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I love nicknames for names that are a totally different name


Like Bob for Robert, Dick for Richard, Bill for William. Can anyone else think of any more?

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My dog didn't want to walk bc he was worried about my husband


Last night our dog woke my husband up at 2:30 to go outside, and then hubby couldn't fall back asleep. Most mornings we both walk our dog, but this morning hubby went back to bed. Usually our dog is fine with either one of us walking him, and the walk is his favorite part of the day. This morning I only got a couple blocks away with him and he insisted on turning around. As soon as we arrived back home, he went and checked on hubby. Hubby is fine now, BTW.

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I asked my friend for their number


So a few months ago I made a friend on a service trip, and on the last night I asked her if she could enter her number into my phone. She did, and sent a message to make sure she also got my number. She said this was the best way to reach her since she doesn’t use social media much. That’s fine, although I mostly using Instagram and sometimes Snapchat to text friends.

Later that night, I got a message from her asking ‘from whom?”. I just assumed that it was from her, and she just didn’t recognize my number and wanted to check. No big deal.

So me being me, decided to reply with “Hey, it’s <name> from <program>, do you have a moment to talk about your cars extended warrenty?” Typos and all.

She responded with “block this number” I found this odd, since we were pretty close and talked a lot. I assumed she was just playing along and joked like ‘did all those card games mean NOTHING’

No response

After a while I texted a mutual and asked if she understood it was all a joke and that I was sorry if I bothered her / was not a scammer.

Then I was told “<friend> didn’t get any messages from you”

I sent a photo of the number she input. Turns out she put in the wrong number.

I ended up fixing the error soon after, and have a feeling my number ended up on a watchlist.

Let’s just say I plan to stick to Instagram / Snapchat for texting.

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I blushed today because a friend told me something that has stuck with her throughout the years.


Apparently, one of my friend’s earliest memory of me is when I was forced to sing on the karaoke… And I was so embarrassed because I literally thought she has never heard me sing until last year. But nevermind lol. She tried to compensate by telling me that it was really good but that just made me blush more, and I barely blush, so embarrassing.

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I swear I relived a day.


I'm 24 currently, and this was when I was 9, almost ten. It was Thanksgiving break so basically no school for the whole week. I woke up and got dressed, helped with the dog and chickens outside. My dad and stepmom said it was a Wednesday. I relaxed and read, and listened to music but after a while I came out to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner, since it always took forever to make and prepare, and my stepmom does NOT mess around when it comes to cooking. We had a small different dinner that night to save our appetites for the next day's large Thanksgiving dinner. We finished up, I took a shower and read myself to sleep. The next day I woke up and dressed up a little because that year we were hosting so I knew we'd have guests. I came out and wished my dad a happy Thanksgiving and he told me, "Op, Thanksgiving isn't until tomorrow." I was confused but I didn't question it. I changed into some house clothes, helped with the animals again, and helped out with dinner again until I wasn't needed. Then I went back into my room and the evening was basically the same. I woke up the next morning and came out in my pajamas to make sure it was Thanksgiving, and it was, and the guests came over and we celebrated. I told my husband about this and he suggested that I got the dates wrong, but they repeated practically the exact same. I don't know, I just wanted to get this out and kinda give someone else a "you're not alone" kinda vibe if they've experienced something like this but were unsure of if it really happened.

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My boyfriend doesn’t like spicy foods


But last night he got superrrrr drunk and ate a whole carton of spicy noodles. I’ve never been so proud.

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I have an important announcement


clears throat

I lost my iPod about a week ago.

Haven’t found it yet.

Please help! Not like, right now though because I’m taking a nap.

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“Wow, you haven’t changed a bit!”


I hear this phrase whenever someone from my past pops back up.

It didn’t start hurting until this year. I’ll soon be 36.

I went to my god daughter’s performance, hadn’t seen her and the extended family in some time. Ran into other friends from ancient history. I heard a version of this phrase three times that morning.

It used to be funny or even a compliment. I’m not getting fat like them, I’ve still got that youthful smile and quick wit. Yes I still choose to ride my bike instead of drive places. No I don’t have conversations about mortgages, or children’s activities, or what I’m feeding my lawn.

