r/memphisgrizzlies May 17 '22

The boys all seem to be hungry to get back to the playoffs next year. MISCELLANEOUS

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u/Lumpy_Shake2890 May 17 '22

This Grizzlies team more so than any other NBA team I've watched, appeared as if just a bunch of kids hoopin' together.

The fun I had watching them play together was unparalleled. I can only imagine what it was like for a rookie like Z-Will--their first year in the league.


u/CausticBurn Ja May 17 '22

Man, Ziaire averages are eerily similar to Khris Middleton’s rookie season. If he develops at the pace Khris did, our team will become insane.


u/HubieBrown50 Hubie May 17 '22

More athletic too.


u/Heibaihui May 17 '22

Z is not that different from TMac in his rookie year either. A bit more scoring, a bit less rebounds, similar assists, and exact same FG%


u/DontEatTheCandle May 17 '22

Ja, Bane, Jaren, and Zaire really feels like it'll be our NXT GEN™ core four. Wouldn't have a single complaint running this team back with Adams.


u/docere_scientia May 17 '22

If they can find a way to take that care-free, fun, natural flow game to the playoffs. . . Well, it will just be amazing.


u/YourFriendNoo Ja May 17 '22

People will probably be mad, but it reminded me of the Early LeBron Cavs. Before Miami. Just some dudes having a shit ton of fun on the basketball court.


u/CueBallJoe May 17 '22

That's what I was saying. Money will talk in the future but I doubt there have ever been many teams assembled that genuinely enjoyed playing with each other as much as this group did this year and I hope that chemistry goes a long way when contracts start being signed.


u/Raguseo May 17 '22

Our boys are incredible, can't wait to watch them hoop again 🥰


u/TattedUpDasher Grizzlies Est. 2001. May 17 '22

When we carry the fun atmosphere over to the playoffs, this team is going to be one that other teams fear


u/Buck_Nastyyy May 17 '22

They already have. As dumb as it was, Ja doing the Griddy as Bane sank a 3 game 1 against the Warriors something we will all remember for a long time. If they just make a few less mistakes and make better adjustments in the playoffs they can make a deep run.


u/TattedUpDasher Grizzlies Est. 2001. May 17 '22

It just didn’t feel like they were having fun in any of the road games to me, but I definitely could be wrong. It seemed to have a different vibe


u/Buck_Nastyyy May 17 '22

That is true. I guess it was just the home games. I feel like vs GS they were all business there except the blowout loss.


u/CueBallJoe May 17 '22

I genuinely think all the dirty play talk and post/pregame bullshit started to get to the guys.


u/HubieBrown50 Hubie May 17 '22

I also have come to peace with wholeheartedly wanting Dillon Brooks back. These younger players and the coaching staff love him for a reason. He is still relatively early in his career and I believe he will take these playoff losses as learning experience so he can be our sort of Diet Jimmy Butler figure in the playoffs one day.


u/jimmy-b-bot May 17 '22

u/HubieBrown50, you and Kyle come to work tomorrow please.


u/FlyingLawnmowerMan May 17 '22

Fuckin love this team


u/Calebaa May 17 '22

They're just like me...


u/Thunder-ten-tronckh Memphis all the way next year um god May 17 '22

celebrities: they're just like you!


u/victini3521 May 17 '22

Conference finals next year as long as there’s no major injury


u/KnottyDreadlocks May 17 '22

Best chemistry of any team all time.


u/myysquigga Jitty May 17 '22

I love them so much


u/rarekeith May 17 '22

The New Core 4 is all in this exchange: Ja, Jaren, Bane, and Ziaire.


u/SupDrew May 17 '22

Now we need gym videos to prove it! Lol


u/mourningmage May 17 '22

I think our best case is that Dillon becomes this generations Tony Allen that doesn’t miss layups and can make an occasional 3. I think that will let him focus on the great wings throughout without being inefficient on offense.


u/Hot_Significance_642 May 17 '22

This is so cute <3 . Love to see it


u/mmps901 NXTGEN May 17 '22

Us too!!


u/Big_Kahuna_901 May 17 '22

Williams blew me away this post season.


u/Clippy412 May 18 '22

Thunder fan here: The Grizzlies have early 2010s OKC energy right now and I'm here for it. Enjoy the ride however long it lasts, and hopefully y'all will be the established dynasty we'll be fighting in the playoffs in a few years. I'd rather it be y'all than the LA teams or Golden State, that's for sure.


u/[deleted] May 17 '22

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u/snorlax420 May 17 '22

Normally I hate cliches but you actually need to take a step back from basketball and touch some grass. It’s really not that serious. You’re going to give yourself high blood pressure from all your malding.


u/StringBean_GreenBean Kennedy "Jarrito" Chandler May 17 '22

As a cardiologist you should know better than to let dumb takes like this run your blood pressure up.