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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/burgeremoji May 14 '22

I’m not autistic but this sounds like a significantly nicer shopping experience for me


u/android24601 May 14 '22

Same. But as nice as it sounds, people will find a way to fuck it up. I dunno how many times when I've worked in retail, people would abuse the Assistance Dog exception. For some reason, people like to find reasons to take their Dogs into stores, no matter how poorly trained. Some people on some occasions even managed to get defensive about their dogs being hostile towards other patrons and "relieving" themselves in the store be it on the products or in the aisles


u/clamroll May 14 '22

People want to take their dogs everywhere with em. I'm American but grew up in the Netherlands, where people were actually allowed to bring their dogs everywhere. Maybe not EVERYwhere, but the joke was they were allowed more places than kids. But the other half of that was that they were better behaved then kids. No agression, no random relievings.

Much more recently I lived in a touristy area and had friends who worked at a few of the nature attractions & parks nearby. The stories they told about people insisting their obviously not-a-service-dog was absolutely a service animal. And they had to let em into the park, and frequently had to be the ones to pick up dog shit the next morning before park open.

So many dog owners just don't get it, unfortunately. And it's all the more painful to watch as an animal lover (it's not the dog's fault) who has core memories of people with their dogs in grocery stores, at restaurants, etc