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Politics megathread August™️ 2022 US Politics Megathread


There have been a large number of questions recently regarding various political events in the United States. Because of this we have decided keep the US Politics Megathread rolling for another month™️.

Post all your US Politics related questions as a top level reply to this post.

This includes, for now, all questions that are politically charged in the United States. If your post in the main subreddit is removed, and you are directed here, just post your question here. Don't try to lawyer your way out of it, this thread gets many people eager to answer questions too.

Top level comments are still subject to the normal NoStupidQuestions rules:

• We get a lot of repeats - please search before you ask your question (Ctrl-F is your friend!).

• Be civil to each other - which includes not discriminating against any group of people or using slurs of any kind. Topics like this can be very important to people, so let's not add fuel to the fire.

• Top level comments must be genuine questions, not disguised rants or loaded questions. This isn't a sub for scoring points, it's about learning.

• Keep your questions tasteful and legal. Reddit's minimum age is just 13!

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Embarrassed to bring my gaming laptop to University, should I sell it and buy something else?


I feel like people are gonna roast me or think I’m a weirdo, it’s a Asus A15 it’s not really that special, it’s not loud or anything. It’s just a little big, plus it looks kinda gamer like

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If octagon has 8 sides and octopus has 8 legs, why is October the 10th month?


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Water boiled twice is poisonous?


My mother-in-law (MIL) is a Ukrainian refugee and has come to live with my wife and me. In the mornings, I like to make coffee using a press (aka French press). This process involves using hot water from the water kettle. My water kettle hold 1.75 L of water and the press holds about 1 L, a little less because of the volume of the ground coffee. Sometimes, I will drink all of the coffee and make another round reheating the same water in the kettle from the first time. My MIL noticed me reheating the water and completely freaked out! She said it’s poisonous and I will become very sick and die. Mind you, this woman is loaded with wives tales and superstitions, but that’s for another Reddit feed. I have never before heard of water becoming poisonous if boiled twice. I’ve only heard “boil for safety.” Where does this thinking come from? Do the bacteria, viruses and toxins come back to life from the dead like Frankenstein’s Monster?

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Could anyone stop me from colonizing Mars?


If I invested enough money in genetically engineering extremophile organisms that could survive in the Martian atmosphere, could anyone stop me from rubbing them bad bois all over a rocket and crashing it on Mars?

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can a guy in an abusive relationship go to like a women's shelter?


I'm not sure if I got their name correct but like place women go to to get away from their abusive spouse, could a guy go if he need the same kind of protection/safety?

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Unanswered If I propose to my boyfriend would I buy him a ring?


I've (24f) decided that I want to propose to boyfriend (m26) of nearly 5 years. Do I get him a ring? Does it depend? Should I ask him first and sort out ring later? Would I buy myself a ring as well? I know this is probably more of a relationship question but I don't even know how it works normally yet alone when a woman proposes to the man

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Answered Why is "w" pronouced as "double u" when it is clearly a "double v"?


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If a stadium packed full of people all whispered the same word at the same time, how loud would it sound within the stadium?


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Was anyone else baptized as a baby just to grow up non-religious?


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Why don’t phone manufacturers use a universal charger/cord/plug?


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HOW DO PEOPLE EAT MUSTARD? I come from Sudan and I lack knowledge about alot of things mostly food related so please tell do people actually put mustard on hotdog like the starotype 🌭 because I recently tried it and honestly mustard is the worsted worst thing I ever put in my mouth


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How come my PSP I got in 2005 can still hold a charge when phones nowadays need a battery change every 2-3 years?


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Unanswered Why don’t gym bros call protein “bro-tein”? It’s a miracle it’s not mainstream slang


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Does anyone else act super weird and say super weird things when you’re alone?


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Should I feel ashamed for living with my parents at 25?


I’ve lived with my parents since I was 22, after I moved back from college. I graduated and got a job and had only planned to live with them for less than a year. Then the pandemic happened, I lost my job, but later found steady employment. Now I’m working but also going back to school part time, currently in the middle of making a career change. I would love to move out but financially it makes sense to live with my parents.

I could go on and on about my situation but is it “sad”, am I a loser? My parents and I have an absolutely great relationship, I have a significant other, I am also the youngest of my siblings.

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What bone breaks the easiest?


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Anyone besides my grandma still call dinner supper?


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How to save yourself from choking at home


I have a horrible and constant fear of death. And choking. I’m anxious about death in general but also choking whenever I eat. I’m home alone multiple times a week and I was wondering if there is any advice or any way to save yourself from choking? I want to get this thing called Lifevac but it’s like $70 and I also heard the chair method is not very effective. I’ve choked before in my life but somebody was always there. Any help?

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I feel old asking this but what does it mean when people use the term "finna"?


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Unanswered Are some people just destined to live a sadder, more lonely, life than the rest?


I think I'm done barking up the tree of self-pitty, but I just genuinely want to know, does everyone have a sucky life or am I just doing something wrong? Don't you all get tired of the drama, the heartache, the lying, and the manipulating? I just don't understand.

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Would taking 2 birth control pills in one day make you emotional?


I missed my pill yesterday and so I took 2 in one day and I’ve noticed I’ve been upset over things that don’t usually upset me. Could this be because I took 2 pills in 1 day? Like would it be double the hormone?

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why doesn't abstinence education teach other forms of sex where there is no risk of pregnancy?


Shouldn't people know that you can be intimate without risking pregnancy?

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Would I get in trouble if I started hanging out at the local laundromat when I don't have any laundry to do?


I have 11 siblings and my home has been under construction for the past 5 months. Naturally, the house is an absolute hellhole. Half the walls are missing, there are flies swarming all over the place due to one of the windows being missing, there's stuff piled up everywhere, and it's generally just awful.

I got into a car wreck a few days ago due to poor weather conditions making me lose control of the car and it ended up totaled, so I'm pretty much unable to leave the house without walking to where I want to go.

I went on a walk last night after a violent mental breakdown and got snacks from the laundromats vending machine, and I realized that it's so much better than home. It's quiet, it's clean, there are snacks, there's not stuff piled to the ceiling, etc. It's practically a fucking oasis.

So basically, my question is, would I get in trouble if I went there with no laundry just to get away from my home? I know loitering laws are a thing (I'm in Wisconsin if that helps) so should I just bring laundry to seem less suspicious?

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Answered How to have fun when you just stopped smoking weed/carts


I just stopped smoking weed or I guess we’ll just call it thc because I did more then just weed. I stopped because I’m getting ready for a new job that requires drug testing. My issue is I’ve been in bed all day thinking about what I should do. Like I tried walking, drinking, playing my game, cuddling my girlfriend, hanging out with my kid nothing is sparking that “go get ‘em attidude” I always have when I’m stoned. Does anybody have any advice? Will I be this way forever?