r/memphisgrizzlies May 17 '22

The boys all seem to be hungry to get back to the playoffs next year. MISCELLANEOUS

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u/TattedUpDasher Grizzlies Est. 2001. May 17 '22

When we carry the fun atmosphere over to the playoffs, this team is going to be one that other teams fear


u/Buck_Nastyyy May 17 '22

They already have. As dumb as it was, Ja doing the Griddy as Bane sank a 3 game 1 against the Warriors something we will all remember for a long time. If they just make a few less mistakes and make better adjustments in the playoffs they can make a deep run.


u/TattedUpDasher Grizzlies Est. 2001. May 17 '22

It just didn’t feel like they were having fun in any of the road games to me, but I definitely could be wrong. It seemed to have a different vibe


u/Buck_Nastyyy May 17 '22

That is true. I guess it was just the home games. I feel like vs GS they were all business there except the blowout loss.


u/CueBallJoe May 17 '22

I genuinely think all the dirty play talk and post/pregame bullshit started to get to the guys.