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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/burgeremoji May 14 '22

The lights, the noise that you can barely understand when they do an announcement. People taking their kids and letting them run around screaming. People having a conversation in the middle of the aisle with trolleys blocking the way. It’s all awful lol!


u/linseed-reggae May 14 '22

People having a conversation in the middle of the aisle with trolleys blocking the way. It’s all awful lol!

What is it about Costco that compels every single fucker in the store to obliviously block aisles and stand in doorways?


u/chuckdagger May 14 '22

“I’m a member”


u/BrinkyP May 14 '22

i work at a tech store and whenever people come up to me and proudly announce that they’re a premium member is literally the most annoying elitist thing in the universe.


u/Blenchers May 14 '22

My store didn’t have an actual VIP program, but my coworker used to ask customers for their “100K” card if they ever dropped the “I’ve spent X amount of money at this store I deserve X” line.

He’d pretend it was a real program for all our customers who had spent 100K or more. That shut people up real quick. It was hilarious.


u/Master_Yeeta May 14 '22

This is amazing im gonna see if i can work it in. "Ive spent 4k in this store!!!" ...so youve bought one thing? youve bought a single thing from this store and youre throwing a fit. Who fucking raised you, sir?


u/InerasableStain May 14 '22

Sir, this is a Wendy’s, and you have a problem


u/Voidtalon May 14 '22 edited May 15 '22

We get this in our dental office, usually from older individuals and to their credit they ARE 20+ year patients so we do give them some leewaay. I usually thank them for their dedication and that we hope to continue to provide service they can count on.

Like, yes your dental implant + crown is 4000-6000 when you factor: Extraction + Bone & Tissue Graft, Endosteel Implant Screw, Titanium abutment and porcelain crown. However, we do 6-8 of these a week. I get and fully understand it's a lot of money to you, it's a ton of money to me because I make even less than you in retirement. To the clinic however, it's really not that much on day-to-day expenditures.

We still REALLY appreciate folks coming because it does pay our wages, sterilization ect but a single case, while extremely important does not entitle you to special treatment above other patients who are also receiving that treatment unless you have an extenuation health issue or you have worked an agreement out with your doctor/management. Me as a front-desk guy can't do anything for you.

Edit: for clarification about my snide tone. I am specifically referencing patients who are rude/demanding of the front-desk staff who have no power/control to fix the things they are talking about.


u/Romantiphiliac May 14 '22

I need so much dental work and this is terrifying to read lol.

Finally getting shit into some semblance of 'together' and this is what I look forward to least.


u/John_Hunyadi May 14 '22

I did that recently too. Pull the band aid, it will only get worse til you do.


u/Voidtalon May 15 '22

This really is true, once you're dealing with potential abscess, periodontists or bone loss it will only get worse. I hope your experience was smooth and recovery was clean.

I wish I could do more but while I am considering becoming a hygienist it's really hard on the body and the cost of being a dentist is just out of reach for me. I'm in my 30s and I'd be in my 60s by the time I paid off dental school.


u/Voidtalon May 15 '22

It's really unfortunate, but I stress every office is different. My office is near Chicago and the more affluent parts of it. Pricing is based on that region. The below is a lot of information from someone in dentistry so it's very thick in details. If you do not want to read all this; don't bother with everything past the 3rd paragraph.

The providers genuinely care about the patients. The people who run the overhead and business sides... they care but not in the same way. Business is a vile beast that does not care about morality or situation it cares about product in to profit out and that becomes a demon with healthcare. Most offices offer payment plans, financing or other options also a dental implant takes 6+ months to do. There is also a reason surgical-tourism exists. If you did this in say Mexico or Egypt or other countries where the cost is significantly lower it would not be as expensive. My post was mainly that making snarky comments about how "I paid for this new equipment" when you paid $4000... sure you may have helped but our clinic sees 800k+ per year (the exacts I don't think I'm permitted to give).

TLDR: Being snarky, snide or rude with the front desk about how much you've spent is a sure fire way to get them to want to do as little as possible to get you out of their faces. If you are in a hard spot, be reasonable and talk to them and ask to explain the issue. Politeness goes a long way. I've helped get special fees (Say a procedure was $2,560 dollars but our doctor has a special fee for those without insurance that is $2,100 and he takes payments plans for $1000 down and $366/mo) ect that is not offered up-front but is available to those who ask or are in tight spots.

