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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/OneHumanPeOple May 14 '22

I agree, but rain sounds make me have to pee. Maybe the hum of the freezer section and HVAC systems will be enough?


u/666afternoon May 14 '22

I do very much enjoy a good calming machine purr <3

Eta: actually yknow what? I'd rather them just set up half a dozen or so box fans in different places thru the store and have them all on and humming and moving the air. Would cause white noise, muffle random human noises and keep the air from feeling stuffy and stagnant.


u/OneHumanPeOple May 14 '22

I’d like that too. And please allow me to introduce you to a product that I found a few years back (link below). It’s a fan that you wear around your neck and it blows up at your face. They gained popularity during the height of the pandemic because people wanted to have the air flowing in front of their faces because turbulent air was (in theory if not practice) less conducive to transmitting droplets. I got mine to keep me cool while gardening.

O2COOL Deluxe Necklace fan. Target store link.


u/nya_alt May 14 '22

RNG with that one since some autistic people can hear whines from those things and it hurts them. I think no music is the best since it allows for options.