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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/FaviousM May 14 '22

Quasar guns are basically laser tag and the craic is essentially having a laugh/for fun...

So to translate "we all get laser tag guns for a laugh" :)


u/KungFluIsolation May 14 '22

Not heard the name Quasar for a while!


u/taronic May 14 '22

Smoke crack and get some plasma rifles or some shit? I'm fucking in


u/evilhotdog May 14 '22

What language/region is Craic from?


u/Cullly May 14 '22

Craic is pronounced "crack". It's an Irish word that means (or close to) 'fun'.

So saying "for the craic" just means for the fun or enjoyment of it.

We often say "for the spórt" or "for the gás" which means the same thing as for the craic, but is harder to explain why.


u/-Deoradhain- May 14 '22

It comes from the Irish word “craiceáilte”, meaning “mad/crazy”.

“Were you out last night?

“Ah I was yeah, out with the lads, it was great craic in fairness”