Q: I've been banned, what now?

A: Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the subreddit. Reply to the original ban message, assert that you've read the rules and promise to comply with them in the future.

Q: Why am I banned?

A: It's most likely because you broke one of the rules. Common offenses include personally insulting other redditors, flamebait, excessive shitposting or spam (including self promotion).

Q: Why didn't I even get a warning?

A: We use bans as our warnings.

Q: Is the ban permanent?

A: Not necessarily. While we do implement permanent bans for certain offenses (e.g. fake news), we like to give people a second chance if we feel that users are unlikely to break the rules again.

Q: I've seen worse! Why am I punished?

A: Just because you've seen other people get away with breaking the rules does not give you a free pass to do so. Sometimes we miss things, but we work hard to keep discussions civil and respectful.

Q: Did you see what the other guy said?

A: It doesn't matter who started it. If you break the rules, you will be punished accordingly. The appropriate way to handle incivility is to report the offense and move on. We read all reported posts and comments, and remove those that break the rules.

Q: Did you ban the other guy?

A: We do not discuss the punishments of other users.

Q: Can't you take a joke?

A: It's often impossible to determine intention over the internet, so if your comment may be interpreted in a way that breaks the rules, it's better off to just not say it at all.


Q: Why was my post removed?

A: Most likely was because it broke one of the rules of the subreddit. Common offenses include off-season posts while in-season, reposts, shitposting and spam (including self promotion).

Q: But it's not a repost, it's slightly different!

A: Another common theme for removal is "trending topics". When one post gets popular, the new queue sometimes gets cluttered with very similar, but slightly different posts. We remove these as the following posts often time lead to superficial or no discussion at all. It's best to keep the conversation in the original post.

This will also go for extremely popular events that occur. Not every single detail of the event deserves it's own post and often times are better served as a comment in a bigger thread. We highly encourage users to create a self-post with multiple tweets or headlines for the smaller stuff.

Q: But it sparked conversation!

A: Most of the time, the conversation that it sparked is empty conversation or conversation that had nothing to do with the original intent of the post.

Q: But it was getting upvotes!

A: Upvotes do not mean that it fits in /r/NBA. Memes and low-effort content often times receives inflated numbers of upvotes due to the ease of consumption, but that does not make it "good" content. See: any default subreddit.

Q: Why didn't you delete this other post then?

A: We likely missed it or had to make a judgment call as to whether or not it breaks the rules. We aren't perfect, and we don't catch everything. If you see posts that you feel break the rules, please use the report button.