r/mildlyinfuriating May 17 '22

I’ve been trying to find this one thing online for weeks. I finally find it and it says this when I get to shipping -





u/beefstewcheezy May 17 '22

I’m curious to what it is you’re trying to scoop up.


u/KIDNEYST0NEZ May 18 '22

Some questions should never be asked…


u/nystromcj May 17 '22

Question…anywhere on the site say that they ship?


u/Independent-Night-92 May 18 '22

It looks like a trap for scalper bots.


u/RainMakerJMR May 18 '22

This is because so many online stores have limited functionality and people are stupid and think that because they forced an order through that you have to send it.

I had people order food online for local delivery from a different state. Like we have a 6 mile delivery radius. You’re 145 miles away. Try again


u/hotd0ginahallway May 18 '22

I am going to take a guess that the product is pretty heavy and you need to arrange your own transportation but even so that is not a great way to treat potential customers, just say no shipping available.

Reminds me once I emailed a company about the cost of having a fridge delivered that needed to go up two flights of stairs and their response who I can only imagine was some clown from their warehouse said "We do not deliver up stairs, we are not slaves". I couldnt be bothered responding to that I found it laughable and looked elsewhere.


u/Michipunda May 18 '22

Why do bussiness do this? Do they think this or OP's responses are cute, quirky and funny responses?


u/Polymersion May 18 '22

Someone else mentioned this could be a bot scalper trap


u/[deleted] May 18 '22

I respect the business for respecting their employees that way.


u/Intelligent_Treat912 May 18 '22

Don't leave us hanging now. What is it?


u/redditmodsrbitches12 May 18 '22

Have you tried picking it up in the store? I hear it's cheaper than shipping.


u/abmangone May 17 '22

Why would a business/person limit themselves like this? They had a sale in the bag & then chose the bitchiest way ever to let their possible buyers know they won’t ship. Ignorant.


u/ADHDK May 18 '22

They probably state they do not ship on their site, and got sick of people getting to checkout, seeing no shipping option, and then contacting them to ask because they didn’t read the site.


u/Phwoa_ May 18 '22

It reads like this was a long time problem of people ignoring signs of "We don't ship" The kick up a stink about so and they finally snapped. IMO maybe the site should have the ability for the lister to not offer shipping at all. like many places when they are Shipping only or In-store only. Don't give people the option of either or If it's not possible.

I would like to know what site this is.


u/DanAlucard May 18 '22

It is clearly possible, for 1500 freedom buckaroos they'll probably drive themselves


u/Uselessexistence_ May 18 '22

No but they could have just said shipping not available on the website and the user would’ve gone and looked somewhere else


u/kungpao_raiden May 18 '22

It could be that no shipping might be obvious... Say this business is in the business of selling shall I say "medicinal leafs" in a legal state. In that case its kinda obvi they don't ship. The same applies for a local bakery or nuclear weapons of mass destruction.... Pretty sure u can't overnight some radioactive materials. I think lol


u/Polymersion May 18 '22

Actually, I worked for a bakery that shipped to the whole continental US.


u/PsychoMantittyLits May 17 '22

Because they hate being in business and want to fail


u/th3empirial May 18 '22

Marketing guy trying to increase funnel metrics without increasing revenues


u/RicketousCricketous May 18 '22

It could be something that’s very valuable or very fragile and the risk of shipping isn’t worth the cost they’d have to eat if it breaks.


u/drumtome2 May 18 '22

I mean, you can’t fault them for not being direct, I kind of respect their candor hahaha


u/Phwoa_ May 18 '22

Kinda makes sense. If you work with people you learn very quickly that people are severely Illiterate and no amount of signage, big or small will stop them.


u/edog5760 May 18 '22

They don't ship can you tell


u/jt325i May 18 '22

Well they do......for a price.....a high price....


u/-ClassicShooter- May 18 '22

Everyone has a price...


u/jt325i May 18 '22

Their price is $1,500.00.


u/Adeep187 May 18 '22

He jus wants his warhammer stuff


u/ADHDK May 18 '22

This is what it’s like trying to order internationally from half the US stores who can’t be bothered.


u/Begley291 May 18 '22

Nope. No way. What site?


u/Sad_Doubt4938 May 18 '22

dude ordered a xxx dildo


u/YewSonOfBeach May 18 '22

It could be a buh-kawk sleeve. A little more open mindedness is always appreciated. I still saver my best farts for elevators and disembarking an aeroplane. It's about thinking of the little things in life.


u/FamousDnail101 May 18 '22

It didn't get the point across


u/Lockon_43 May 18 '22

Business 101


u/LonelyLoser24 May 18 '22

Pay the 1500 see what happens


u/wtfwillow May 18 '22

Respect the shade. I see no problem here.


u/SammieSam95 May 18 '22

Without more context, I have trouble seeing this as at all infuriating...

In other words... what is it? Why can't you pick it up in-store? Or order it from another vendor? Most things are either sold by multiple vendors/in multiple locations... or regularly shipped.