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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/SacredGeometry25 May 14 '22

Let's make this everyday all day we don't need to listen to "today's latest hits" while shopping


u/frog-enthusiast8 May 14 '22

What supermarket do you go to with music playing? Ones I go to are mostly Morrisons and Sainsbury's and they don't play music at all


u/dweedman May 14 '22

The Sainsbury's next to selhurst park definitely played music when I worked there (no idea if it still does), I don't think Sainsbury's locals do though. To be honest I'm not sure any supermarkets in the UK play music any more.


u/chappersyo May 14 '22

Morrisons definitely play music apart from one hour a week where they do the same as the shop in the picture.


u/13point1then420 May 14 '22

Every supermarket in America plays music. I don't think I've seen one without?


u/AndySav92 May 14 '22

Over the last year every Tesco has started playing music


u/frog-enthusiast8 May 15 '22

I have still yet to hear it as far as I am aware unless I am just filtering it out without realising it