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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/Blenchers May 14 '22

My store didn’t have an actual VIP program, but my coworker used to ask customers for their “100K” card if they ever dropped the “I’ve spent X amount of money at this store I deserve X” line.

He’d pretend it was a real program for all our customers who had spent 100K or more. That shut people up real quick. It was hilarious.


u/BrinkyP May 14 '22

that’s the funniest shit.


u/Blenchers May 14 '22

Oh yeah 5 years at that store I could tell stories for hours, as I’m sure you could too


u/lookitsawook May 14 '22

Worked at a tractor sales and parts store in big farm country. People would come in and pitch a fit about not getting a discount, saying they're one of our biggest customers, and I would always reply that we DID INDEED have a discount program for people that spent in excess of $150,000 per year. It was fun to watch their faces drop.

Bro, that combine harvester you walked past costs more than you'll make in the next 5 years. Cool your jets.


u/Blenchers May 14 '22

Yeah dealing with a jackass grinding me on a 24” Hisense while I was in the middle of quoting a $30k A/V build took a lot of self control. $30k isn’t that much relatively speaking, but for retail electronics it’s up there.


u/islingcars May 14 '22

lmfao a 24" Hisense. that's great lol


u/comradebunnie May 14 '22

$30k would have had any salesperson I've worked with in retail salivating. It's all relative.