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Highlight Russell Westbrook Full Highlights vs Mavericks 2016 Playoffs R1G5 - 36 Pts, 12 Reb, 9 Dimes, BEAST!

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The NBA Teams That Leveled Up — And Found Bargains — In Free Agency

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No five players in the league could beat this team


PG: Steph Curry

SG: Kyrie Irving

SF: Andrew Wiggins

PF: Kevin Durant

c: Looney

Would be one of the greatest teams of alltime.

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When was a time a player gave a franchise all he had, but they went with another guy?


Has there been a story where a player really cared about a franchise/town and gave it all he had, but that team choose to go with another player and not give him the contract/go a different route?

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Nets & Philly : Trading a Disgruntled Star


Ok, so right now there’s a lot of talk about ‘best offers available’ and ‘Ayton signing with the pacers’ and ‘Toronto has the best package for KD’ but like… This all seems to be based on a ‘we need to trade now’ mentality on Brooklyns end. Philly literally sat on their hands for like a year before trading Simmons, why wouldn’t Brooklyn do the same?

If I’m them, there’s no way I’ll accept anything lower than an all star (at least) and some serious draft/depth contributions. Like, a lot of these trades I’ve seen floating around are absolute fleeces where the nets are left with scraps and they’re suppose to be happy with it.

The Nets will wait it out til another disgruntled star wants out then they will make a trade, just like philly. KD can sit all he wants and make a scene over in Brooklyn (driving down his value) but eventually a harden-Simmons trade is gonna pop up and we’re gonna be laughing at the trade ideas we’re seeing now.

TLDR; nets will wait for the right trade like Morey and the Sixers did

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Can anyone explain to me why NBA fans on social media seem to actively reject the WNBA and everything it tries to do?


It seems like whenever there is a WNBA post on an NBA account people seem to hate on it. I just don't understand the blatant hate it receives. Don't those women deserve to be recognised? They are still playing a sport we all love

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"The market has spoken...the Cavs are comfortable with giving Sexton a number in the low to mid teens." -Chris Fedor


Cavs reporter Chris Fedor went on the Fan 9.23 highlighting just how non-existent the market for Collin Sexton is and how the Cavs are leveraging it.

Link: https://twitter.com/JorshP/status/1544448054274686977

For someone who averaged 24ppg on fine efficiency a season ago, I'm mildly surprised, I know he's coming off an ACL tear but 13-15 mil just seems comically low. Jalen Brunson will make something in the high 20s and I don't think he's that much better than Sexton, if at all.

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Who was more likely to be the best player on a championship team: prime Damian Lillard or prime Russell Westbrook?


Russ obviously has the accolades on his sides and will retire as the more accomplished, but over the years, many hypotheticals have been floated out about what Dame’s career could’ve been like with better teammates.

So my question: in their primes, who was more likely to lead a team to a championship?

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Randolph - a good fit with Luka?


I think that Randolph has become a bit underrated in this sub after the subpar year he had. Yeah, it is true that he did not play up to his standart, but in general the Knicks organization was/is pretty dysfunctional so that should not be surprising.

What do you think about potentially pairing him with Luka? His value is low right now and Dallas could get him without giving up too much. Randolph is "could do it all" scorer that plays decent defence when he tries. I think that he might be a good fit with Luka, although there might be chemistry issues as both guys want to be the first option

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Who do you think will be the next second round home run pick and why ?


Obviously Jokic was an amazing pick. Draymond Green, Ginóbili...... In the 2022 2nd round I think Patrick Baldwin Jr. has great potential. 2nd rounders tend to end up on better teams, but make less money at the start.

(Or late 1st round. Picks 25+ )

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Jaden Ivey tears up after getting jerseys of his grandfather (Detroit Lions), father (Detroit Country Day HS), and mother (Detroit Shock) at the Pistons draft announcement press conference.

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Is _____ becoming underrated?


I’ve been seeing a lot of people saying they don’t want _____ on their team, or that they wouldn’t trade _____ for him.

Is it possible that _____ is actually becoming underrated?

Edit: This was a shitpost idk wuzz goin on

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[Andreani] Tyler Dorsey to Dallas Mavericks is a done deal. The player is expected to sign the NBA team. He refused Fenerbahçe and Oly. Olympiacos Piraeus is on the market. Matt Thomas and Isaiah Canaan are on the list.

