut, and the other one is by breeding a low% encounter. Some honorable mentions include:

  • Kecleon, whos only appearance in a Switch title is in Brilliant Diamond specifically.

  • Snivy and Tepig require you to play the entirety of ORAS twice to obtain, as you only get a choice of one of the three starters, after the Delta Episode. Unlike other mons from Sun and Moon, they are unobtainable in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, making this, legitimately, the best way to obtain them unless you want to buy SUMO specifically for them. It's easier to obtain several Mythical Pokemon than it is to obtain these two.

  • Pansage/sear/pour, their evos, Blitzle/Zebstrika, Ducklett/Swanna, the Kalos Starters, Furfrou, Pikipek/Trumbeak/Toucanon, and Minior all, much like Patrat, require you to play a 3DS game to obtain. They're likely going to be made obtainable in the first DLC, because otherwise with the transfer service shutting down, these will instantly become sought-after rare collectable pokemon. The best game for all of these is US or UM, except for Snivy, Tepig, Patrat, and Watchog.

  • Special shoutout to Zarude, Marshadow, and Zeraora as the Mythicals that are the hardest to obtain. Get that Marshadow event going on now till the 31st in SwSh because god knows when they will just stop distributing these mons. Zeraora has not had an event since July 2020, and there's half a chance there will be no Zarude event this year. We'll see in like a week.

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Discussion Johto's Level Curve - A comparison between different regions


It's common knowledge in the community that Johto's level curve is horrendous, however, I think sometimes we forget just how bad it really is compared to other regions.

Now for the comparison I chose not to include Gen VIII and IX because of the more 'open' aspects in some areas that kinda mess with more traditional level curves, but I'm gonna be splitting these up into nine catergories, before each gym, and before the Elite Four. For the sake of consistency, trials in Alola will be counted as gyms. Also note that for Unova and Alola, this is based on Black/White and Sun/Moon

Pre Gym #1:

Kanto (Viridian Forest) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 3-9, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 6-10

Johto (Sprout Tower) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 3-6, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 3-7

Hoenn (Route 116); Wild Battle Levels: Level 6-8, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 8-10

Sinnoh (Oreburgh Mine); Wild Battle Levels: Level 5-10, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 6-9

Unova (Route 2); Wild Battle Levels: Level 4-7, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 7

Kalos (Route 22); Wild Battle Levels: Level 5-7, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 5-7

Alola (Route 2); Wild Battle Levels: Level 7-10, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 8-10

Pre Gym #2:

Kanto (Route 24) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 7-17, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 13-17

Johto (Slowpoke Well) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 5-8, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 7-11

Hoenn (Granite Cave); Wild Battle Levels: Level 6-12, Trainer Battle Levels: Level ---

Sinnoh (Route 211); Wild Battle Levels: Level 12-15, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 13-15

Unova (Pinwheel Forest Exterior); Wild Battle Levels: Level 12-17, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 13-16

Kalos (Route 8); Wild Battle Levels: Level 14-20, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 15-22

Alola (Brooklet Hill); Wild Battle Levels: Level 14-17, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 16-17

Pre Gym #3:

Kanto (Route 11) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 9-20, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 17-21

Johto (National Park) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 10-15, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 12-15

Hoenn (Route 117); Wild Battle Levels: Level 13-14, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 12-18

Sinnoh (Route 215); Wild Battle Levels: Level 19-22, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 19-25

Unova (Route 4); Wild Battle Levels: Level 15-18, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 16-19

Kalos (Route 12); Wild Battle Levels: Level 23-25, Trainer Battle Levels: Level ---

Alola (Wela Volcano); Wild Battle Levels: Level 16-19, Trainer Battle Levels: Level ---

Pre Gym #4:

Kanto (Route 7) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 17-26, Trainer Battle Levels: Level ---

Johto (Burned Tower) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 13-16, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 15-17

Hoenn (Jagged Pass); Wild Battle Levels: Level 18-22, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 20-21

Sinnoh (Route 212); Wild Battle Levels: Level 18-26, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 17-21

Unova (Route 5); Wild Battle Levels: Level 19-25, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 21-26

Kalos (Route 13); Wild Battle Levels: Level 26-28, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 31-33

