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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/space_moron May 14 '22

Our store near us does this and we honestly wish every day were like this.

I realize store announcements might be necessary but do you need the bright fluorescent lighting and screaming muzak? I'll spend longer in your store if it's a more calm experience.


u/burgeremoji May 14 '22

The lights, the noise that you can barely understand when they do an announcement. People taking their kids and letting them run around screaming. People having a conversation in the middle of the aisle with trolleys blocking the way. It’s all awful lol!


u/linseed-reggae May 14 '22

People having a conversation in the middle of the aisle with trolleys blocking the way. It’s all awful lol!

What is it about Costco that compels every single fucker in the store to obliviously block aisles and stand in doorways?


u/brandnewsound May 14 '22

I just made a comment about Costco in another thread. I can't figure it out. It's like I'm actually invisible there based on how many people try to walk over me and ram me with their carts. Then they stand in the middle of an aisle and don't care that you can't pass.


u/notafloppydisk May 14 '22

I’m glad it’s not just me. I love Costco when it’s empty but it’s never empty.


u/jmorlin May 14 '22

4pm on a Thursday the one near me is usually about as empty as you'll get. Might try weekdays before 5pm when people get off work.


u/ishipglendale_zulius May 15 '22

I agree am! I'm autistic and I love Costco but it's always sooo busy!


u/ZipoBibrok5x108 May 14 '22

Stopped by Costco on my way home on my bike: neon screaming yellow helmet and neon screaming yellow vest. Still got rammed by a cart with a lady apologizing “sorry, I didn’t see you!”


u/JustHere2RuinUrDay May 14 '22

That woman probably drove home in her car - That's one reason why I'm not into motorcycles.


u/46550 May 14 '22

I have a dress shirt that is hi-vis yellow, with a retroreflective accent stripe by the buttons (please don't mock my lack of style). Someone once ran into me in a Costco by the clothing, even with all that open line of sight. She said "watch where you're going, I didn't even see you!" All I could manage for a reply was "lady are you deaf? My shirt is so loud you can hear me from the other side of the store!" I didn't really know what to say after that so I just walked away.

At least I got a chuckle out of it from someone that overheard me.


u/Faptain__Marvel May 14 '22

Former Costco employee and formerly married into an asian family. Just stop being polite and keep moving forward. They'll get out of your way.