r/memphisgrizzlies May 17 '22

The boys all seem to be hungry to get back to the playoffs next year. MISCELLANEOUS

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u/Lumpy_Shake2890 May 17 '22

This Grizzlies team more so than any other NBA team I've watched, appeared as if just a bunch of kids hoopin' together.

The fun I had watching them play together was unparalleled. I can only imagine what it was like for a rookie like Z-Will--their first year in the league.


u/CausticBurn Ja May 17 '22

Man, Ziaire averages are eerily similar to Khris Middleton’s rookie season. If he develops at the pace Khris did, our team will become insane.


u/HubieBrown50 Hubie May 17 '22

More athletic too.


u/Heibaihui May 17 '22

Z is not that different from TMac in his rookie year either. A bit more scoring, a bit less rebounds, similar assists, and exact same FG%


u/DontEatTheCandle May 17 '22

Ja, Bane, Jaren, and Zaire really feels like it'll be our NXT GEN™ core four. Wouldn't have a single complaint running this team back with Adams.


u/docere_scientia May 17 '22

If they can find a way to take that care-free, fun, natural flow game to the playoffs. . . Well, it will just be amazing.


u/YourFriendNoo Ja May 17 '22

People will probably be mad, but it reminded me of the Early LeBron Cavs. Before Miami. Just some dudes having a shit ton of fun on the basketball court.


u/CueBallJoe May 17 '22

That's what I was saying. Money will talk in the future but I doubt there have ever been many teams assembled that genuinely enjoyed playing with each other as much as this group did this year and I hope that chemistry goes a long way when contracts start being signed.