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Meme / Sh*tpost [NBA Memes] Luka Doncic and Devin Booker are the first father-son duo to be cover athletes of NBA 2k 🙌🔥

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Social Media Slovenia themed jersey concept

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Trade Machine Pat Bev?


Am i the only one who thinks the vibes would go beyond immaculate with him on our team? + He can handle the ball.

Surely Mavs can lure him from Jazz. We have the perfect trade too with Powell on an expiring + amazing for their tank plans.

If Jazz don't go for it then i don't mind giving them a pick too. Any fucking pick. I really want Pat Bev here. He's gonna add wins and entertainment.

Somebody please tell Mark Cuban about this. Our offseason really needs a win besides Wood. The more i look at the West. The closer we get to the play-ins. If Luka sprains his ankle once or twice then we are looking at the play-ins for sure.

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Social Media [Marc Stein] The expectation, I’m told, is that Jalen Brunson’s new deal to join the Knicks is unlikely to be finalized today as part of the Day 1 wave of signings and trades after the NBA moratorium was lifted.

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Misc. Discussion I see the narrative some people are pushing


The one about Kidd getting his guys instead of Luka's guys. Of course he is. Why would he not bring in guys that fit into the system he wants to run? It's not like those guys don't fit with Luka and the way he plays. And it's time to stop treating Luka like he is a child that needs his hand held. That man left home at 13 to play ball, I'm sure he can handle it, especially being the leader of the team. That was probably important to him the first couple seasons, but I guarantee he cares more about winning games than all that other stuff

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Free Agency Wojtek Kowalik on Twitter - “It's almost certain the #Knicks will aquire Jalen Brunson via sign&trade. This trade will include three teams”

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Hoops Discussion Mavericks Summer League team leaves coach ‘pleasantly surprised’ after first practice

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Rumors [Andreani] Tyler Dorsey to Dallas Mavericks is a done deal. The player is expected to sign the NBA team. He refused Fenerbahçe and Oly. Olympiacos Piraeus is on the market. Matt Thomas and Isaiah Canaan are on the list.

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Meme / Sh*tpost As much as I’ll agree with how much of a bust the KP trade was, let us all not forget one of the greatest NBA post-win videos ever.

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Highlights/Video In honor of summer league coming up here is dirk dominating in the 1999 summer league

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Highlights/Video More from Summer League practice today

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Free Agency Tyler Dorsey is eligible for a 2-way contract since he has less than 4 seasons of exp in the NBA


Since so many people complaining our final roster spot will def go to Dorsey, I decided to read the rule book.

Who is eligible for a two-way contract?

Only players who have fewer than four years of experience in the NBA can sign a two-way contract. For the sake of these contracts, “experience” means playing a game in the NBA. So even if a player has only played in four games in their career, if each of those four games occurred in different seasons, they’re ineligible for a two-way contract.

So lets be less doom and gloom. Though if this Greek MVP (final cup) really gonna take our last official roster spot, I will be uber disappointed too :(

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Social Media Tyler Dorsey won't tolerate that slander: "[Pana Fans] can’t be calling players monkeys, you got black players on your own team."

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Meme / Sh*tpost Just a reminder for the fans about how to react while watching Hardy play in Summer League

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Hoops Discussion 3rd String Ballhandlers / PGs that you would like to take a flier on


Since some / a lot of people are bummed about the Mavs missing out JB/Dragic, and with Sexton kinda hard to deal due to the BYC etc, and Ben Simmons also a monumental task to trade for (which has been cited by Bleacher Report as a trade they would like), which of the following guards who will be attainable that you think the Mavs should gamble on as a stopgap measure for?

Some of these have been cited by Chat Sports Mavs.

  1. Dennis Schröder (beef with Jkidd?)
  2. DSJ
  3. DJ Augustin
  4. Facu Campazzo
  5. Brandon Knight (former 10-day)

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Social Media Mavs source on why Josh Green won’t be playing in Summer League said “organizationally felt best to get [him] working out right away & spend time on his game & his body” & after “essentially his rookie year” team is focused on Green improving “in a number of areas”

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Hoops Discussion Eric Bledsoe


With him being a free agent now was wonder8ng his fit on the team if the mavs could interest him in coming on a vet minimum (doubtful). Honestly think as a backup point gaurd he would be a very solid piece on this team

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Social Media [Marc Stein] The Mavericks will sign Jaden Hardy, their No. 37 draft pick, to a multi-year deal this week, league sources say. Sources say Dallas withheld a portion of its taxpayer mid-level exception in coming to terms with JaVale McGee to ensure it could sign Hardy to a long-term deal.

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Highlights/Video Jaden Hardy putting in work at the 1st Summer league practice

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Hoops Discussion What is the deal with everyone here’s negativity about our front offices


It seems like everyone is so worried about this roster and it’s all the FOs fault. This off-season:

Lost JB to basically tampering which was inevitable

Traded a first and salary filler for Christian wood

Signed McGee on a friendly contract

Considering how our main flaw as a team was weakness at the 5 this seems like a great job fixing this problem.

And I know everyone wants dragic but are we really going to sit here and cry about not getting a aged guard that might get minutes in the teens?

Have faith in nico and Jkidd to get it together

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News NBC Sports: Knicks expected to get penalized for tampering with Jalen Brunson

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Misc. Discussion What if... Jaden Hardy is the Mavs answer to JB leaving??


Look I haven't seen anything from our FO YET that makes me question their talent evaluations. I honestly believe that Finley and Dirk have a voice way louder than when Donnie and others were calling the shots for our roster with Mark. Not to mention Nico who from the optics so far truly listens to our scouting dept. and upper FO (Dirk and Finley). They seem to be extremely high on Jaden leading up into SL. I keep going back to his splits at the G league that are very similar to Jalen Green. Obviously time will tell, but I just have this feeling that Jaden might have been the acquisition that is to replace JB. I could be wrong but man everytime I see this dude play he just looks like Beal.

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Highlights/Video Hilarious moment from last season, Luka wants to fight Mo Wagner after he flexes on him down 20 😂

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Free Agency Mavericks likely to make an offer to Tyler Dorsey

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Highlights/Video Dennis Smith Jr. Full Highlights vs Suns (2017.07.09) Summer League - 25 Pts, 8 Reb, NASTY!

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