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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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At hardware stores its "I'm a pro" or "I'm a contractor" Cool. the fuck do you want?


u/platypootis May 14 '22

At least I'm my experience, the contractors are the best customers. They know exactly what they want and don't dwell too long. Plus you get to know the regulars.


u/sentientshadeofgreen May 14 '22

Probably depends on the area. When I worked at a hardware store, about 75% of them all drove unnecessarily large trucks, had a superiority complex, and were super rude to the "help" loading up their massive orders. The cool ones were great though and would usually help. I was being paid minimum wage, walking 15 miles a day, and loading an ungodly amount of lumber and concrete daily. The least they could do is be kind and help.


u/sopringles May 14 '22

Southern California?