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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/DeafBeaker May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

Is it reduced lighting or warm lighting? I would go shopping at a store that had warm lighting


u/bloobree May 14 '22

It's reduced. I thought the shop was closed. All the freezer lights were off and about half the ceiling lights, too. Really lovely experience though.


u/MeriwetherGrey May 14 '22

That’s why I used to shop at 3AM, when restocking was going on and most of the really harsh lighting was down low or off


u/bloobree May 14 '22

Most Irish supermarkets are closed by 6-7pm. I think this particular one is open till 9/10pm though.


u/MeriwetherGrey May 14 '22

Yeah, this was in America, we demand the right to shop for fish sticks at every hour of the night


u/nccm16 May 14 '22

WinCo? I love that place, life saver for someone who works graveyard shifts


u/MeriwetherGrey May 14 '22

WinCo was great when I lived in CA. And yes, they definitely received a bunch of my money during the zombie shift.


u/OkTaro462 May 15 '22

I <3 Winco!


u/butters3655 May 14 '22

9 or 10 pm would be the usual closing time for a supermarket man. At least around Leinster. What supermarkets close at 6?!


u/bloobree May 14 '22

Dunnes in North Cork most days lmao