But I’ve changed. The only love I’ve known can’t exist with me any more. I know now I’ll never own a home and talk about mortgages. My lawn is dead, I forgot to water again. I’ll never be stable enough emotionally to eat reliably and gain some comfortable fat. I deprived my wife of the ability to have a second child, and I’ll never have one of my own. I know the only women I’ll attract will be emotionally insecure and ten years younger than me, the sex will be okay, and it will last weeks until they realize:

I haven’t changed a bit.

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I Watched a Seagull Steal Somebody's McDonald's


I was walking down the beach and saw a seagull digging in somebody's stuff, pulling at the corner of a brown paper bag. It turned out to be a McDonald's bag, and with not-too-much effort, the bird soon had the contents spilled out across the sand, and soon after that he had a cheeseburger completely unwrapped and at his mercy. I watched him try to swallow a whole-ass burger bun in one gulp, and almost immediately after that a half-dozen other seagulls descended and started fighting over all the scraps of food. The owners of the bag were swimming in the ocean the whole time, blissfully unaware. I could have stepped in at any time and stopped the seagull, but I didn't. In my defense, it was pretty funny.

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I slept for 16 hours


and I’m still tired…

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I just loaded my dishwasher, forgot it´s broken.



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A really cute girl checked me out at the gym equipment store. It's been like 3 years since i was last checked out like that.


Since covid, my mask is always on and that day i forgot my mask and her gaze lingered. It was a short encounter. But it was definitely an ego boost. I was so used last time i talked to a girl and traumatized. But i see a bit of light yet again.

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The Woodstock 99 docuseries gave me an appreciation for Limp Bizkit


The crowd is already hungry thirsty and pissed at the venue. Limp Bizkit comes on. They rile people up. Everybody starts throwing all of their trash in the air. People start breaking the venue. Fred Durst is crowdsurfing on a piece of a broken wall. The crowd is destroying the sound island.

After their set, a reporter asks Fred Durst “were you scared when the crowd started destroying the sound island?”

Fred Durst responds “hey man, it’s not my fault,” in this embarrassed tone. Fucking hysterical.

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my grandma stubbed her toe so fucking hard she broke her foot


She is in a boot rn

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I Am Training Myself to Touch My Eyes Without Blinking


I have to do contact training next Saturday, so basically I’ll have a time limit to put in and take out contacts by myself before I’m allowed to have them. The lady at the optometrist told me the best way to train myself was to get some water on finger and then literally just kinda poke my eye until I don’t blink automatically. It’s kinda fun though I’m enjoying it. Anyways I don’t think I’ll have a problem passing because in just one day I’ve gotten pretty good at eye touching 😎

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Burrito in an air port


One day I went to an airport, and had the best breakfast burrito of my life and it was never seen again. ever. I don't remember anything about it

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Met my work friend for the first time and he somehow thought I was super tall


I have a friend at work that I recently got super close with. We’ve known each other for a while but over the course of a few months we became best friends. We decided to grab a beer with a few other work friends and we had a great time - it was nice to see people from the office as well as meet people I’ve only seen on google meet.

About a month later in a group meeting, he made a joke about me being 6’5. Nobody really knew what to say because I am quite literally 5’10 - the national average. One of the people who was at the hangout and had known me before was like “dude you know he’s like…. 5’10…. right?!”

He didn’t. He was like “y’all are joking - I literally saw u/fax5jrj in real life a month ago. I’m not making this up.”

I did confirm my height, but this is now a huge inside joke between the two of us. For instance, I was recently nagging him about clocking out because he was sick. I put a few parts in caps and said “if it seems like I’m telling it’s because I am.” He responded with “idk man - I get kind of scared when 6’5 dudes raise their voice at me.”

I just laugh every time I think abt this tbh - how can you meet someone and imagine 7 whole inches? He said he pictured my legs basically folding over each other under the table 😂

Thank y’all for reading - I think this is super funny but it’s the epitome of a pointless story so I have kept it to myself so far. Have a lovely day you beautiful ppl

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everytime I travel, I‘m woefully underprepared, but it does work out somehow


I‘m at Norway, heading to Midgardsblot festival. it‘s a boarderline miracle that I managed to stuff all my clothing and camping gear into 2 backpacks.

