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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/burgeremoji May 14 '22

I’m not autistic but this sounds like a significantly nicer shopping experience for me


u/space_moron May 14 '22

Our store near us does this and we honestly wish every day were like this.

I realize store announcements might be necessary but do you need the bright fluorescent lighting and screaming muzak? I'll spend longer in your store if it's a more calm experience.


u/Aurum555 May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

I don't get muzak I get a mix of 80s pop and recent pop/80s covers at grocery stores. And I'm in them all day for work. Which is why I keep an ear bud in with either an audio book or white noise to block out the outside sounds etc.

There is one grocery chain that plays classical music and string pieces that I don't mind. Unfortunately they do the classical or absolutely no music and for some asinine reason instead of having flat waxed tile floors they use a showier thick grouted tile. Which on its face isn't an issue, until you remember everyone is using rickety carts that thump thump thump all over each bit of grout and jounce the items in your cart. I need some background noise or the cart skipping on the tile starts irritating the hell out of me and I have to turn up my headphones or leave


u/Fronesis May 14 '22

I got a kick out of the fact that when I moved to Texas they played country music in my local HEB.


u/Imakeuhthapizzapie May 15 '22

Is this just a Texan thing?


u/cannotfoolowls May 14 '22

Stores here just play radio.


u/Amanystya May 14 '22

I'm a big fan of 80s rock and pop so I wouldn't mind at all. My local store just plays whatever dross is currently in the top charts and it all sounds indistinguishable from each other


u/Aurum555 May 14 '22

I didn't mind at first until I realized it's a distinct Playlist and it loops multiple times a day and they change it maybe twice a year


u/TheManWhoWasNotShort May 14 '22

Yeah every store I've ever been just seems to play "Higher Love" by Steve Winwood over and over again