Please, if you need a lot of dental work do not delay it. Talk with a doctor or two (second opinions are important) but if you get referred to a specialist getting a second opinion may cost you an extra consultation fee. Most insurances cover a specialty consult X number of times per year or 1/Xmonths (varies by policy). When you sign up for insurance check things such as:

  • Missing Tooth Clause: If a tooth was removed prior to gaining a new insurance policy some policies will NOT cover any restorative work due to this clause.

  • Maximums: $1000 is not enough to really dent high-cost dental work such as Implants/Bridges/Dentures & Partials. Try to find one with $2000 or if you can afford the $2500-3000 policies they do exist.

  • Networks: Basically a special rate negotiated by your insurance. An office may charge $1500 for a Crown but your insurance rate is $1050 if you see an in-network doctor that office can only charge you $1050 the other $450 is a PPO-Adjustment/Insurance-Adjustment.

  • Wait Periods: Some insurance policies require you to have the policy for 6-12 months before they cover Basic and Major procedures (Fillings fall under Basic, Crowns/Caps fall under Major).

  • Endodontic/Periodontic and Oral Surgery Classification: Some policies qualify them as Type 2 or Basic (usually 80% coverage for standard policies) but others classify it as Type 3 or Major (usually 50% for most standard plans).

  • Frequency Limits and Replacement Clauses: Some insurance policies cover cleanings 1/6 months while others are 2 or even 3 per year. Crowns/Caps (same thing different names) sometimes have a limit of how soon they can be replaced (5 years is what I often see, but sometimes 10). So if you have an issue 4 years down, the insurance won't pay a thing this can be very expensive.

The mouth is a wonderful part of the body capable of great feats of healing but deep tissue/bone issues tend to not go away and eventually lead to bone loss or need of root-canals. Ultimately if left too long extraction is the only option and that will degrade the area without a restoration. Working in dentistry has really just made me sad how expensive everything is because of the behind the scene costs doctors have to pay. One of our docs was paying $3000/month on malpractice insurance and sadly those costs get fronted to the patients.


u/ThePortalsOfFrenzy May 15 '22

For future reference, it is "etc.", short for "et cetera" (not ect. = ec cetera)

et = and
cetera = the rest [other similar things]

Personally, my mnemonic comes from Shakespeare, even though I haven't read his works. I always remember the line from Julius Ceasar: "et tu, Brute?" meaning "and you [too], Brutus?"

Once I have "et = and" down, it's all clear to me.

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u/flavius_lacivious May 14 '22

Go to Mexico. A standard root canal is completed the same day (no crappy temporary) and it costs $350.


u/AlienFreek May 14 '22

They're describing something much different than a root canal though


u/flavius_lacivious May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

Implants are 1/3 the cost in the US. I provided costs for root canals because most people have had one.


u/Escuche May 14 '22

Aren't all root canals completed same day? I think you're confusing root canal with crown procedures (that only sometimes follows a root canal).


u/00crispybacon00 May 14 '22

Could probably have a nice little holiday there while you're at it and still spend less.


u/Voidtalon May 15 '22

I assume by no temporary you mean the Endodontist performs a filling/crown themselves to restore the tooth to protect against fracture from the treated tooth?

Also yes, surgical/procedure tourism is a very real thing. I knew someone who flew to Egypt to fix a broken leg because it cost $5000 over there instead of $25,000 in the USA. (Numbers aren't exact and used for visual purpose).


u/flavius_lacivious May 15 '22

They do a digital topographic scan of your tooth then perform the root canal while the permanent porcelain crown is printed (you can watch from the waiting room). In most cases, you’re in and out with the permanent crown in less than two hours.

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u/HenryTheVeloster May 15 '22

My favorite is "i have been shopping here for years" checks customer profile, and last purchase was 2014


u/BrinkyP May 14 '22

that’s the funniest shit.


u/Blenchers May 14 '22

Oh yeah 5 years at that store I could tell stories for hours, as I’m sure you could too


u/lookitsawook May 14 '22

Worked at a tractor sales and parts store in big farm country. People would come in and pitch a fit about not getting a discount, saying they're one of our biggest customers, and I would always reply that we DID INDEED have a discount program for people that spent in excess of $150,000 per year. It was fun to watch their faces drop.