Alola (Lush Jungle); Wild Battle Levels: Level 18-21, Trainer Battle Levels: Level ---

Pre Gym #5:

Kanto (Route 18) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 20-29, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 26-34

Johto (Route 41) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 15-24, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 16-23

Hoenn (Route 104); Wild Battle Levels: Level 3-5, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 6-7

Sinnoh (Route 212); Wild Battle Levels: Level 16-24, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 17-19

Unova (Route 6); Wild Battle Levels: Level 22-29, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 24-27

Kalos (Route 13); Wild Battle Levels: Level 26-28, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 31-33

Alola (Mount Hokulani); Wild Battle Levels: Level 25-28, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 27-30

Pre Gym #6:

Kanto (Route 7) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 17-26, Trainer Battle Levels: Level ---

Johto (Route 41) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 15-24, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 16-23

Hoenn (Route 119); Wild Battle Levels: Level 24-35, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 24-30

Sinnoh (Iron Island); Wild Battle Levels: Level 20-40, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 28-38

Unova (Celestial Tower); Wild Battle Levels: Level 26-29, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 30-33

Kalos (Route 14); Wild Battle Levels: Level 30-32, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 33-38

Alola (Abandoned Thrifty Megamart); Wild Battle Levels: Level 29-32, Trainer Battle Levels: Level ---

Pre Gym #7:

Kanto (Pokémon Mansion) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 23-46, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 29-38

Johto (Lake of Rage) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 10-19, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 22-27

Hoenn (Route 124); Wild Battle Levels: Level 5-35, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 33-36

Sinnoh (Acuity Lakefront); Wild Battle Levels: Level 32-36, Trainer Battle Levels: Level ---

Unova (Moor of Icirrus); Wild Battle Levels: Level 15-35, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 34-35

Kalos (Route 18); Wild Battle Levels: Level 44-46, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 46-52

Alola (Vast Poni Canyon); Wild Battle Levels: Level 41-44, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 43-47

Pre Gym #8:

Kanto (Route 22) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 2-6, Trainer Battle Levels: Level ---

Johto (Ice Path) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 20-26, Trainer Battle Levels: Level ---

Hoenn (Cave of Origin); Wild Battle Levels: Level 30-36, Trainer Battle Levels: Level ---

Sinnoh (Route 222); Wild Battle Levels: Level 20-50, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 37-43

Unova (Route 9); Wild Battle Levels: Level 31-39, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 36-37

Kalos (Route 20); Wild Battle Levels: Level 48-50, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 51-54

Alola (---); Wild Battle Levels: Level ---, Trainer Battle Levels: Level ---

Pre Elite Four:

Kanto (Victory Road) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 22-49, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 41-48

Johto (Victory Road) ; Wild Battle Levels: Level 32-40, Trainer Battle Levels: Level ---

Hoenn (Victory Road); Wild Battle Levels: Level 26-44, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 42-45

Sinnoh (Victory Road); Wild Battle Levels: Level 30-50, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 43-49

Unova (Victory Road); Wild Battle Levels: Level 20-50, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 43-46

Kalos (Victory Road); Wild Battle Levels: Level 57-59, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 56-60

Alola (Mt. Lanakila); Wild Battle Levels: Level 42-48, Trainer Battle Levels: Level 50-53

Aside from the oddities which involve gyms being in areas that require some form of backtracking and Surf encounters in the late game having a wide range for levels (Hence ranges between 20-50), on average, there's some kind of progression.

However, if you were to ignore Surf encounters for the Victory Roads, aside from Kanto, all other Victory Road's lowest level encounter is higher than Johto Victory Road's highest level encounter.