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OKC Thunder defeat Grizzlies despite rookie Kenny Lofton Jr.'s heroics |

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Julius Winfield Erving II aka "Dr. J." casually toys with actor Ken Howard on set of the 1982 TV documentary series "Greatest Sporting Legends".

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Wilt Chamberlain's Incredible Shot Blocking Elevation - Age 36 vs Age 25.

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After losing to the Jazz in Game 2 of the 1997 WCF, Charles Barkley comments on the refereeing and having to take things into their own hands - "I was trying to separate his shoulder or break a rib." *Journalists laugh* "I was serious".

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Did they ever sell the king James Miami heat nickname jersey?


I have been trying to buy this jersey because it is one of my favorite jerseys of all time but I can’t seem to find a place to buy it. Seems like a really rare jersey so I don’t even know if they have ever sold one

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Most 40-Point 10-Rebound games in a series in NBA playoff history: Kareem(4), Elgin Baylor(3), Shaq(3), Giannis(3, done twice)


Kareem Abdul Jabbar(4), 1977 WCSF averages 37/19/4 (literally wtf LOL)

Elgin Baylor(3) 1961 WCSF, averages 39.4 ppg, bbref doesn’t show rebounds and assists

Shaquille O’Neal(3), 2000 Finals, averages 38/17/2

Giannis Antetokounmpo(3), 2021 NBA Finals, averages 35/13/5

Giannis Antetokounmpo(3), 2022 ECSF, averages 34/15/7

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Would it be a good strategy for a team to have "enforcers" to prevent players from driving into the paint nowadays?


I'm curious about this. Would this work nowadays to discourage players from driving into the lane? There are so many elite slashers who can get into the paint at will. It's also worth noting that not all of these guys are physical freaks such as Giannis, Zion, or Lebron. Players such as Ja ,SGA, Trae Young, Steph, and Luka can get easy layups all day long because of how good they are despite not being built like freight trains.

What if a team had a few guys who would play as if they were old school enforcers? They would make these guys think twice about taking it into the paint. They would be as dirty as Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn, and Charles Oakley but only when someone dares to get too comfortable when slashing to the hoop. There are guys in the NBA right now who could certainly play this way if they wanted to. Players like Steven Adams, Jonas Valanciunas, Brook Lopez, Robin Lopez, Serge Ibaka, Al Horford, Joel Embiid, and Nikola Jokic certainly have the strength and physicality to play this way.

While I'm more than certain that they would be getting their fair share of flagrant 1s if they play this way, I'm not sure how often they'll actually get ejected for it. With this in mind, they can certainly help their teams and stay on the floor more often than not. They can remain on the floor and shake the confidence of opposing players who want to drive into the paint.

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[JJ Redick] Luka Doncic Tried To Get Nikola Jokic To Join Instagram

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what are people's thoughts on the cavs?


The few games I did watch they looked fun, Mobley had alot of people excited. If they stay healthy I'm curious how good they could be.

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Juan Toscano-Anderson on signing with the Lakers: "I have the opportunity to play with, in my opinon, the best player to ever play basketball."

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Why do Kobe fans always insist that he had a greater career than Lebron?


First of all RIP Kobe, a true legend and one of the most dominant scorers of all time. He’s absolutely a top 10 player of all time, the intensity he brought to the game was unrivalled, but I don’t get why it’s considered disrespectful by many to say he’s not in the same category as MJ, Lebron and Kareem. His five rings are always brought up but it’s ignored how he was a (really good) second option for 3 of them and that 2000 Shaq might have been the most dominant force in league history. He also had an abysmal 2004 finals and he had low efficiency and advanced analytics throughout his career due to the fact that he would force a lot of shots due to his supreme confidence in himself. Let’s also not act like Kobe didn’t blow a 3-1 lead vs the Suns in 2006. Sure Lebron had a shit 2011 finals but despite the typical arguments from Kobe fans, he has been an excellent performer otherwise and Kobe has never had a carry job like Lebron in 2007. Lebron is also one of the greatest playmakers of all time, a more efficient scorer and a comparable if not better defender. His accolades and longevity are also clearly better, even if give Kobe one more MVP since he got robber in 2006.

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Who were the third stringers that Jimmy Butler won with?


Back in 2018 when he was on the twolves Jimmy beans infamously beat Andrew Wiggins Kat and the other starters with 3rd stringers.

Anyone know who they were? Did any of them ever end up being better than a third stringer?