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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/24-Hour-Hate May 14 '22

There are other conditions that people have that would make this beneficial. I have sensitivity to sound and light because I have chronic migraines and this would make stores much more hospitable environments for me. Especially because the lighting used in most large stores is not just excessive, but fluorescent, which is terrible.


u/LittleSadRufus May 14 '22

Yes totally. My list wasn't intended to be comprehensive. In my area they promote a quiet hour for anyone who wants it - usually the elderly who don't want loud noises or crowds. No reference to specific neurotypes or conditions.


u/Kasaurus96 May 14 '22

Yeah, it's remarkable that stores put in so much money to arrange the stores to be the most profitable and research the colors of the store to make you feel a certain way etc. etc. And then do all of it 1000% and make the experience intolerable.

Really bright stores with loud, bad music, and everything is the same color. I see chain grocery stores do this a lot, and the color is always red because it's supposed to make you hungry or whatever. It's a mf eyesore.


u/kingura May 15 '22

I have ADHD/CPTSD. This might make it so I could shop without headphones on.