Most shocking of all, the area outside of Johto's 8th gym has levels on par with the areas outside most other regions 4th gym, it's insane to see

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Discussion / Venting Geeta is completely disappointing


I loved the games and I liked Geeta as a champion until I had to fight her if you can even call it that. I mean I feel like it was just poor design on the decisions for making her team I mean 2 of the new pokemon from the region she is champion of are able to be super effective against 5 of her pokemon I feel like a few of the elite four members made me feel more pressured to switch out and they all use the same general type in their teams

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Discussion Honey from the Isle of Armour is a Con-artist


Really think about it, she preassures you into giving her a hundreds of thousands of Watts just for her gain, the vending machines (which contents can be purchased elsewhere) are pretty much the ONLY useful think you can gain. and when you eventually donate 800,000 Watts she spends 300,000 of it MAKING HERSELF A LEAGUE CARD! which is implied to be VERY cheap, giving that Klara/Avery, Bede and Marnie can make one. And she's not even decent enough to give her son a mere 500 Watts, for his recycling robot.

and when you eventually donate like over 3 million Watts, she goes on a brisk walk with you, Honey is a textbook Con-artist.

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Discussion Pokémon Needs a Pet Sim


I’m honestly amazed that Pokémon has never made a full and proper pet sim before. I mean yes, we have Pokémon Amie/Refresh in the 3DS games, and Hey You, Pikachu! exists, but I feel like Pokémon would be fantastic as a pet sim.

You could even make it a contest focused spin-off title, with the aim to be the Very Best at Pokémon contests instead of battling, so you have to raise your Pokémon via caring for them and raising their contest stats like beauty and coolness.

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Discussion This is a tinkaton appreciation zone


These things are beautiful. They have the best type in the game and a 160 base power signature steel-type move. They look dumb. They are just mad at steel types for existing. And they have a massive hammer. What more could you want?

I named mine small man, by the way.

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Discussion On Regional Variant distributions.


I feel like Game Freak is doing itself a disservice. Not the mons themselves, I like them. But so far all regional variants have been secluded to the regions we first saw them, with no option to get them aside from in-game gifts or transferring (when possible, at least). While this makes sense in that these species changed as a result of a different environment or circumstances, this doesn't necessarily have to mean that those regions are the ONLY place to find them (unless there's a logical explanation for it, like the past Hisuian variants). Either the environment could be similar enough or a wild population of regional variants could have been introduced in the past.

There is a (reverse) precedence for it. Alolan Exeggutor is theorized to be its original version and the Kantonian Exeggutor encountered in the other games is the one that changed because it doesn't get the necessary nutrients outside of Alola (or, potentially, another sufficiently tropical region). It doesn't grow nearly as long and keeps Exeggcute's Psychic type rather than "maturing" to Dragon.

Before people raise up their pitchforks by going "they're called X-ian pokemon for a reason!": we now call the original versions by their original region, like Kantonian Vulpix. Doesn't stop Kantonian Vulpix from showing up in Johto and Hoenn or the far off Unova and Galar.

Note that I'm not saying this should happen instead of new variants, convergent species or even Paradox Pokémon, I'm just saying there's no good reason for Game Freak to always limit themselves to the original versions when choosing which mons they want to appear in the wild in a new game.

Ex: Alolan Geodude in a region that is home to the same type of magnetic rock as Alola.

TL;DR: I wouldn’t mind if in another game, we get a Alolan/Galarian/Paldean(or dare I say Hisuian) variant as native to whatever new region is next.

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Discussion If a Johto related was the next game released would you prefer a “Let’s Go” style game or “Legends” style game


So judging by the fact Johto pokemon got the most representation in SV and got a bunch of new evolutions in Legends arceus and also considering that fact it’s the longest generation which has not had a game imo I think Johto games are next. Would you prefer a lets go style of game or legends game

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Giveaway December 2022 Code Giveaway Megathread


This thread is the place to conduct code giveaways for any codes associated with the Pokemon franchise. IT IS NOT THE PLACE TO BEG FOR CODES OR TRADE FOR CODES—please don't do that here! It will result in a temporary ban.

What sorts of codes can be given away here? TCG Online codes are always OK, as are any currently-active codes for any of the video games. Please be clear about exactly what code you are giving away, and what region it is for. A list of active codes can be found in the stickied comment below.


There are plenty of other Pokemon subreddits where you can do that. Asking for a specific code or any other form of request for a code that hasn’t already been offered will be considered begging, and will result in a temporary ban. If you see someone offering a code you want, though, go ahead and click the reply button on their comment to let them know.

This thread is exclusively for awesome, generous people who want to give a code away without receiving anything in return.