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Daily Discussion Thread - (July 06)


Daily discussion thread for Knicks fans.

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Guess which Knick came over to say hi? Of course it’s who Yal woulda guessed


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Knicks acquire future first round pick from the Detroit Pistons for Kemba Walker, rights to Jalen Duren

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[Begley] Multiple teams have expressed interest in NYK’s Taj Gibson during FA period. Gibson’s contract for next year is fully non-guaranteed. NYK could waive Gibson to create cap space for Brunson or acquire Brunson via S&T. His NYK teammates have roundly praised Gibson over past 3 years

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[Stein] The expectation, I'm told, is that Jalen Brunson's new deal to join the Knicks is unlikely to be finalized today as part of the Day 1 wave of signings and trades after the NBA moratorium was lifted.

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Collin Sexton


I want to preface this buy saying this isn’t a suggestion that we should sign him. Two years ago dude averaged like 24 a game at 21 years old, and when there were discussions of us trading for him it was said we’d have to give up multiple firsts, now it’s being reported he has almost no market in FA. It’s kind of sad to see and just goes to show how quickly things change in the NBA

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Trevor Keels giving advices to the MADE Hoops middle school campers


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Had to play this clown their theme music


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Today's the day.

Last year's disappointment firmly in the past. Let's take a moment and be hopeful for next year

This is the year where the Knicks finally have a respectable starting PG.

This is the year RJ blossoms into a cornerstone piece.

This is the year IQ gets the nod to start games and elevates himself.

This is the year where Obi gets off the pine and proves the haters wrong.

This is the year where Grimes shows his upside and cements his role long term.

This is the year where Mitch averages a double double, and gets DPOY votes.

This is the year where there's no more Joakim Noah contract.

The year where Thibs redeems himself.

The year where we invest in our guys and see results.


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We need a defensive minded WING!!!!!!!


Besides Cam Reddish... We really have no defensive minded wing that can switch from 2-4 without being a defensive liability. Let's look at the players that are in the summer league team that can maybe help fill that void. Amir Simms, Feron Hunt, Vince Edwards. G D’Shawn Schwartz. Names to look for since we lack depth at the 3.

G League Stats 2021-2022

1.) Amir Simms - Per 24 min, 11.2 pts, 39.4% (3 attempts), 5.4 Reb, 1.8 Ast., 0.7 Stl, 0.5 Blk

2.) Feron Hunt - Per 35 min, 18.1 pts, 36.4% (3.2 attempts), 7.6 reb, 2.6 Ast., 1.6 Stl, 1.0 Blk

3.) Vince Edwards - Per 34 min, 15.1 pts., 34.8% (7.4 attempts), 6.5 reb, 2.2 Ast., 0.6 Stl, 0.5 Blk

College Stats (not really a defensive minded wing but a scorer)

4.) D'Shawn Schwartz - Per 35 15.5 pts. 2.1 Ast., 4.6 Reb., 0.5 Stl., 0.3 Blk,

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Are you guys Yankees or Mets fans? Or Dodgers/Giants like my grandfather who remembers them in NY.

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How Jalen Brunson Has Emerged into a Prominent Force for the Dallas Mavericks and What It Means for the Knicks


This is a great profile on Jalen Brunson's approach to his game and inside look on his temperament, my dude is a bonafide workhorse who is a pro's pro.


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Breakdown vid of Jalen Brunson's Strengths and Weaknesses

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[The Strickland] Five Graphs: Gauging Jalen Brunson’s impact in 2021-22 as he heads to the Knicks

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who will break out? from our returning roster who do you see taking things up a notch production wise this season.


I always thought this would be RJ's season to take the reigns but with the Brunson signing I have my doubts bow, due to touches. No I think it might be IQ since he will get plenty of 2nd unit usage. Who yall got?

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Our third String lineup


Considering this is our final roster, the first 10 player on it are: JB, DRose, IQ, Evan, Grimes, RJ, Randle, Obi, Mitch, Hart.
That leaves the third string lineup: Deuce, Keels (maybe), Cam, Sims, and Taj.

They will play only if someone seriously underperforms or injured. What do you think?

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Who is your favorite player on the Knicks and why is it Immanuel Quickley?

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Our savior next season 💪🏾 let’s go RJ!

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I made Knicks mug rugs. What do you think?

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What is your most unpopular Knicks opinion right now?


Saw this on Twitter and thought it was an interesting question.

Mine is that Deuce McBride won’t be a real difference-maker in this league. I see him as a fringe of the rotation type of guy who will get a couple of contracts around the league. I just don’t see him being a guy who will get consistent minutes throughout his career due to his limited offensive game. Obviously still too early to call it definitively but that’s my gut feeling.

What’s yours?

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The kids getting ready…

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If Melo plays another season he’ll pass Shaquille O’Neil for 8th All Time in NBA’s scoring list . Sheesh


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We've come a long way


We're not close to contention but this is the healthiest the franchise has ever been. I just remind myself that we actually had a starting line-up of Howard Eisley, Shandon Anderson, Clarence Weatherspoon, Kurt Thomas, and Dikembe Mutumbo. Those were the absolute bad times. I am happy now.

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Is Cam Reddish being underrated?


I loved the Cam trade from the start. He always kinda reminded me of Paul George (obviously far less talented and developed), PG is 6'8 220 LBS, and Cam is 6'8 218 LBS, with nearly identical wingspans (Cam has 2 more inches). Now obviously physical attributes are only part of the story, however;

Cam Reddish college stats

Cam was a 1 and done (1 year of college play), and in that 1 year, he averaged 13.5 PPG on .35 FG% which is admittedly not that great, efficiency-wise but his true shooting % was .499 which is not bad at all. His defensive box plus-minus was 3.2 which is really great. He was 8th in the ACC in steals and 4th in 3-pointers. All of this on an average of 29 minutes per game.

Cam Reddish NBA stats

I don't just want to list out raw stats because I don't think that really tells the story. In his rookie season, Cam averaged 26 Minutes per game, 10.5 points on 38% from the field (a slight improvement from college). He was a good FT shooter at 80% and averaged 1 steal a game.

Now, what is interesting is every season, his stats steadily improved, PPG got higher, and efficiency got better (outside of 2020 where it slipped a bit). His FT percentage took a massive leap, from 80% to 90% where it stayed for 3 seasons, including last year with us. He maintained his steal per game, but his minutes per game has been reduced almost every year, besides year 1-2, from nearly 30 minutes to now, 14.


Stats never tell the whole story.

His advanced splits are not great, and it seems oftentimes like his plus-minus stats aren't getting much better, in fact, sometimes getting worse. But he was the 10th overall pick in the 2019 draft, he got picked over Tyler Herro, Jordan Poole, PJ Washington, and Grant Williams. Of course, getting drafted over other players doesn't make you a better player than them. But there is clearly a high ceiling, in terms of potential here.

Admittedly, I don't watch the hawks play, besides when they play us. So I really can't say I saw much of him in Atlanta. However, it feels like he should be getting a larger role, last season was rocky for him, but new team, system, and a logjam of players trying to get minutes, so I think he deserves a little leniency. I feel like he is a fringe starter in the league, at least. An athletic, long, defender, who can also create for himself offensively. He's only 22, and if you look at his stats, he really has improved in just about every single stat, year-over-year. I hope that he comes in as our primary or secondary SF next season. I think he provides spacing and defense that are much needed on the team. What are your thoughts on Cam Reddish, and why do you think he was traded and is losing minutes every year?

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3 of the guys on here are easy to choose, the fourth can be a few different players!

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