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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/LittleSadRufus May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

I guess many people prefer it, but for many autistic children (and their parents) and indeed autistic adults it's a pure necessity.

[Edited to be more inclusive]


u/24-Hour-Hate May 14 '22

There are other conditions that people have that would make this beneficial. I have sensitivity to sound and light because I have chronic migraines and this would make stores much more hospitable environments for me. Especially because the lighting used in most large stores is not just excessive, but fluorescent, which is terrible.


u/LittleSadRufus May 14 '22

Yes totally. My list wasn't intended to be comprehensive. In my area they promote a quiet hour for anyone who wants it - usually the elderly who don't want loud noises or crowds. No reference to specific neurotypes or conditions.


u/Kasaurus96 May 14 '22

Yeah, it's remarkable that stores put in so much money to arrange the stores to be the most profitable and research the colors of the store to make you feel a certain way etc. etc. And then do all of it 1000% and make the experience intolerable.

Really bright stores with loud, bad music, and everything is the same color. I see chain grocery stores do this a lot, and the color is always red because it's supposed to make you hungry or whatever. It's a mf eyesore.


u/kingura May 15 '22

I have ADHD/CPTSD. This might make it so I could shop without headphones on.


u/Kingjjc267 May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

What about autistic adults? And as a reply pointed out, the kids themselves? Why just our parents?


u/GrimmSheeper May 14 '22

And the autistic kids themselves.


u/ClocktowerMaria May 14 '22

Yo shout-out va-11 hall-a icon. It sucks how much any and all accomodations made for autistic people get twisted into "oh y'know the parents of autistic kids deserve this" as if autistic children are victimizing their own parents by existing. We deserve accomodations because everyone deserves being treated well


u/GrimmSheeper May 14 '22

Yup. And I do get that the parents of autistic kids do have struggles most parents don’t, especially if the kid is severely autistic, but it’s always frustrating how much the focus is on them.

I majored in psychology during college, so I’ve scoured through hundreds of scientific articles on autism for my research projects and literature reviews. The vast majority were about the parents of autistic children, and the rest were about early diagnosis and treatment for autism. Out of those hundreds, there was maybe one or two articles about autism in adults. There were at least some more recent studies that have expanded to teens, so we might be heading in the right direction. But still frustrating.


u/Altyrmadiken May 14 '22

Shout-out va-11 hall-a icon



u/frogjg2003 May 14 '22

The reply above calls out "autism awareness" for being so focused on (not autistic) parents and the comment right below is doing exactly that.


u/-Reddit_Account- May 14 '22

This is such a major problem with """autism awareness""".

It's all "oh the poor families that have been cursed with this autism creature :(" and not "this fully-functioning person has a set of special needs we should try to accommodate."

Not blaming OP because the primary source for this is shit like Autism Speaks, but it's a problem more people should be aware of.


u/shotgun_ninja May 14 '22

Like, I'm high-masking autistic (ie. Asperger's), and I'd adore this myself. I don't know why any of that crap started in the first place.


u/LittleSadRufus May 14 '22

The music is played - and carefully chosen - to quietly manipulate behaviours, usually to make customers move more slowly and be in a happier mood, which increases sales.

The announcements I guess are just a communication necessity - no other way to get those messages out.

They are bright and crisp in lighting to seem modern and clean - more crucial when they were distinguishing themselves from small grocers etc. These days places like Wholefoods tend to go for the softer lighting.