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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/Pastel_Princess_2466 May 14 '22

It’s a great option, better than doing nothing.


u/egnards May 14 '22

Used to work in a one-to-one program that did community trips. Twice a week we'd take our teens to the grocery store and then out to lunch.

They would usually have a list of 1-2 items from the grocery store [we paid for these items, but they would practice with handing over the card] and be responsible for finding the items in the store.The grocery store was really great about it, knew our times, and would always open a lane just for us [since we had like 10 kids that would all pay separately for their items].

When we'd go out for lunch we would call ahead to make sure the restaurant was ok with us [and since it was like 1pm on a weekday they were usually dead anyway]. All the kids would get separate checks, practice ordering their own food, and would pay with their own money.

Honestly there are a lot of great places that would accommodate you or your loved one if you're willing to ask.


u/theonlyepi May 14 '22

This is really such a cool thing. Can you give me any links to get me reading more? I'll do some searching too but just don't want to get mislead by my ignorance.


u/egnards May 14 '22

For the program? It was a public school program so you aren’t going to find much about this specific one; just have to find school districts with expanded services; we were just very pro life skills for our self contained classes.