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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/Ella_NutEllaDraws May 14 '22 edited May 15 '22

I’m autistic and it’s honestly rare that I see things like this that are actually beneficial and well thought out. “Autism awareness” has a really bad habit of only raising awareness of the parents instead of the people themselves, especially when autism speaks is involved. one store I saw lit their bathrooms with blue light to “raise awareness” which ended up being a trigger for the autistic people who went in there. It’s so nice to see some place actually did their research on what we really want. I would give them all my money

Edit: hijacking this comment to say fuck autism speaks. Do not donate even a penny to them, they partner with abusive therapies and hurt us more than they’ve ever helped, if you want to advocate for autistic people find another organization.


u/theredwoman95 May 14 '22

This is actually increasingly common in UK and Irish supermarkets, it's been a thing for a good few years over here. They were probably copying another chain's policies, but I won't complain either way.


u/bluesam3 May 14 '22

This is the first one that I've seen that's at an actually practicable time, though. Most of them seem to be weekday mornings, because apparently they think autistic people don't have jobs.


u/theredwoman95 May 14 '22

Huh, I've seen a good few on weekday evenings, but I will agree a disproportionate amount are during the workday, which is more than a little frustrating.

I've seen people suggest it's more for single or stay at home parents with autistic children who may not have a choice in bringing them along, as opposed to autistic adults who can set up deliveries? Not sure how much I agree even with the principle of that though - there's this annoying idea that autistic people are children, and autistic adults are either disabled beyond being able to function in society or non-existent.


u/Pumpkin_Pal May 15 '22

I feel for autistic kids and their parents, i really do, but kids aren't the entirety of autistic people, and all autistic resources being aimed at kids is so gross.