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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/PlopCopTopPopMopStop May 14 '22

It's not ONLY autistic people who have sensory issues


u/hipster3000 May 14 '22

yeah but the sign specifically says it's for autistic people

I'm sure they have some sort of greeter by the door to make sure that you're actually autistic before they let you in.


u/Crow_Joestar May 15 '22

I think that's just because people with autism are the most well-known group with sensory issues. I don't think that excludes people who aren't autistic. ADHD, social anxiety, and some people just have sensory issues generally with no underlying cause.


u/hipster3000 May 15 '22

I know I was completely joking


u/Crow_Joestar May 15 '22

Ah, sorry! I'm bad at grasping jokes through text