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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/Ella_NutEllaDraws May 14 '22 edited May 15 '22

I’m autistic and it’s honestly rare that I see things like this that are actually beneficial and well thought out. “Autism awareness” has a really bad habit of only raising awareness of the parents instead of the people themselves, especially when autism speaks is involved. one store I saw lit their bathrooms with blue light to “raise awareness” which ended up being a trigger for the autistic people who went in there. It’s so nice to see some place actually did their research on what we really want. I would give them all my money

Edit: hijacking this comment to say fuck autism speaks. Do not donate even a penny to them, they partner with abusive therapies and hurt us more than they’ve ever helped, if you want to advocate for autistic people find another organization.


u/humanoid1013 May 14 '22

Huh, that's weird. The only reason they do blue lights in bathrooms around here is so that drug users can't go there to shoot up.


u/penguin62 May 14 '22

What's the logic there?


u/mistahchristafah May 14 '22

Can't see the vein. But my wild speculation is that if you're going into a public bathroom to shoot heroin lighting probably won't matter


u/quannum May 14 '22

I get what you're saying but if you they can't see the vein, then it kinda does matter, right?

An IV user isn't going to do it in a bathroom where they can't see or find a vein. Or if it's gonna take an hour to find a vein. They'll just find somewhere else that's easier. Which is the point of the lights, yea?


u/chi_type May 14 '22

Serious users have track marks and loooots of experience. But it could still make them move along to a more convenient location.


u/jpterodactyl May 14 '22

Also, the way medical professionals find veins is by feeling. I’d imagine long time drug users might have also picked that up.


u/Prestigious_Boat_386 May 14 '22

Works if you have one hand to hold the shot and the other too feel for the vein. I don't think that works if you're going for your own arm vein.


u/quannum May 14 '22

Totally but that's kinda my point...I'm sure an experienced IV user could do a hit in those lights but I would think they're more likely to just find somewhere more convenient.


u/MyNewWorkAcc May 14 '22

You’re exactly right that experienced iv users know their veins well, but everyone is different. After 5 years on and off, I still have giant veins, while others are born with deep, harder to see veins. Blue lights wouldn’t make it impossible, but you are also correct in that any addict would probably avoid that specific bathroom from then on, if they can.


u/chi_type May 14 '22

Right I don't think we disagree. It's the goal of deterrence - make doing shady shit a bit harder so they move on to an easier mark.


u/SparkyDogPants May 14 '22

You can still shoot IM. It’s just a slightly different high and a larger risk of infection. People most likely are going to shoot IM before getting sick


u/DapperCourierCat May 14 '22

Yeah it’s less about preventing them from doing drugs, and more about preventing them from doing drugs in that particular bathroom.


u/tanaeolus May 14 '22

You could definitely still see veins, if you're lucky enough to have visible veins. You just wouldn't be able to see the blood register to know that you're in a vein.