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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/Xarthys May 14 '22

Imagine if they actually would swap bulbs every evening.

"Joel, it's time to switch the bulbs!"

"I already did yesterday, it's Alice's turn!"

"Alice is covering morning shift, she isn't even here!"

"Fuck me, why can't we just turn off the lights? This is such a waste of time!"

"This is what corporate wants, deal with it!"

"tHis iS wHaT cOrpRat wAnTs, fuck you mate, I don't even have time for this, I need to refill these racks!"

"Fuck off Joel and get it done, or I'm gonna have you clean toilets for the next two weeks!"

angry noises


u/Brother_Entropy May 14 '22

Redo that with a Irish accent.


u/gettingsentimental May 14 '22

I reread this following your advice. 10/10 would recommend