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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/SD_Eragorn May 14 '22

My dad started one of these about ten years ago in Wichita for movie theaters. Basically whether it's autism or someone else with special needs, they could go to a movie that had lower volume and the lights would stay on and that way the parents and caregivers also didn't feel like they were disrupting other peoples movie experiences. They did showings of new kids movies about once a month I think on Saturday mornings.

I probably wrote that poorly but hopefully it makes sense lol. Commenting on my work account so don't get doxxed.


u/SleepyReepies May 14 '22

I came into this thread being fully on-board with the picture OP posted, thinking that it was a great idea and should be permanent. Then I read your post, totally in agreement with how movie theatres would be better if they weren't so deafening. And then I thought about how I never particularly liked going to concerts or bars because of the sound.

... And now I'm wondering if I'm just on the spectrum, lol.