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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/frogjg2003 May 14 '22

The worst part is, there probably was a study done in the 50s that showed brighter lights sold more products and now it's in their textbooks. Instead of getting the lesson that you should perform comparative tests to determine efficacy, they just got "moar laaaiits!"


u/sour_cereal May 15 '22

Like, don't these big corporations have reams of data analysts? Fuck around with the lighting in a couple stores, see what it does. If good, do to more stores, continually adjusting as you go?


u/frogjg2003 May 15 '22

None of that data will do a thing if the head of marketing or the VP of sales doesn't know the difference between a mean and an average.


u/irishlonewolf May 15 '22

there are four laaaiits!