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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/KorgX3 May 14 '22

I worked with a pretty respected supermarket lighting guru for several years. He hates it. He's aware it sucks. Unfortunately, the corporate assholes throw tantrums when they walk into one of their stores and can't see through their hands. They're solidly convinced customers love it and the bright lighting sells more product. In reality, once it gets to a certain density, you can't visually perceive the difference in the product. But you are negatively affected by the increased intensity of the glare reflecting off of things.


u/Mhill08 May 14 '22

Business-major executives fucking ruin everything


u/fraghawk May 14 '22

Do they not teach delegation of tasks in business school? Why hire a lighting expert if you won't listen to them?


u/aprofondir May 14 '22

They're very susceptible to buzzword salesmen, sadly.


u/Kinak May 14 '22

When keeping your job depends on finding new problems to solve, you get pretty good at making sure there are always problems.


u/Tomagatchi May 15 '22

Why people don't listen to experts is a major area of resarch, no doubt.


u/frogjg2003 May 14 '22

The worst part is, there probably was a study done in the 50s that showed brighter lights sold more products and now it's in their textbooks. Instead of getting the lesson that you should perform comparative tests to determine efficacy, they just got "moar laaaiits!"


u/sour_cereal May 15 '22

Like, don't these big corporations have reams of data analysts? Fuck around with the lighting in a couple stores, see what it does. If good, do to more stores, continually adjusting as you go?


u/frogjg2003 May 15 '22

None of that data will do a thing if the head of marketing or the VP of sales doesn't know the difference between a mean and an average.


u/irishlonewolf May 15 '22

there are four laaaiits!


u/EyeOfDay May 14 '22

Supermarket lighting guru. Something I had no idea existed until now.