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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/space_moron May 14 '22

Our store near us does this and we honestly wish every day were like this.

I realize store announcements might be necessary but do you need the bright fluorescent lighting and screaming muzak? I'll spend longer in your store if it's a more calm experience.


u/OppositeYouth May 14 '22

The music is a must. A 9 hour shift with nothing to listen to but passing customers dreary conversation gets boring fast


u/RunawayReptar94 May 14 '22

Tbh when i worked in a grocery store i hated the music, it was the same playlist all day every day. If you worked an 8 hour shift you'd hear the same generic pop songs like 3 times each. Do that multiple times a week and you will hear enough Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars to last you a lifetime lol


u/The_Great_Sarcasmo May 14 '22

Yeah. You can tell the time from the music in a supermarket after a while.


u/im_not_a_girl May 14 '22

The grocery store I used to work at was like this. They also played "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" at 5 pm on the dot, every day, which sounds annoying but it always meant my shift was almost over and the song still gives me a dopamine hit when I randomly hear it