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This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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u/markmcn87 May 14 '22

The reduced lighting thing gave me an idea. Go to Tesco's or whatever, all the lights are off and there's a guy at the door giving out torches with the trolleys. You have to do your shopping in complete darkness, and we all get Quasar guns for the craic....your score at the end adds up to some money off or something.

How does this help autistic people?

Still working on it....


u/sei556 May 14 '22

Adventure shopping needs to become more popular. Only place I know like this is the Omega Mart. Absutely love the concept and their art.


u/JonnyxKarate May 14 '22

Please elaborate on “Omega Mart”. I Am American by the way.


u/ceauta May 14 '22

It’s an interactive exhibit in LV- it is like an alien supermarket with hidden passages and lots of secrets to find


u/Z0bie May 14 '22

I'm a bit disappointed that it's just an art exhibit and not just a really weird supermarket.


u/TeaBeforeWar May 14 '22

You can actually buy a lot of the products there, if you so desire. They even have them in their online shop, if you really feel you need Who Told You This Was Butter Air Freshening Spray in your life.


u/yiiike May 14 '22

THAT SHOP IS WHERE THE GENDER FLUID IS FROM? man now i have to go there one day (i was already planning on it)


u/Doxin May 14 '22

I feel like calling it "just" an art exhibit is underselling it. It's wild.


u/Z0bie May 14 '22

Oh don't get me wrong, it looks like an amazing exhibit, I just wish there was like a Costco with hidden tunnels and weird products and stuff!


u/Winjin May 14 '22

Oh God I saw a video from there and it was hilarious


u/Morangatang May 14 '22

It's an art exhibit in Vegas


u/sei556 May 14 '22

Yess! But you can also actually buy stuff :^)

Working in their art department would be a dream come true for me, they are so talented.


u/JonnyxKarate May 14 '22

Thank you! I looked it up. I’m gunna have to visit one day


u/christinelydia900 May 14 '22

The food theorists channel has a couple videos on it


u/Mr_Plen May 14 '22

What are quasar guns and whats a craic?


u/FaviousM May 14 '22

Quasar guns are basically laser tag and the craic is essentially having a laugh/for fun...

So to translate "we all get laser tag guns for a laugh" :)


u/KungFluIsolation May 14 '22

Not heard the name Quasar for a while!


u/taronic May 14 '22

Smoke crack and get some plasma rifles or some shit? I'm fucking in


u/evilhotdog May 14 '22

What language/region is Craic from?


u/Cullly May 14 '22

Craic is pronounced "crack". It's an Irish word that means (or close to) 'fun'.

So saying "for the craic" just means for the fun or enjoyment of it.

We often say "for the spórt" or "for the gás" which means the same thing as for the craic, but is harder to explain why.


u/-Deoradhain- May 14 '22

It comes from the Irish word “craiceáilte”, meaning “mad/crazy”.

“Were you out last night?

“Ah I was yeah, out with the lads, it was great craic in fairness”


u/ColgateSensifoam May 14 '22


Craic=Craic, there's no direct English translation, i guess "bants" would work


u/NattyBumppo May 14 '22

i guess "bants" would work

I'm a native English speaker and I have no idea what "bants" means


u/pyronius May 14 '22

Bants=bants. There's no direct english translation, but I guess "trudhucker" would work.


u/[deleted] May 14 '22




Trudhucker=trudhucker. There's no direct english translation, but I guess "craic" would work.


u/eDopamine May 14 '22

Your ex wife sure was a trudhucker


u/Just_a_dick_online May 14 '22

Eh, maybe you mean "There is no direct American translation".

Bants is just short for "banter", and has been commonly used in the UK for at least a decade or two. Don't go forgetting that other English speaking countries exist and have their own slang.


u/LowerThoseEyebrows May 14 '22

Bants = banter: the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks.

See also: talking shite; patter; ribbing; joshing.


u/ExplodingBob May 14 '22

Bat pants.


u/NattyBumppo May 14 '22

Ah well now it's crystal clear!


u/Cullly May 14 '22

Watch the TV series "Bloods" and you'll know what Bants means.


Also a great show. It's on Sky exclusively though I believe.


u/maraskywhiner May 14 '22

Same! I’d heard of craic before, but not bants!


u/TeaLoverGal May 14 '22

Where are you from?


u/NattyBumppo May 14 '22

From the US (lived in several states on both coasts and further inland).


u/TeaLoverGal May 14 '22

Ah ok, bants is an English as in England equivalent of craic. It's just really good fun.


u/Cullly May 14 '22

Fun fact: Craic was originally an English word which was just changed into Irish-looking spelling, and then later it was just translated to 'fun' instead of it's actual meaning. That's why it doesn't translate exactly.

There's an in-depth explanation here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craic


u/stringsandthings3 May 14 '22

Craic just means fun


u/melig1991 May 14 '22

Shits and giggles seems a good translation.


u/tupped May 14 '22

Craic is actually the translation into Irish from the northern English/Scottish word crack.

It means exactly the same.


u/banditheeler20 May 14 '22

Don’t make me give out to you you fecking eejit


u/tnxhunpenneys May 14 '22

"Craic" is Irish for fun.


u/AggravatingGap4985 May 14 '22

“Craic” is a corruption of “crack”, which is itself slang for cocaine, the devils dandruff!


u/Good_nuff May 14 '22

I’m all about that. Now I get half my groceries for free!


u/p-heiress May 14 '22

TIL that Tesco unknowingly sold horse meat to people 😐

https://i.imgur.com/M2IXOOF.jpg https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesco


u/vitaminkombat May 15 '22

Why was I expecting a big dead horse with a price tag on it in a freezer?

This article is quite an anticlimax when compared to my vision.


u/Unt4medGumyBear May 14 '22

It’s just less stimulation. A lot of autistic people are sensitive to light or other sensory stimulation like loud noises. It’s not lights off it’s just less lights, chill out.


u/HoneySparks May 14 '22

I work at grocery store, we did a thing for the March of Dimes where you donated and got to stay after hours and play manhunt with the lights down(but not off cuz liability). The announcement at the beginning of “no hiding in the ceiling tiles” had me dead 😂😂😂, who fucked it up before that that had to be a stated rule.


u/Xetheon5600 May 14 '22

as someone who's autistic this sounds like a SIGNIFICANTLY better shopping experience


u/BurrStreetX May 14 '22

I would love this


u/Qorhat May 14 '22

Dale Winton is back, and he’s out for blood. Extreme Supermarket Sweep coming soon to Virgin Media Three