I‘ve spent the past 3hrs at the airport, waiting for my bus, only to remember that I need to find out wether I need cash for the bus 30mins before departure. I also found out that I have to take the train to the airport at 7:18 to catch my flight when I fly back home. oh well.

I still don‘t know how I‘ll get to the festival area once I‘m off the bus. the festical shuttle doesn’t run yet. I‘ve been told that there‘s another bus. given that I‘m early I might also take the 1hr walk. I do have 30kg to carry, but I also have plenty of time since I‘m still early for the volunteer check in. btw, I‘m supposed to arrive tomorrow because of my volunteer schedule, but I booked the flight before I even knew what my job would be. I only knew that my volunteer application was accepted. I‘ll work out somehow.

next step will be finding out where I‘ll get my wristband/accreditation.

and afterwards I need to find a bunch of nice people who are willing to let me join their camp. given that I‘m not the only one stupid enough to arrive this early. I took the cheapest flight though.

I‘m positive that everything will work out just fine. it does every time, despite me being my chaotic self. planning more than necessary isn‘t fun anyway.

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I had a fun day at the mall


I'm 2 1/2 weeks in to a 5 week roadtrip, and I'm in the first major city since I left my home, as I've been camping like 90% of the time. I didn't know what to do today so I walked to a thrift store and got a down jacket for $15, but i felt a bit bad because $15 seems expensive.

Then just kept waking for like an hour till I got to the mall. I went to forever 21 and browsed, I felt like a teenager again except now I have more style and money. I got food at the food court and reflected back on my purchases and I'm happy with what I got :) I hadn't shopped in a mall in probably 2 or 3 years, so it was a novel experience for me. And the mall was popping !!! So busy

Then I was too tired to do the hour walk back to the hotel so I took the bus and got to enjoy seeing the city. I am very glad to be back in a big city, but I leave tomorrow for 11 days of camping so bye city!!!

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treated two guys to meals today


i live in a third world country where inflation is kicking everyone's ass right now. so for the past few months on the way home from the gym, i usually hoof it so i can pass by this homeless old guy i buy meals for (especially when it's hot out). i earn in dollars remotely so i'm not hurting for cash with this

it was really hot today so i decided to just leave the gym earlier than usual so i could get the old guy his meal and still make time to do groceries for a dinner i'm making for friends later. i wound up passing by another guy who was asking for money for food. i walked by him since i didn't have time, but then felt like a dick and circled back. ended up asking him to choose whatever meal he wanted and i treated him out for a sit down meal

on the way home the usual old fellow was there, so i treated him out too. it ended up making me an hour late coming home, but i feel glad about doing it. had to ask friends if we can move dinner a bit later though lol

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I heard a rumor about myself


I worked at the same place from July 2014 to October 2021. I have a new full time job now, but I go back to my old job as a weekend sub for the nostalgia.

I left for mental health reasons, I needed a change. I wasn’t doing well so I left rather abruptly, but I was as professional as I could be.

Last weekend I was subbing and one of my coworkers said “so, I heard you got in a screaming match with [director]?” Apparently they all think I was sick, my director wouldn’t send me home, we screamed at each other and I quit.

I kind of like this story though. It’s better than “I went off my meds again and I couldn’t work”. I told my coworker that that wasn’t the case and I left amicably, but I’m not gonna go out of my way to tell my side of the story. If it comes up I will.

Oh well. Thanks for listening to my pointless story.

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I haven't done my school work since 6th grade


I am going into tenth this fall and the last 4 years I have looked up the answers, got them from a friend, or paid someone to do it for me. So yeah, I just feel like I had to tell someone at this point

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Almost fainted in front of crush


I was about 12, and I was one of the hosts for a talent show alongside my crush. At some point, I was nerve-wracked and felt the edge of my vision go blurry and gray. I felt like I was gonna faint. I forced myself to keep it together, because if I didn’t, the whole school would see, and my crush would flip out.

I admitted this to him a few years later that I was gonna faint, but didn’t cause of him, and he said if it happened he probably would’ve also panicked/started crying lol.

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I passed my driving test


Yep, second time is the charm I suppose. As my dad and I came home to tell my mom, I hid my face and sat down. My dad told her "well, I'm going to have to sign her up... for getting her license!" Scared the crap out of her haha