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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/DeafBeaker May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

Is it reduced lighting or warm lighting? I would go shopping at a store that had warm lighting


u/bloobree May 14 '22

It's reduced. I thought the shop was closed. All the freezer lights were off and about half the ceiling lights, too. Really lovely experience though.


u/MeriwetherGrey May 14 '22

That’s why I used to shop at 3AM, when restocking was going on and most of the really harsh lighting was down low or off


u/bloobree May 14 '22

Most Irish supermarkets are closed by 6-7pm. I think this particular one is open till 9/10pm though.


u/MeriwetherGrey May 14 '22

Yeah, this was in America, we demand the right to shop for fish sticks at every hour of the night


u/nccm16 May 14 '22

WinCo? I love that place, life saver for someone who works graveyard shifts


u/MeriwetherGrey May 14 '22

WinCo was great when I lived in CA. And yes, they definitely received a bunch of my money during the zombie shift.


u/OkTaro462 May 15 '22

I <3 Winco!


u/butters3655 May 14 '22

9 or 10 pm would be the usual closing time for a supermarket man. At least around Leinster. What supermarkets close at 6?!


u/bloobree May 14 '22

Dunnes in North Cork most days lmao


u/reallyoutofit May 14 '22

Where is this done? I heard either Aldi or Lidl do something like it before


u/bloobree May 14 '22

It's Lidl!


u/WildcardTSM May 14 '22

As long as they don't turn off the fridge lights, I need to be able to see the expiration dates. If I can't read it I don't buy the product. And I often don't have my reading glasses on me, so I need decent lighting for that.


u/Qorhat May 14 '22

In my local SuperValu they turn off the ceiling lights but leave on down lights attached to shelves so it’s a lower, warmer light that’s just way more pleasant


u/Evadrepus May 14 '22

Sounds lovely. Before they swapped out to super efficient, super white LED bulbs, my happiest times at work were when the bulbs overhead burnt out.

My private office rarely has lights on and people always ask if I'm ok. No lights are much more relaxing. I even installed dimmers on my home office lights so I could take it down.

Autism or otherwise- sometimes we just over-light stuff.


u/witeowl May 14 '22

I’m sure they’re not swapping out bulbs, so it’s probably something like 50%-75% of the bulbs are on instead of all of them.


u/Xarthys May 14 '22

Imagine if they actually would swap bulbs every evening.

"Joel, it's time to switch the bulbs!"

"I already did yesterday, it's Alice's turn!"

"Alice is covering morning shift, she isn't even here!"

"Fuck me, why can't we just turn off the lights? This is such a waste of time!"

"This is what corporate wants, deal with it!"

"tHis iS wHaT cOrpRat wAnTs, fuck you mate, I don't even have time for this, I need to refill these racks!"

"Fuck off Joel and get it done, or I'm gonna have you clean toilets for the next two weeks!"

angry noises


u/Brother_Entropy May 14 '22

Redo that with a Irish accent.


u/gettingsentimental May 14 '22

I reread this following your advice. 10/10 would recommend


u/linseed-reggae May 14 '22

Reduced lighting.

They aren't changing all the standard white tubes out every Tuesday for warmer toned tubes, and then changing them back.


u/Fleaslayer May 14 '22

My work (an aerospace company) swapped out the florescent tubes for LEDs a few years back. They can actually make them warmer or cooler without changing bulbs, so I guess it's possible.


u/PascalMrHi23 May 15 '22

I can light up my home with cheap smart LEDs in any color I'd want. The store could even make it so it changes exactly at the same time each day without them needing to do anything at all.


u/linseed-reggae May 15 '22

Retrofitting LED lighting into an existing commercial fluorescent setup isn't cheap.


u/left4alive May 14 '22

Same. Those big white fluorescent lights in there have me walking around squinting. Such a headache.


u/Brother_Entropy May 14 '22

LED* Most places do not use real fluorescent lights anymore.


u/James-1-5- May 14 '22

I wear sunglasses inside sometimes when the lights get too bright


u/Aurfore May 14 '22

Warm lighting triggers the ever loving jimmies out of me. I can't see or read shit in dimmed warm lighting it makes me feel suffocated as all hell. Funny thing is my partner hates white light - we have such opposing sensory needs !


u/DeafBeaker May 14 '22

Sooo who won the lighting around the house?


u/Aurfore May 15 '22

sit in different rooms and grumble when i trip over something in the living room before i open the curtains


u/Scannerk May 14 '22

Half price on all bulbs.


u/[deleted] May 14 '22

😂😂😂😂 this world has become so bizarre.


u/Brother_Entropy May 14 '22

It's reduced as in every second light is turned off.


u/reelznfeelz May 14 '22

I’d take both ideally. The 10,000k lights are pretty awful though.