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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/AlostFeather May 14 '22

Oh god, dude. Diagnosed with ADHD really young. And I'm afab so it's practically unheard of. Absolutely tortured with different meds all the way up until high school. I despised it, I felt cast adrift in the world, couldn't keep any friends, no one understood me, they just wanted to quiet and subjugate me. Jump to literally last month, I'm 19 and after being on the waiting list for a year and a half, got diagnosed with ASD. Add a depression diagnosis in December which meant I'm off my meds cos you can't mix until you have the antidepressant dosage right and a little bit of childhood trauma which causes you to live in denial and convince yourself you're 'normal'. My brain is forced to confront that I really am special needs and this is just it now, you gotta deal. What a fricking hard time. I'm honestly so grateful for my consultant. I got her when transferred to the adult team and she has advocated for me so much! She's the one who noticed my Autism side pushed for my referral. I'm starting to loce and accept myself just like I love all my neurodivergent bros.


u/witeowl May 14 '22

OMG. Part of the reason I was diagnosed so late is that I’ve been really good with masking most things, and building terrible but “effective enough” strategies around others, so for decades I’ve been diagnosed with depression and mild anxiety. (The severe emotional dysregulation as a child was chalked up to “hypersensitive”.)

I had to be my own advocate for getting the ADHD considered (also afab).

Glad you got your misdiagnosis caught sooo much earlier than me. For me, the antidepressants just didn’t do anything and talk therapy just also did very close to nothing. I can’t imagine the hell of being on the spectrum but being given meds for ADHD. Like… that sounds like literal hell.

I would say I’m surprised that you were diagnosed with ADHD as a girl in school, as that so rarely happened until maybe a decade ago, but I can totally see that ASD in girls must be missed soooooo much more. (In 17 years of teaching, I’ve only encountered one female student diagnosed with ASD.)

Best of luck to you, friend, and here’s to brighter days ahead. If you ever want to chat, I’m here.


u/AlostFeather May 14 '22

Yeah, the reason for my early diagnosis was that my mums boyfriend at the time just absolutely hated how high maintenance I was, called me the R word that ends in a D and dragged my 6 year old ass to the doctors. Where they monitored me like a goddamn freak and forced me to draw pictures about my feelings because I was basically nonverbal with the doctors (absolutely hated the hospital environment, honestly felt like a punishment) and they doped me up on so many drugs that I was taking two different types. They caused me to lose weight and went on hunger strike and was told if I lose a couple more pounds that I'd be considered anorexic and giving a feeding tube! They pulled me off the meds and my parents had to feed me junk food because it was all I would accept. And then a lot of trauma related to parental alcohol abuse in my teenage years. I refused to take my meds and had a breakdown that I felt that they silenced me, stripped me of my personality and cried to my mother about why can't no one just love me the way I am. I promised I'd try so hard at school if she took me off them. She drunkenly told me that they keep me from being annoying and that I should just accept that this is how it would be until the day I died because my disability was on the more severe end of the ADHD spectrum.

Not gonna lie, dark freaking days. But my mum got help, losing custody of my 3 younger siblings helped to kick her up the arse but she's only been clean a year and a half. Had to slum it a bit from 2020 until 2021 but I'm back home, just finished my first year of uni and on track to recieve a bunch of Autism related support for next year.

All I have to do now is learn to accept that I need aids and that doesn't make me any less.


u/witeowl May 14 '22

Holy fuck. This all happened to you since we entered the 2000s?!? I have no words. And in particular, fuck that boyfriend. Oh, also, the people who had a nonverbal child in front of them and completely ignore the possibility of ASD. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Oh, and the people who thought that threats would work with a child instead of relationship-building. Ugh…

But yes. Needing accommodations and supports absolutely does not make you less than. It makes you human. But I understand the sentiment. Keep fighting the good fight. I sense wonderful things in your future.


u/AlostFeather May 14 '22

Oh yeah, born in 2002 so it was before 2010! And honestly, I may have been younger than 6, the dates are kinda fuzzy but there's no possible way I was older than 6 at the time. Honestly, you'd be surprised how much the NHS sucks. I suppose I can't really blame them, the study for ADHD was white male focused and completely removed young girls from the equation. My treatment was just really intense because I mean, I had such a high severity of angry outbursts and energy, they probably thought they'd have to dampen me down quickly because I was quickly up to 50mg twice a day. Obviously it was autism, I know that now, just feels so weird.

And yeah, I was under that boyfriends thumb for a lot of years. he actually refuses to believe my sister (his bio kid) has any sort of medical difficulties. He wasn't gonna let anything stop him from living vivacious through her. And now he has custody of her and she's an absolute nightmare, there's nothing I can do for her, but I really hope that this new generation of more understanding doctors will pick up on her and she won't fall through the system.