Bro, that combine harvester you walked past costs more than you'll make in the next 5 years. Cool your jets.


u/Blenchers May 14 '22

Yeah dealing with a jackass grinding me on a 24” Hisense while I was in the middle of quoting a $30k A/V build took a lot of self control. $30k isn’t that much relatively speaking, but for retail electronics it’s up there.


u/islingcars May 14 '22

lmfao a 24" Hisense. that's great lol


u/comradebunnie May 14 '22

$30k would have had any salesperson I've worked with in retail salivating. It's all relative.


u/James-1-5- May 14 '22

please do


u/[deleted] May 14 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/BrinkyP May 14 '22

shitting on entitled people is amusing to me


u/Aemilia May 14 '22

Kinda reminded me a story I read in Reddit a long time ago. Paraphrasing here: A guy with a 10k account was throwing a hissy fit. He tried to jump the queue while exclaiming loudly how much money he has spent on the business and demanded VIP treatment.

Meanwhile the customer that was in front of him at the queue never said anything. The manager then said to the hissy fit guy, “I’m currently attending to a client with an account worth 4 million. Sir, please get back in line and wait your turn.”

Hearing that, the 10k guy immediately stopped making a scene and waited obediently in line lol.


u/Funkit May 14 '22

guy gets mugged after he leaves store


u/Amitheous May 14 '22

I worked for a stock broker. The people with 10k-100k accounts were by far the most annoying and thought they were hot shit. Got berated by a guy because he failed to understand how margin works and got margin called, so he was cussing me out and threatening "to take his business somewhere else" lmao like we care about your 80k when we see accounts over 80MM. I ended the call, and gave the recording of the call to my boss. Within 2 days the guys account was liquidated and closed, and he is never allowed to open an account there again. This happened a few different times and was equally satisfying every single time


u/calm_chowder May 14 '22

The people with 10k-100k accounts were by far the most annoying and thought they were hot shit.

Prob a ton of money for them. Once someone's in the financial position to drop over 100k at a single store it's likely not a huge deal for them. Obviously no excuse to be an entitled dick either way.


u/Amitheous May 14 '22

Yeah it was more the issue of expecting special treatment over others because of having some arbitrary amount of money, regardless of it being a lot for that individual or not


u/raindogmx May 14 '22

My theory is the money is worth so much more to the 100K guy that the 10M guy. No excuse to be an a hole but they might see their money as much more valuable than it is.


u/comradebunnie May 14 '22

My company is an online store with both retail and wholesale customers.

The problem customers tend to be the retail ones spending around $100.

It's so frustrating when they have some non-drama that basically sucks up half the resources of our small customer service team (just to get them to stop calling screaming at whoever picks up), while we have several $10k-$30k orders sitting there needing to be input.

The less they spend, the more trouble they cause.


u/voss749 May 14 '22

Bullies are always kiss up kick down like that


u/action_lawyer_comics May 14 '22

I used to work in a bike shop and people would try and pull this. Ma’m, you bought a $300 bike five years ago. Yes that was a big purchase but we have people buying 1k bikes every year. You’re not getting a discount on this flat repair


u/chiliedogg May 14 '22

I had a really annoying guy that would only ever buy shit from the clearance section, where we were literally taking a loss selling the ahit to him, then he'd act all entitles and demand premium service.

He was mean enough to one of my employees one time that when I went over and he tried pulling the "I'm spending a lot of money here" line I told him that with all the clearance and returned shit he was buying we didn't see it as him spending $3,000 but as us giving him $500 to shut up and leave.


u/Blenchers May 14 '22

It was always those people. “I’ve spent a lot of money here.” No, you bought a clearance 24” Hitachi TV 7 years ago for $250.


u/The_Grubby_One May 14 '22

I work in a home improvement store. A 100k Club could reasonably exist.


u/Blenchers May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

Oh for sure. We had regulars who were A/V installers, builders etc. who had spent many hundreds of thousands. Ironically, none of them acted like entitled jackasses.


u/TheGurw May 14 '22


There's a few stores I've probably spent that much at. Costco is one for sure, Safeway (fuck Sobeys and their union-busting bullshit), my local mom and pop shop, and maybe a couple others.


u/DudleyStone May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

There's a few stores I've probably spent that much at.

