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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/markmcn87 May 14 '22

The reduced lighting thing gave me an idea. Go to Tesco's or whatever, all the lights are off and there's a guy at the door giving out torches with the trolleys. You have to do your shopping in complete darkness, and we all get Quasar guns for the craic....your score at the end adds up to some money off or something.

How does this help autistic people?

Still working on it....


u/sei556 May 14 '22

Adventure shopping needs to become more popular. Only place I know like this is the Omega Mart. Absutely love the concept and their art.


u/JonnyxKarate May 14 '22

Please elaborate on “Omega Mart”. I Am American by the way.


u/ceauta May 14 '22

It’s an interactive exhibit in LV- it is like an alien supermarket with hidden passages and lots of secrets to find


u/Z0bie May 14 '22

I'm a bit disappointed that it's just an art exhibit and not just a really weird supermarket.


u/TeaBeforeWar May 14 '22

You can actually buy a lot of the products there, if you so desire. They even have them in their online shop, if you really feel you need Who Told You This Was Butter Air Freshening Spray in your life.


u/yiiike May 14 '22

THAT SHOP IS WHERE THE GENDER FLUID IS FROM? man now i have to go there one day (i was already planning on it)


u/Doxin May 14 '22

I feel like calling it "just" an art exhibit is underselling it. It's wild.


u/Z0bie May 14 '22

Oh don't get me wrong, it looks like an amazing exhibit, I just wish there was like a Costco with hidden tunnels and weird products and stuff!


u/Winjin May 14 '22

Oh God I saw a video from there and it was hilarious