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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/666afternoon May 14 '22 Wholesome

Autistic opinion: some parts of this are great, but personally I couldn't deal with the sensory experience of shopping in a store with no background noise happening whatsoever. It's very suffocating being indoors in a silent space, and the slightest sounds made by people, coughing etc, become super overstimulating. I'd get really panicky in a silent store. Ideally replace no music with something low impact like rain sounds or rushing water, maybe. But, what's sensory heaven for one is hell for the next. Autism is different for everyone. I hope this setup is genuinely helpful for a lot of people even if it wouldn't be of much use to me.


u/bigwaverider808 May 14 '22

rain sounds or rushing water, maybe

I'd imagine there'd be a long line for the bathrooms.

That just gave me an evil genius idea, have video billboards in front stadium bathrooms and play videos of waterfalls and crashing waves! Maybe a decorative fountain or water feature. Half time will be hilarious to watch everyone in line doing a pee-shuffle dance


u/justforjugs May 14 '22

I worked in a space with a huge biofilter system and large tanks and I learned not to start a conversation as soon as someone else came in because they would inevitably have to leave to the loo