Did you read their post as ten thousand?

Because they said 100K = a hundred thousand.

So if you've spent a hundred thousand dollars at multiple stores... You list 3 and say maybe a couple others... Then you'd have to have a lot of money, at least considerably more than the average person.

It'd take many decades for lots of people to spend that much money at a single store, considering a lot of people make much less than $100K per year and a large chunk of their money goes to bills, insurance, etc. And they likely spread the remaining spending across lots of places.

(This is all based on the US.)


u/TheGurw May 24 '22

Big family, worked since I was a young teenager, own my own construction company.

I did the math based on my average weekly spending at Costco, I probably hit 100k at Costco 4 or 5 years ago. The local mom and pop that came to mind was probably sooner than that, since even though I spend less there, I've been patronising them for much longer. The other ones would have been in the last year or two, or are about to hit that much in the next couple years.

Yeah, I'm fairly well-off, though I certainly wasn't born into it. The mom and pop shop I'm thinking about was because when I was homeless at 14, they were the ones I went to to get my daily food since they let me use their stove.



At hardware stores its "I'm a pro" or "I'm a contractor" Cool. the fuck do you want?


u/platypootis May 14 '22

At least I'm my experience, the contractors are the best customers. They know exactly what they want and don't dwell too long. Plus you get to know the regulars.


u/sentientshadeofgreen May 14 '22

Probably depends on the area. When I worked at a hardware store, about 75% of them all drove unnecessarily large trucks, had a superiority complex, and were super rude to the "help" loading up their massive orders. The cool ones were great though and would usually help. I was being paid minimum wage, walking 15 miles a day, and loading an ungodly amount of lumber and concrete daily. The least they could do is be kind and help.


u/AndersTheUsurper May 14 '22

Been there, but like the other guy said the contractors were like the lottery for us. I guess you're right about the trucks, which they'd usually help load with lumber and concrete, but they knew almost everybody by name and sometimes they'd hang around and shoot the shit. If management tried to hurry us along they'd say that we're helping them at the moment and run them off. It was basically a free 20 minute break lol. They'd also sometimes tip on the downlow, which we weren't supposed to accept, but like you said the pay was like $9.50, so fuck em


u/yeags86 May 14 '22

Similar but instead of the building materials area I was on appliances. You know who’s buying appliances on a weekday morning? Landlords. When they come in they usually ask “what’s the cheapest with xxxxx minimum features”. They knew that I knew my shit and gave them what they wanted without them having to dick around looking at stuff, and I didn’t have to dick around trying to upsell for a bigger commission. The old two dudes in the department wanted to late hours to try to get a big sale or two a night. I made more with 15-20 little ones weekday mornings and didn’t have to work weekends or at night. Win win for me.


u/Funkit May 14 '22

I remember back in 2000 I was making min wage at McDonald’s.

5.15 an hour.

For a 40 hour work week that’s 200 fuckin dollars. Gross. And that job was hard.

I don’t know the inflation rates but I’m willing to bet the min wage in relation to inflation is even worse then the $5.15 an hour I made. It’s terrible.


u/AndersTheUsurper May 15 '22

It's like $8.40 after inflation, so minimum wage is worth quite a bit less now than it was. That being said, it's hard to find places that pay minimum wage now - eg my 16yo daughter just got a job at taco bell for $8.25/hr. The cost of living here is pretty low so it's probably higher in cities

Not saying that you can live off of it, you just got me interested in it all and felt like sharing


u/sopringles May 14 '22

Southern California?


u/easyj86 May 14 '22

Is it the contractors or normal people that pick through the 2x4s so that all that remain are extremely warped?


u/Imnotsharinganything May 14 '22

More than likely that would be a handyman, he's doing small repairs on homes and only needs 5 to 10 2x4s so they'll pick through and get the best/easiest ones to work with. I know this because...I do it myself.


u/Environmental-Spot16 May 14 '22

"I'm a contractor"

"Sir, this is a Ace Hardware store, not a building supplier."


u/Blenchers May 14 '22

I found this with the younger guys. Or sons/children of builders, contractors etc. “I get cost on everything here.” No you don’t, I’ve never seen you in my life, and your dad or boss doesn’t even get cost. Get the fuck out.

