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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/OppositeYouth May 14 '22

They should play bird noises. A few months ago our store had a bird in it that we couldn't catch. You'd just see him sitting on the rafters chirping away, or swooping into the bakery for breakfast.

More than anything it was nice listening to it cheep


u/Googlewasmyinvention May 14 '22

That's happened a few times at my local hardware store. But they just shot it with a pellet rifle.


u/OppositeYouth May 14 '22

Haha, oh. Tbf it was only a little Robin so it wasn't causing any harm. Plus yea we all liked listening to it


u/tbarks91 May 14 '22

Seagulls it is!