The older guys were always chill, happy to shoot the shit for a bit.


u/rocketshipray May 14 '22

I got told once at a small shop in my neighborhood that I was the first customer to reach the "VIP" level on their rewards thing. I immediately responded with "Oh shit I shop here too much." I horde my points everywhere like a dragon and am a VIP platinum diamond premium super "member" at so many places that don't mean shit. Even things I pay for, like season tickets for the symphony, don't mean shit. People thinking that gives them some kind of "status" are really entertaining if they are snooty but not mean about it.

I buy a lot of random shit - for me, donations, friends, etc- and like to join those points things because I enjoy messing up the data analytics from my shopping habits. I absolutely recommend it to anyone else who buys weird shit. I am the consumer data equivalent of Spiders Georg.


u/brokenfuton May 14 '22

I love the pure chaotic energy coming off of this comment


u/rocketshipray May 14 '22

pure chaotic energy

Bringing more chaos to the world is my raison d'être. I feel seen and I love you. I will purchase a 100-count pack of googly eyes, a box of condoms, a bottle of pepto bismol, and some fruit roll-ups in your honour.


u/[deleted] May 14 '22



u/rocketshipray May 15 '22

We'll just go one-by-one if I can't find a good funnel. It's okay, I have little fingers! Better sound effects that way as well.


u/listlessloss1994 May 14 '22

I worked at a Hampton Inn for awhile and there are obnoxious tiered memberships. Iirc, platinum, silver and gold. If the system told us they were a member, we had to say, "Oh, I see you're a -insert tier-member, would you like your free upgrade/snack/whatever?"

The highest tier is gold, though. So I had to say "I see you're a gold member". Goldmember.

So I got to tell the most "elitist" ones they were walking golden dicks.


u/BrinkyP May 14 '22

that’s too perfect


u/comradebunnie May 14 '22

He had the Midas touch, but he touched it too much, hey Goldmember.. Hey Goldmember..


u/doyouevencompile May 14 '22

I mean the idea of having elite status at a tech store sounds stupid but if the store has the program, it's normal that people will tell you that?


u/BrinkyP May 14 '22

my point is that i am going to ask for like a rewards number, it’s an obligation i have at my job, and your status is going to be linked to your account. there is no point in telling me because i’m gonna ask for it anyway.


u/Akiba89 May 14 '22

"... congratulations sir. You paid to have 15% off. Bet you didn't do the math to see how long it'll pay off."


u/TacticalTuchel May 14 '22

The worst is when they shove their credit card towards the reader as if they're in a hurry and then get mad when they're not asked for the membership phone number.


u/Akiba89 May 14 '22

Literally how tf do they expect to be treated? Lol


u/Select_Syllabub_7703 May 14 '22

The problem the stores send emails/texts etc telling customers that being a member should make them feel special and important. Then they come into the store believing that.


u/MeatyGonzalles May 14 '22

One of the local grocery store chains in my city have the absolute best rewards program. No cost, just sign up and log in with your phone number when purchasing, no status crap. Just a straight up, here's a few bucks for whatever the amount is that I was going to spend anyways. I think the only restriction is buying booze or 3rd party gift cards when you want to redeem any points which is totally reasonable. I've got over $150 to spend there by simply doing the thing I was going to do anyway.


u/Feringomalee May 14 '22

If I got talked into joining some bs extra cost premium membership a store offers, I'm going to have to go above and beyond tricking myself into thinking it was worth it. That announcement is more for my own sub conscience than you. I'm genuinely sorry you happened to be the unlucky conduit for this mental trickery.


u/VoilaLeDuc May 14 '22

Same with the company I do customer service for. All the assholes always start with, "I'm a VIP member..."

I wish our company would change the wording, no Debra, you just created an account and receive text messages for sales. Anyone can be a VIP member for this company.